As Shootings Skyrocket In Democrat Run Cities, They Say More Police Aren’t The Answer

Shootings, as well as all sorts of crime, are skyrocketing due to multiple reasons, including wanting to defund the police and the police saying “we’re going to take a light touch because you people suck and we get blamed for responding to your violence”, the BLM movement being hijacked by white, liberal Antifa nutters, and from BLM itself, and they don’t think cops will help

Record wave of deadly shootings hits US cities. More police aren’t the answer, activists say

The Rev. Carl Day knows he’s taking a risk every day he walks the streets of Philadelphia, where at least one person has died violently every day this year, mostly from guns.

Known as the “Pastor in the Hood,” Day, who leads the Culture Changing Christians church, talks to young drug dealers and gang members, asks them “why are you out here? Who will look after your kids if you die? What needs to change?”

And something needs to change: As of Aug. 14, Philadelphia has seen at least 262 homicides this year, 30% more than this time last year.

“People are scared. Legitimately. My wife is scared,” says Day, 35. “There’s a lot of wars going on in Philadelphia now. But we don’t allow those things to deter us. You have to either hide or try to engage. And we have to engage.”

All due respect, how’s that working, Rev? The engagement needs to begin when they are very young, to offset the engagement of turning inner city kids into thugs.

Philadelphia is just one of dozens of major U.S. cities plagued by a horrifying increase in gun violence this year, from New York and Milwaukee to Los Angeles and Denver. Experts say systemic reforms are needed to reduce the violence, not just more police officers on the streets.

The violence — from nine people shot at a family picnic in Denver last weekend to three fatal shootings Wednesday in Indianapolis — comes amid a backdrop of nightly protests against police brutality, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic devastation caused by widespread unemployment.

Blaming the gun for the actions of thugs.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly singled out many of those cities, criticizing their Democratic leadership, including Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, for failing to control their streets. In July, the president announced he was dispatching hundreds of federal agents and investigators into Chicago, Kansas City and Albuquerque, among other cities, to assist local police departments as part of Operation LeGend, named for a four-year-old boy who was shot and killed while sleeping at his Kansas City home in June.

“This rampage of violence shocks the conscience of our nation, and we will not stand by and watch it happen. Can’t do that,” Trump said last month.

But violence-prevention experts say the president’s comments reflect a simplistic approach to a historically complicated problem of violence within Black communities. They say a heavy-handed approach, while politically popular with the president’s largely white, suburban base, will likely exacerbate existing conditions as communities recoil against what could be seen as an occupying force.

Right, because stopping criminals is apparently bad. Yet, all we read throughout the story is that homicide is way up in Democratic Party run cities all over the country.

Many Black community advocates say sending more law enforcement officers to violence-plagued cities fails to address the underlying drivers of that violence: generations of institutional racism, systemic poverty and the unaddressed consequences of slavery. They argue those factors have created a cauldron of violence that can only be addressed by major, sustained campaigns aimed at changing the way people are educated and how they value the lives of those around them, while also providing alternatives through good jobs and stable housing.

How, exactly, do those conditions create violent people? Slavery ended 150 years ago. There’s not one person alive who was a slave in the U.S. during that time. As for institutional racism and systemic poverty, this is happening in Democratic Party run cities, ones run by Democrats for 50+ years. Of course, after giving these inner city blacks money, food, and housing, they want more. As for jobs, we’ve all seen the trope about those on welfare in government housing refusing to work. It may sound raaaaacist, but, you can’t argue with reality.

“There’s a perfect storm of economic, psychological and health crises in our country, and that’s impacting communities that have always borne the brunt of these disparities,” says Reggie Moore, the injury and violence prevention director for the Office of Violence Prevention in Milwaukee, where homicides have doubled to 106 as of Friday afternoon, compared to the same time last year. Non-fatal shootings in the same period have risen from 235 to 408 this year, Moore said, citing city statistics.

“There’s been generations of pain and trauma,” Moore says. “When you feel that either everybody in your community has been shot or is shooting, that normalizes violence.”

But, who’s shooting? It isn’t white people. This is what the FBI calls “black in origin crime”.

“There’s this hopelessness: if you think you’re going to die tomorrow, why does it matter what you do today?,” says Taifa, 65, a Washington, D.C.-based lobbyist, activist and author of the book “Black Power, Black Lawyer: My Audacious Quest for Justice.” “Many people don’t acknowledge the root causes of the crime that’s going on in these communities. When there is lack, and there is so much lack in Black communities, it’s predictable you will have crime.”

