Super TDS Take: China’s Wet Markets Are Safer Than America’s Supermarkets

This is what you get when the U.S. media hates Trump so much that they take China’s side. This is taking the notion of attempting to score points to hatred

Here we go

Here’s one more issue to add to the bonfire of tensions with China brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The country is reportedly reopening its wet markets, the fresh produce stalls associated with Covid-19’s early spread in Wuhan.

It’s understandable that countries now in the grip of the first wave of infection might be outraged. Many blame wet markets for starting the outbreak in the first place. Opening them again, at a moment when thousands are dying overseas, seems emblematic of Beijing’s increasingly chauvinistic approach to world affairs.

Animals in wet markets are penned and slaughtered or sold live right next to stalls selling fruit and vegetables. Conditions, as my colleague Adam Minter has written, are often less than hygienic.

Places where a range of common and exotic animals mix together while bodily fluids flow freely may seem a fertile breeding ground for the virulent novel diseases that cross the species barrier to humans and occasionally become pandemics.

At the same time, let’s put the outrage on pause. Wet markets are increasingly losing ground to supermarkets in China. If they’re showing resilience as suppliers of fresh goods, it’s precisely because consumers regard them as a healthier and more sustainable alternative.

A lot of people think supplements are better than vaccines. These anti-vaxxers are lambasted in the media, and rightly so. This is just more of the media protecting China over Donald Trump.

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5 Responses to “Super TDS Take: China’s Wet Markets Are Safer Than America’s Supermarkets”

  1. formwiz says:

    Screw the damned model.

    Open up the country.

  2. Kye says:

    No institution has failed the public worse during the Red China Virus pandemic than the news media.

    First of all, the Director-General of the World Health Organization is not a medical doctor, but a bureaucrat from backward Ethiopia. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has two qualifications for the position: (1) like Robert Mugabe, the infamous socialist dictator who oversaw the transformation of the Breadbasket of Africa into the starving ruin that is Zimbabwe, Ghebreyesus is a tool of the ChiComs; and (2) he has experience covering up pandemics, having done the same with a cholera pandemic in Ethiopia.

    The Director-General of the World Health Organization is a former member of a violent revolutionary communist party in Ethiopia that denied emergency medical treatment to an ethnic group and he is accused of personally overseeing the extradition of dissidents who were later imprisoned and tortured.

    None of this was brought to like by the media. Why? Why do they rely on lies from Red Chinese despots and bastards like Gheberyesus (get an easier name you primitive ass) without VERIFYING their sources?

    We know why: to make Orange Man look bad. But NOTHING looks as bad as the Media does right now. Nothing! Even Nazi Pelosi is just one dumbass bitch but the media is a cabal of deliberate misinformation designed to panic America and hurt Trump. They have turned into a purely propaganda organ of the communist left. They side with the Red Chinese EVERY fukin’ time.

    The Media lies while Americans die! It’s what they and the Democrats want because they believe more deaths will translate into a Trump defeat in November. And they’re willing to have millions die to win, count on it.

    I just lost the first member of my circle to the Red Commie Flu. His name was Mr. Kim and yes, he was Korean. Mr. Kim was a friend of 25 years . He died this morning in the nursing home where he resided for the last 9 months. He was diagnosed with Red China Death last week. He was not allowed visitors including his wife of 60 years or his children or grand children for obvious reasons. So an 83 year old man died all alone and scared without anyone who loved him around to give him comfort. He will not have a funeral but will be returned to his family in an urn. Just like the Red Chinese do. Funny thing is as a young kid he lived through the war that devastated his home land and now 68 years later the commies finally killed him like they did his father and mother.

    Trump 2020 Don’t let the commies win.

  3. STW says:

    Maybe the wet markets reopened because the Chinese know the virus actually came from the lab up the street. At least one scientist from there has already been disappeared.

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