Planting Lots Of Trees Could Do More Harm Than Good For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

After decades of pushing to plant tree after tree after tree, planting millions and billions of trees, with carbon offset companies saying they will use (some of the money) to plant trees, we’re now getting pushback from the Cult of Climastrology about planting trees

Climate change: UK forests ‘could do more harm than good’

Mass tree planting in the UK could harm the environment if not planned properly, a report warns.

Badly-planned trees would increase greenhouse gas emissions, say the government’s advisers on the economic value of the natural environment.

The report comes from the Natural Capital Committee (NCC), which says planting trees into peat bogs would prove a serious mistake.

Peat locks up vast quantities of carbon – but trees dry out peat.

This can release more greenhouse gases than the trees absorb.

One NCC member, Prof Ian Bateman from the University of Exeter, said: “The mantra has to be ‘the right tree in the right place’.“

“We would be crazy to undertake the massive scale of planting being considered if we did not also consider the wider effects upon the environment including impacts on wildlife, benefits in terms of reducing flood risks and effects on water quality, improvements to recreation and so on.”

Soooooo, trees aren’t proper for everywhere?

The report adds that carpeting upland pastures with trees would reduce the UK’s ability to produce meat – which may lead to increasing imports from places that produce beef by felling rainforests.

Huh. Why are they suddenly coming out softly against all those trees?

(Vox) During his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Trump didn’t breathe a word about climate change, the most serious threat to our security, health, economy, and natural world.

He did, however, mention his surprising new support for trees.

“To protect the environment, days ago, I announced that the United States will join the One Trillion Trees Initiative, an ambitious effort to bring together government and the private sector to plant new trees in America and all around the world,” Trump said.

As soon as Trump mentioned his support of the Trillion Trees Initiative, Warmists started finding ways to poo-poo it. Here’s Mother Jones

Trump’s Plan to Plant a Trillion Saplings Misses the Forest for the Trees
As a means to address climate change, it’s a complete cop-out.


Trump’s desperate embrace of ‘one trillion trees’


Trump’s Vow to Help Plant a Trillion Trees Is Worse Than Stupid

The Verge


If Trump came out in favor of gun control and abortion on demand, leftists would find reasons to be pro-gun and pro-life.

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5 Responses to “Planting Lots Of Trees Could Do More Harm Than Good For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. KlemDadidlehopper says:

    The Central Committe of the United States should appoint a TREE PLANTING CZAR to go along with the IMPEACHMENT CZAR. That in addition to the CORONAVIRUS CZAR all of which have absolute power.

    No more rights for anyone. The MSM loves China as they cash their weekly paychecks to spout Communist propaganda.

    It is as I have suspected for years now. The AGW HOAX is all driven by CHINA who combined if we were to wipe the bitches from the face of the earth pollution would be a thing of the past.

    Oh wait. No. Thats what they are saying about US. Get rid of the EU and get rid of the USA and all will be well with the world. What better way than to crush their economies with a virus they cover up, hide the first 6 weeks of information on and have the WHO deny anything to worry about here folks.

    NOW CHINA HAS WON THE VICTORY, is sending the world faulty PPE and yet the PRESS PRAISES CHINA while bashing ORANGE MAN BAD who just doesnt take it. Calls them out and it turns them into spineless nitwits.

    HOW DARE YOU CALL OUT THE PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They scream in righteous indignation. WE ARE THE WATCHDOGS FOR CHINA….er I mean AMERICA.

    Yeah I am all for baning the MSM and going to all citizen journalists like it was back in the day. BEN FRANKLINS SON hated George Washington and was the first News man to start spreading FAKE stories about his presidency.

    Nothing has changed except who pays their bills now.

  2. Dana says:

    OMG, I guess that setting up a solar-and-wind powered clothes dryer clothesline to save on sparktricity won’t make up for us planting seven trees at our last house and nine here on the farm. I was going to plant more, but, Alas! now I find that it’s a Crime Against Gaia!

    I’m so ashamed.

    • Dana says:

      I guess that I’m going to remain a climate criminal, because my darling bride (of 40 years, 10 months and 20 days) had me order two American redbud trees and some holly bushes on Amazon.

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