None of this explains why there is a big jump crime in black neighborhoods all of a sudden. And so many of these same people do not want police, so, they get no police. And all this is happening in Democratic Party run cities.

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11 Responses to “As Shootings Skyrocket In Democrat Run Cities, They Say More Police Aren’t The Answer”

  1. Dana says:

    So, when one black person murders another black person, it’s not the killer’s fault, but that of the “generations of institutional racism, systemic poverty and the unaddressed consequences of slavery”? Only a leftist could come up with that kind of utter stupidity.

    Violence is epidemic in our urban black communities because the people living in our urban black communities both tolerate and reward it.

    There is one, and only one, solution. What is the number one thing on the minds of young men? Pardon my use of the word on our esteemed host’s site, but the number one thing on young men’s minds is pussy. That’s what all normal young men want, and they think about it 24/7/366 (this year).

    The solution is for young women to stop rewarding bad behavior among young men by giving them pussy! If young women decided that no, they aren’t going to f(ornicate) the bad boys but will only be girlfriends, and eventually wives, with the responsible young men in their community, virtually all of the bad behavior would cease.

    But, of course, no one can say that, without being accused of being racist and sexist.

  2. Est1950 says:

    We know the answer. GUN CONTROL and an authoritarian government run by far, far left thought police AGW social warrior DEMOCRATS, who hate this country and everything it stands for.

    BLM is now demanding that white people move out of their houses and give them to black people.

    I wonder if Elwood would volunteer to give his house and wealth to blacks in reparations?

    Remember. Pedophile Joe Biden, in bed with Communist China and Sweet, innocent K. Harris will run as Moderates. They will LIE out their arses about how moderate they are UNTIL they are elected and then cow in fear to the far, far left BLM, Cancel, Antifa thugs burning America to the ground while being funded by CHINA who wants the destruction of America so they can turn the USA into CHINA.

    Biden/Harris will lie to you until election day and then become unrecognizeable after they are elected. Remember that when you vote for President.

  3. Kye says:

    Well before Biden’s selection of Harris as his running mate, in the first half of 2020, gun sales have increased by 95%, (ten million guns), ammunition sales are up by 139%.

    The numbers eclipse all of 2019. The highest increase is among black men and women, 58.2%.

    And guess what? That’s not near enough. Here’s why:

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      We’ve supported that every Black person in America be armed and be ready to kill anyone that threatens them. Thankfully, stand your ground laws can be a big help to Black Americans. If you see a MAGA cap, unholster your weapon.

      W. Kamau Bell’s remarkable series, United Shades of America discussed the growth of left-wing militia, e.g., The Redneck Revolt,

      It also included a video from a Patriot Movement member and the transcript is worth a read.

      His overarching message is that elites are fomenting hostilities between different “branches” of the poor and working classes and have been for decades. Working class whites, blacks, hispanics, Muslims, immigrants have more in common with each other than with the wealthy elites/corporations who run things.

      So I got to thinking: what was the real threat facing us as poor and working class people? Now granted, there are dangerous Muslims, and violent Muslims. There are also violent Christians, violent Jews, Sikhs and Hindus. There are violent environmentalists, violent white nationalists and so on. Every group has people who want to inflict violence on whoever they perceive as the enemy, and if there is no enemy around, they frequently target segments of their own population. It’s not a Muslim or an immigration problem. It’s a human problem. I began to seriously examine the type of things I had been exposing myself to on social media. Alternative news stories decrying the horrors of Islam and the global jihad. Articles praising Trump and a resurgent right wing ready to make America safe and free from the threat of attack. Page after page of borderline racism. Stories about how Black Lives Matter and other groups like them were planning on killing white people and taking over states for themselves. How we needed to get prepared for a civil war.It was one big feedback loop of propaganda and indoctrination, and what’s more absurd is that I had willingly added all of this to my news feeds.

      So I started to dig a little deeper. Who actually prospers from a race war or a war against immigrants, Islam, or any other group of poor people? The rich do. If we are so focused on the differences between ourselves, and so wrapped up in preparing to fight, or actually fighting each other, they are free to push their agenda and literally get away with murder without us even noticing. It reminded me why I joined the Patriot Movement in the first place: not to fight Muslims and activists in the street, but to ensure that government and the people behind government don’t step too far over the line. That working class people remain the ultimate check to government tyranny through the auspices of the 2nd amendment. I came to understand that we had been subtly maneuvered, and by “we” I mean the III% Movement, the Patriot Movement, that we had been subtly maneuvered into shifting our attention and efforts towards ensuring that illegal immigrants stayed out, that Muslims were kept in check, and that groups like Black Lives Matter were resisted. It didn’t make any sense anymore. Those people want the same things we do. Better quality of life. Less government intrusion. More justice and accountability. The only difference is the way we were going about getting those things. We should be uniting the working class and poor people across the country, not dividing along racial and religious lines. That is precisely what the rich want. They want more division. More strife in the working class.

