Poll: Democrats Are Even More Super Concerned Over ‘Climate Change’

There were several important questions not asked in the poll

U.S. concern about climate change is rising, but mainly among Democrats

The share of Americans who say global climate change is a major threat to the well-being of the United States has grown from 44% in 2009 to 60% this year. But the rise in concern has largely come from Democrats. Opinions among Republicans on this issue remain largely unchanged.

About nine-in-ten Democrats (88%, including independents who lean to the party) now consider climate change a major threat to the nation, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted March 3-29. That’s up 27 percentage points from a 2009 survey. Concern about climate change has increased among both liberal Democrats and moderate or conservative Democrats (rising 20 and 27 points, respectively).

By contrast, the 6 percentage point increase among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents since 2009 is not statistically significant. In the new survey, about three-in-ten Republicans (31%) consider climate change a major threat, while 45% say it is a minor threat and 24% say it is not a threat to the nation.

What I’m not finding is a link to the actual poll and how the questions are framed. If you just say “climate change”, that could mean mostly/solely man-caused, mostly/solely natural, or some mixture.

The latest survey was fielded amid growing concern in the U.S. about the outbreak of the coronavirus. Respondents who took the survey in the latter part of the month – after the March 13 declaration of a national emergency due to the virus – were about equally concerned about climate change as those interviewed earlier in the month. Around six-in-ten (63%) of those interviewed March 13 to 29 called climate change a major threat, as did 55% of those surveyed March 3 to 12. (This 8-point difference is not statistically significant at the 95% confidence level.)

In other words, this is a cult, and their opinions only get more cultish. What needs to be asked, though, are questions like

  • What are you personally willing to pay monthly to stop ‘climate change’?
  • Have you given up your own fossil fueled vehicle?
  • Have you moved into a tiny home?
  • Have you given up meat altogether or at least a few days a week?
  • How much more are you willing to pay for your energy bill?
  • Have you put solar panels on your house?
  • How much are you willing to see your cost of living rise?
  • Are you willing to lose your job or work reduced our?
  • Are you practicing what you preach?

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4 Responses to “Poll: Democrats Are Even More Super Concerned Over ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Kye says:

    Is it true that Avenetti and Michael Cohen were released from prison for “coronavirus” reasons? If so is there a reason the two old guys Manafort and Stone, who committed no actual crimes remain incarcerated?

    Trump 2020 Can we please end the two tier justice system?

  2. KlemDadidlehopper says:

    More news from real press instead of our communist own MSM. Disney changes their scripts so they can show them in China. ABC owns Disney. ABC is a communist puppet. Just one example.

    Anyway on to the news. Several more nations have called out China and are demanding an investigation. The G-7 demands an investigation into WHO.

    REMEMBER their is almost every nation in the world being decimated by this virus so they all have skin in the game. They are just emboldened to say so with Trump going after the WHO.

    CHINA begins military exercises off the coast of Taiwan.

    China is furious with the USA for saying they are conducting Nuke tests in secret. Low yield nuke tests.

    China is in arguments with FRANCE calling them names. China’s own ambassador got France so furious they were threatening to kick the China ambassador out of France so CHINA finally had to back down slightly and call it a misunderstanding.

    China yesterday begins recalibrating their numbers. Inching them upwards when all 198 nations were questioning their numbers and deaths.

    A second wave of the VIRUS is now sweeping through CHINA again and entire neighborhoods are being locked down again.

    IN China in the last week over two dozen major factories have burned down. WHAT in the HELL? There is little doubt CHINA is in a position to squeeze the worlds economy and that is what they are doing now.

    The world order has changed and China now understands they severely miscalculated with this virus.

    I believe they released it intentionally to stop the protests in Hong Kong. Instead they did not realize it had an R naught of over 4 making it extremely nasty yet not particularly deadly.

    When this is over we will find that its death rate is around .4 as opposed to .1 for the flu.

    The Difference has always been the Rnaught or transmissiblity of this virus…..4x’ more contagious than the flu which means it will overwhelm hospitals every year it comes around.

  3. KlemDadidlehopper says:

    Heres a good one for you. China bought the biggest food processing company in America back in 2011. Under of Course Obama.

    Their is a huge outbreak in South Dakota.

    This plant in question processes pork. SHIPS the raw pork to china where it is prepared for packaging and then SHIPPED BACK TO SOUTH DAKOTA where they package and sell it.

    Now one has to wonder how South Dakota packaging plant OWNED BY CHINA has become so infected by the Virus the entire town has had to shut down?

    China is an insideous threat to the world. They do not care for people. They only want to own and dominate the world. They steal everything in sight. They pay 100’s of professors around the world to steal technology and give it to them.

    they murder their own citizens. They have Muslims in concentration camps. Russia is trying to return Chinese citizens from Russia to China and China refuses. Let em die.

    Let em die. Build fake bases in the ocean to expand China out into domination the south china sea. Run military drills during an pandemic near Taiwan. North Korea fired off missiles during the pandemic.

    The MSM and the 50 cent army defends and supports these actions and it is why I would encourage people to get their news from overseas. A simple diople antenna and a cheap shortwave receiver will let you listen to news around the world that is not infected with Chinese propaganda.

  4. Kye says:

    It seems Nazi Pelousy and her band of commies are holding back the guaranteed SBA loan for small businesses. I hope my wife’s application is not among them but I don’t think that would make me despise the traitorous bitch much more.

    Will there ever be a time when the leftist media/deep state conspiracy will actually support America in ANY dispute? And is there ever gonna come a time when the Demcoms will put us little people ahead of their own perverted political desires?

    I guess not. Stage-4 TDS runs very deep.

    Trump 2020 Don’t let these bastards wear you down. Stay free, my friends.

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