Cancel Culture Comes For Vegan Movement, As It Goes Through Its Own Racial Reckoning

See, on one hand, you have the same people talking about diversity and multiculturalism. That we’re all humans, that we should be color blind. On the other hand, how dare vegans eat something not of their own race! So, we get #CancelCulture infighting

Dear White Vegans, Stop Appropriating Food

Cancel Culture Friendly FireWhen Afia Amoako became a vegan five years ago, she said she didn’t see herself reflected in the community, which was dominated by wealthy white women.

They often touted recipes—”African peanut stew” or “Asian stir fry”—that rely on racial stereotypes, said Amoako.

“One, they don’t look like you, and, two, they are appropriating your food. Those are ways to turn racialized people away.”

Amoako, 23, is a vegan Instagrammer and blogger based in Toronto (@thecanadianafrican). She said the weeks and months following the killing of George Floyd have been marked with an onslaught of support for Black creators, particularly from white-run accounts. It’s a stark departure from the white norm.

“These white women, they are the gatekeepers of the vegan movement,” Amoako said. “We Black creators have been here this whole time.”

White women are starting to acknowledge Black and racialized vegans now, following a string of racial reckonings happening in several sectors and communities, Amoako said, but “I’m not gonna lie to you, some of us are still skeptical.”

“Racialized vegans.”

Amoako isn’t the only racialized vegan who felt sidelined by the community. Black vegan influencer Tabitha Brown previously told VICE that before she cut out meat and dairy she thought vegans were “white ladies who do yoga.” White people and their blogs dominate the results when key terms like “vegans,” “vegetarians,” or “vegan recipes” are plugged into Google. Nital Jethalal, a board member for Toronto Vegetarians Association, told VICE News he has been putting together a conference for vegans and it has been a lot easier to find prominent panellists online who are white. “The problem is few people think to go to the second page of Google results,” Jethalal said.

And this is how Progressivism (nice Fascism) works: instead of building yourself up, you have to tear other people down.

In this post-Floyd world of racial reckonings, many vegans are starting to look inwards at their own privilege. White vegan influencers are urging people to follow BIPOC accounts as part of the #AmplifyMelanatedVoices campaign, while racialized vegans who have amassed large followings continue to post about Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Stories are surfacing in the vegan corners of the internet, highlighting vegan Black Instagram accounts and vegan Black-owned businesses.

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9 Responses to “Cancel Culture Comes For Vegan Movement, As It Goes Through Its Own Racial Reckoning”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    And this is how tRumpism (open Fascism) works: instead of building yourself up, you have to tear other people down.

    Anyway, veganism as a religion makes as much sense as any religion with the insufferable and intolerant belief of eternal rightness. Vegans don’t consume milk, that’s why there are no vegan babies in any mammalian species, even strict herbivores. Absolute vegans have to take Vit B12 supplements, found naturally only in meat. How did humans evolve to require meat in the diet to supply a critical nutrient?

    Believing it to be somehow immoral or unethical to kill and eat animals doesn’t make biological sense.

    But to each, his or her own.

    • Kye says:

      Elwood, what does “Trumpism (I corrected your spelling) or open fascism” as you so ignorantly keep calling everything which does not comport to your liking have top do with either religion or veganism?

      You really need to end each of your comments with: I’m Joe Biden and I endorsed this message” because only a crazy, senile, spit drooling idiot like Biden could make some of your arguments with a straight face.

      Trump 2020 Keep the crazy leftists at bay!

      White lives matter!

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Kye missed that we were just minimally rewording TEACHs sentence, so he should ask TEACH what “nice Fascism” has to do with veganism.

        Key ends each of his missives with “kill the liberals”, but should end with “I’m Dotard J. tRump and I approve this massage.”

    • formwiz says:

      Who calls people white supremacist, white nationalist, racist, sexist, homophobe? Psychotic, heal thyself.

      And veganism isn’t a religion. Cult, maybe, much like Jeffery and his Leftism.

      Believing it to be somehow immoral or unethical to kill and eat animals doesn’t make biological sense.

      I can see the point. They are living sentient beings that feel pain and fear. There are those who make the same argument about plant life. It’s really more of this Mother Earth stuff that gives us global wahoo.

  2. Professor hale says:

    I fully support the right of people to intentionally select lower quality higher cost foods. In America, we call that freedom.

  3. Professor hale says:

    I also support the right of people to choose “light beer”, though I don’t recommend it.

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