Young Climate Cultist Wants You To Remember LA’s Clean Air

So, all who live in the Los Angeles area should give up their modern lives

Letters to the Editor: A high school student’s plea — always remember the clean air of April 2020

To the editor: I am a high school junior in Los Angeles. Every school I have attended since kindergarten has celebrated Earth Day. My generation has grown up with a constant awareness of the imminent threat of climate change. We’re used to asking for straws and paying for grocery bags. We’ve missed school on Fridays to protest at City Hall. (“Happy 50th birthday, Earth Day,” editorial, April 22)

Right now, at a time when we cannot protest or bring our metal straws to brunch, we’ve seen the most dramatic change in our environment. We’re all stuck in our homes, unable to spend our weekends crawling to the beach on the 405 Freeway, polluting the air on the way to polluting the ocean. Instead we entertain ourselves with neighborhood walks and by engaging with nature.

This Earth Day, with the planet’s human inhabitants living in frustration and uncertainty, for once the Earth itself was at peace.

COVID-19 will not last forever, but we must ensure our planet will. Always remember the clear skies over Los Angeles in April 2020 and let it guide how we act when we start returning to normal. Remember the walks we took when there was nothing else to do. Remember the government’s ability to spend on a large scale and hold lawmakers accountable the next time we ask for action on climate change.

We must never forget the disaster that COVID-19 has caused, but we must always remember how beautiful the sky looked and how clean the air was to breathe. We must remind our lawmakers of nature’s unceasing role in our lives, with or without the threat of a pandemic.

First, the smog of the urban areas is not ‘climate change’. It is an environmental issue, while ‘climate change’ is a political issue. Second, these climate cultists are just taking advantage of people suffering.


Practice what you preach, Alexandra Cohen and the rest of the young Warmists

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12 Responses to “Young Climate Cultist Wants You To Remember LA’s Clean Air”

  1. John says:

    Practice what you preach?
    Teach why did you not attempt that rally ?
    Don’t you want to “liberate”. NC?
    You could have gone wearing one of your guns

  2. John says:

    Shoukd Typhoid Mary been allowed yo remain st large infecting people?
    Will protestors at rally’s begin to demand historical justice for her ?
    Did she have a right to be free to infect others?

  3. formwiz says:

    FWIW Do you know why the “experts” are telling hospitals and clinics to list every death as the Nanking Nasty?

    Because then they can apply for Federal aid.

    We’re stuck inside and the economy’s going to Hell because people like Fauci want to push their own socialized medicine.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      You’re not stuck inside. ‘Real men’ with real AR-15s are outside ‘fighting for your freedoms’. You chose to be stuck inside because you’re afraid of dying from the Trump Plague.

      I almost felt sorry for tRump when he was talking about light and disinfectants as treatments. He was like a 5th grader looking at the teacher and suggesting the Earth was flat since the people in the Southern Hemisphere don’t fall off. Unfortunately, tRump is such a bigly ass it’s hard to feel sorry for him.

      When this round of the Trump Plague is over, at least 100,000 Americans will have died, well over a million infected, our health care system overwhelmed and the economy trashed. How many Americans must die to protect tRump?

  4. Kye says:

    There are reports about that Krazy Kim of North Korea is dead. I wonder if it’s lead poisoning or Chinese Virus?

    • formwiz says:

      Believe it when you see it.

      Comical News Net said so earlier.

      It could be true, but don’t count on it.

      • Kye says:

        That’s why I doubted the rumor. If it waas on FOX or OANN I might buy it. Also, I had my lovely Korean wife looking all over Korean TV and …nothin’.

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