      We’ve been played for fools. In my case, what started as a noble endeavor to ensure my children enjoyed the same constitutional rights I enjoy now has turned into an ugly slugfest of anti-Islamic memes on social media, horror stories about black power groups and the dangers of immigration.

      What if… what if the working classes, white, black, gay, straight, christian, jew, muslim, hispanic, men and women started working together rather than allowing wealthy elites to start race and class wars? This is what corporations and politicians fear most.

      Our rural areas are being decimated. Our middle class is shrinking. Our inner cities have become violent ghettos. And the rich get richer.

      • formwiz says:

        If you see a MAGA cap, unholster your weapon.

        I don’t think stand your ground supports that, but feel free to test it.

        What if… what if the working classes, white, black, gay, straight, christian, jew, muslim, hispanic, men and women started working together rather than allowing wealthy elites to start race and class wars?

        Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lost but your brains.

        Our rural areas are being decimated. Our middle class is shrinking. Our inner cities have become violent ghettos. And the rich get richer.

        Are we including people like Gates, Steyer. Buffett, and Dr Evil in this?

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Edward typed: Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lost but your brains.

          Well put.

          Before the plutocrats succeeded at union busting many workers were united. Are labor unions also a communist ploy?

          • formwiz says:

            The people who broke the unions were the union bosses, with the connivance of the Democrats.

            Are labor unions also a communist ploy?

            They certainly didn’t do the working stiff much good. Leadership was dictatorial and no dissent was tolerated. Sounds like Commies, but one thing they weren’t was united.

      • Est1950 says:

        If you see a MAGA cap, unholster your weapon.

        Interesting. Now he wants to kill Conservatives just for the COLOR of their hat and what it represents.


        A little news for you Elwood P. Brain.

        Bill Clinton vowed to ‘make America great again’ in 1992, now says slogan is racist

        At a 1991 campaign event in Little Rock, Arkansas, Mr. Clinton declared, “Together, we can make America great again.”

        In a campaign ad for his wife in 2008, Mr. Clinton said, “It’s time for another comeback, time to make America great again.”

        I wonder how many blacks have been killed by MAGA Trumpians? Care to provide numbers Elwood?

        I wonder how many blacks have killed blacks while Trump has been president? Numbers please?

        All you have is lies and I am beginning to understand the hate part. You now want to murderer Maga hat wearing trump supporters.

        Such anger over politics. Your words are civil war words. You want it. You know you do. You are itching to start shooting you some conservatives because they don’t believe what you believe.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          So you don’t support Black Americans defending themselves with weapons? We didn’t say shoot the buffoons in MAGA hats, we said unholster your pistol, be ready. Anyone wearing a MAGA hat is unpredictable and dangerous.

          If you politely suggest to a MAGA man (also called MAGAts) that he put a mask on in Costco, prepare to be assaulted. Be ready to stand your ground.

          If a MAGAt is smoking in a non-smoking area and you politely ask him to stop, prepare to be assaulted. Be ready to stand your ground.

          If Ahmaud Arbery had been carrying maybe he’d be alive today and those tRumpists would be dead or would have run off like the cowards they are. He couldn’t be any more dead.

          • Dana says:

            Explain what you mean by “unholster your weapon.” The common interpretation would be to draw your weapon from your holster and have it in your hand, though I suppose you could have used loose language and simply meant unfasten the shap on the strap keeping the pistol in the holster.

            Now, if you believe that “If (black Americans) see a MAGA cap, (They should) unholster (their) weapon(s),” are you not saying that a MAGA cap is some form of lethal threat? From a hat?

            Of course, black Americans are unholstering their weapons, at pretty prodigious rates. Here are your statistics for St Louis, and you’ll note that, for the current year, only 40 of 127 cases have been closed. 152 of the victims were black, compared to only 13 whites, and 50 of the ‘suspects’ are black, compared to only 4 being white.

            White guys in MAGA hats murdering blacks is an almost negligible problem; when black Americans unholster their weapons, their victims are almost another black American.

            But, of course, we already know: Black Lives Matter only when taken by white police officers.

  4. formwiz says:

    More police isn’t the answer.

    Letting the cops do their job without a lot of ignorant interference from Commie politicians (getting rid of the Commie politicians is the rest).

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