Fortnite Removes Police Cars From Game

The crazy continues

Fortnite has quietly removed police cars

Last week, Fortnite fans noticed police cars could no longer be found on the game’s map.

The change, reported on at the time by Kotaku, appeared to have been made at the same time as Fortnite’s new season.

Fans on reddit noticed police cars dotted around the Battle Royale map were now civilian vehicles. Police cars in the game’s Creative Mode were gone. Junk Rifts, an item which could spawn a police car, now spawned regular cars instead.

At the time, Epic Games declined to comment on their apparent removal.

Now, however, a development source has confirmed to Wall St Journal that the change was a deliberate response in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, and the subsequent widespread global demonstrations against police brutality.

You can’t even drive cars in Fortnite. Apparently, just seeing a cop car will trigger the Offended.

Here’s a recommendation: when the employees of Fortnite call the police, they don’t come. Send a social worker. Seriously, because a small few police are bad, we have to punish all the police?

Seriously, while the violence in Fortnite may be “cartoonish”, players are killing each other left and right. And they’re worried about cop cars.


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