French Climate Cultists Recommend Making “Ecocide” A Crime

These Warmists should be careful with this type of recommendation, because they might get it, and be hit with the criminal penalties themselves

French Climate Council Urges Referendum On Making ‘Ecocide’ A Crime

A citizens’ council set up by President Emmanuel Macron to explore measures for cutting carbon emissions urged the French leader on Sunday to hold a referendum on making the destruction of nature a crime.

The “ecocide” proposal topped dozens of ideas presented by the 150 randomly picked members of the Citizen’s Convention on Climate, along with inscribing the fight against global warming in the French Constitution.

The move was a rejection of Macron’s suggestion last week that a referendum could be held on the individual measures, which range from improving home insulation to cutting maximum highway speeds to 110 km/h from 130 km/h (80 mph to 70 mph). (snip)

Macron formed the council in response to demands for greater “direct democracy” in the wave of the “yellow vest” anti-government protests that rocked the country in 2018 and 2019.

The unexpectedly fierce rebellion was sparked by a planned fuel tax hike aimed at funding the climate-change fight, which critics said unfairly targeted people who have no choice but to rely on their cars.

The council was tasked with finding ways to reduce France’s carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030, compared with the levels of 1990 “in a spirit of social justice.”

Hey, I think they should institute this. France can serve as the experimental group, and let’s see just how pissed off people will get when they are arrested for daring to drive a fossil fueled vehicle, using wood for heating, eating meat on the wrong day, taking a shower that lasts more than 2 minutes, and eating ice cream. Then we can watch even more protests and riots in France.

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One Response to “French Climate Cultists Recommend Making “Ecocide” A Crime”

  1. Jl says:

    “Destruction of nature a crime..” Then these clowns should have outlawed biofuels and wind farms, which together cut down millions of trees. Hello? Anyone home in that brain of yours…?

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