National Carbon Tax Legislation Could Prevent Catastrophe Worse Than Bat Soup Virus Or Something

The weird thing here is that Warmists never seem to want to use their own money, always Other People’s money

Commentary: Climate change bill would prevent catastrophe worse than the pandemic

We have attempted to patch up this and that, unemployment being one of the issues. Stimulus payments helped a bit, for a bit. But like the case rate and death rate from the disease, unemployment is still on the rise. But consider the relationship — the possibility of lessening unemployment and arresting climate change at the same time. There is not only a connection, there’s hope. And hope is in desperately short supply.

The source of this hope is legislation pending in Congress. It’s HR 763, formally known as the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. If it is enacted without delay as a national priority, it could have far-reaching positive effects. These could be felt before a lab-proven vaccine is ready.

There’s the old dividend garbage again

Describing the features of this bill should convince everyone of its benefits. First of all, it seeks — expects — support from Democrats and Republicans alike. Driving down the country’s carbon footprint by 40% and replacing it with climate-saving technology and ingenuity in the first 12 years of its life is one of its benefits. By its design, the act will improve people’s health and save lives. Atmospheric pollution has its own large claim on lives beyond what the pandemic is doing.

When Government starts yammering about this stuff, you know they’re full of mule fritters and this is really about power

Flying directly in the face of the job-and-business killing pandemic, the act will be good for the economy and is projected to create 2.1 million jobs that will usher in a new green, clean energy economy and way of life.

Remember all the money spent on the Stimulus? What happened to those green jobs and clean energy? As for “way of life”, when far left climate cultists bring that up it should give great pause, since, for one thing, they refuse to live that life themselves right now. And will refuse to discuss what they actually mean

It has another important economic provision: It provides a monthly dividend, putting money directly into people’s pockets to spend as they see fit. It will especially help low- and middle-income Americans, including those who are presently unemployed.

Right. The government is going to give you back money to cover up the massive cost of living increase that will occur, along with much higher unemployment. And makes people, get this, more dependent on government.

Where do all these funds come from? From companies that deal in fossil fuels that have made them rich by selling these finite natural resources that have ended up as carbon dioxide, methane, oxides of nitrogen and other greenhouse gasses that are causing global warming. We can call these funds “carbon fees.”

Yet, Warmists refuse to give up their own use of fossil fuels. Remember, the vast majority of people refuse to pay more than $10 extra a month for energy. Another study says people won’t pay more than $1 a month. People will pay way more than that, and the “dividend” is only designed to pay out some of that increase. Think government won’t slowly decrease the dividend, keeping more for other things?

But, hey, if Democrats want to run on this, go for it. ‘Climate change’ is a theoretical issue: people may care a lot in theory, but, in practice? Not so much. Hence why it always ranks low when compared with real issues. And most who run on ‘climate change’ lose.

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