Irish Warmists Finally Win A Climate Change Lawsuit Against Government

This is only the second time the climate cultists have won a case against government. Have they considered that forcing government to Do Something will cause their own cost of living to skyrocket and limit their freedom and choice?


A group of Irish citizens has won a climate change lawsuit against the country’s government.

The legal action—known as Climate Case Ireland—was launched by Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE). The environmental advocacy group took the Irish government to the Supreme Court. It alleged Ireland failed to take “adequate action” on climate change.

According to a statement by FIE, the group’s goal was to hold the government “accountable for its role in knowingly contributing to dangerous levels of climate change.”

“There is a need to move early to achieve sharp reductions if climate change is to be averted,” Eoin McCullough, Senior Counsel, Friends of the Irish Environment, said during the hearing.

“Ireland has persistently failed to meet any target that has been set for it to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And the National Mitigation Plan fails to provide for reductions in emissions” McCullough added.

The case is the first of its kind in Ireland. It’s also only the second case in the world in which a government has been held accountable by a national court of law.

So, what happens now? Well, Ireland will have to change its already tough national climate policy

FIE argued that the plan wouldn’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the short term. Ireland’s Climate Change Advisory Council also revealed the country would not be able to meet its 2020 and 2030 emissions reduction targets.

“Without urgent action that leads to tangible and substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, Ireland is unlikely to deliver on national, EU, and international obligations. [It] will drift further from […] transition[ing] to a low carbon economy and society,” said McCullough

Here’s what would happen in a sane world: the government would ask everyone if they agree that anthropogenic climate change is a threat, and if they agree with the terms of the lawsuit. Everyone who answers in the affirmative will be slapped with all sorts of taxes and restrictions on their lives. Let them live the life, make them life the life, of the policies they agitate for. If they own a business, the climate cult policies will be extended to that business.

Of course, what will really happen is that the government will rewrite the national climate plan and then do very little about it.

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4 Responses to “Irish Warmists Finally Win A Climate Change Lawsuit Against Government”

  1. Dana says:


    The left seem to believe that when a duly-elected government does not do what they want, why a few unelected judges can simply order the government to change its policies.

    Clearly, the response ought to be to cut off Eoin McCullough’s utilities; let him demonstrate to the rest of the Emerald Isle how easy and modern it is to live without sparktricity and heat in the winter, without potable water pumped into his house and his wastes flushed away.

    The Warmunists have a thorough mental disconnect: they want all of the goodies that modern life provides, but are unwilling to understand — because they are just plain stupid — that modern life depends upon industrial production, transportation and energy.

    Who knows, maybe Star Trek is real, and there is a 100% clean energy source available in our future. Trouble is, that doesn’t exist yet. It makes perfect sense to try to develop it, but we aren’t there yet.

    • Est1950 says:

      I am all for renewable. But I am not for raping the planet for China and Russia and Iran’s sake so they become super powers while the rest of us languish in poverty with no power 90 percent of the time.

      Fusion is on the horizon. They are making great strides. IN fact they can produce fusion energy now. Its just very expensive. If they can get it down to affordable then much of the fossil fuels will be relegated to heavy industry.

      There is hope, but of course the AGW movement is funded heavily by China to destroy the west while the reap the profits and turn the world communist with them in charge.

      That is why I fight the AGW movement. I don’t doubt there is good in renewable. I only question the motives of those who try to force it down our throats in the name of Fear.

  2. Kye says:

    Fusion may be on the horizon but nuclear power is here now, ready, usable and cost efficient TODAY! If they cared about the climate they would build 5 nuclear plants in every state. That alone would make our current grid and future needs manageable for years.

    Dana asks “Democracy?” Democracy is the tyranny of the majority. It is 50% + 1. If it all comes down to that we may as well have a king. At least he’d be consistent in his politics. The left believes in plutocracy as they are the plutocrats. They have seized all the levers of power except the Presidency and that alone has driven the entire party mad as hatters. Don’t believe me? Watch CNN or MSNBC for one week. If you’re not convinced you’re not paying attention.

    Dana also observes “The Warmunists have a thorough mental disconnect: they want all of the goodies that modern life provides, but are unwilling to understand — because they are just plain stupid — that modern life depends upon industrial production, transportation and energy.” The problem with that position is it excludes the fact that they want all those things but HATE the very capitalist country and system that made those things possible. And that hate (as we see now in our bluest cities) is what impels them to visceral hate.

    We cannot fix America until we destroy the enemies within. If we have no taste for that then we are doomed to be the next Venezuela. Communists have proven to us over the last 100 years they cannot be beaten, only eradicated.

    Trump 2020 It’s time to save America from our home-grown commies,

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Kye is entitled to suggest a better system of government than America’s. It sounds as if he prefers a despot, as long as the despot supports Kye’s ideals. He rails against our plutocracy but in reality supports it since it benefits him.

    But first he wants to kill off or deport all liberals.

    Like most reactionary extremists Kye must lie to demonize those Americans who want to change the status quo. Our current economic system is obviously not serving all Americans or even most Americans. Kye interprets the recognition of this fact as communism deserving execution. Is Social Security a communist program? Is universal healthcare as practiced in Canada, Germany, UK, Japan, Israel, Norway etc a sign of communism?

    What are the qualities in liberals he finds so odious? Less reliance on religion? More reliance on science? Belief in equality? Universal healthcare? Progressive taxation? Protection of the environment?

    All energy sources have pros and cons. Nuclear power is consistent, cheap to run and does NOT generate CO2 as a pollutant. But nuclear power plants are very expensive to build and maintain, generate nuclear wastes and meltdowns can be expensive and dangerous (Fukushima, Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island). The US has more nuclear plants (99) than any other nation, but France derives more or their power (80%) from nuclear than any other nation. Nuclear plants take several years to construct.

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