In Case You Missed It, Progressive Towns Which Banned Plastic Bags Now Turning To Them

Isn’t the climate crisis the most important crisis facing us? More so than Bat Soup Virus?

San Francisco reverses ban on plastic bags, now bars reusable totes

San Francisco has reversed its 13-year ban on plastic bags and will now prohibit the reusable bags city leaders once championed because of the coronavirus.

The city announced the switch this week as part of its plan to curb the spread of coronavirus. Barring customers from bringing reusable bags, mugs and other household items into stores was adopted as a measure “to prevent unnecessary contact.”

San Francisco is not the only place that has reversed its reusable bag policy, but it is certainly the most surprising. The city was at the forefront of eliminating single-use plastic bags in 2007.

At that time, San Francisco’s board of supervisors linked plastic bags to a litany of scourges, including litter, climate change, big oil and endangering sea life.

But the coronavirus has changed all of that. As of Thursday afternoon, California was one of the states most ravaged by the virus, reporting 10,000 cases and 200 deaths in its population of almost 40 million.

Yes, we do need to reduce the use of single use plastic, and positively incent people to recycle and reuse.

In New Hampshire, Gov. Chris Sununu issued an executive order on March 21 directing stores to use only new paper or plastic bags they provide and to refuse to allow customers to use their reusable ones.

Well, that went the other way. I constantly reuse them. I keep a couple in my car for when I stop at Lidle.

Illinois, Massachusetts and Maine have imposed similar bans, or in some cases suspended their own state laws encouraging reusable bags.

Retailers across the country have jumped on board. Target has halted the sale of reusable bags, asking customers who bring bags from home to fill them at checkout.

I’m guessing real world issues are more important than ‘climate change.’

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6 Responses to “In Case You Missed It, Progressive Towns Which Banned Plastic Bags Now Turning To Them”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” – Keynes

    When we’re not having a pandemic, reusable cloth bags are great. When we’re having a pandemic we should use disposable/recyclable bags.

    Should we shut down certain businesses all the time, or only during pandemics?

    It’s not that hard.

    • Bill589 says:

      Troll Elwood being a hypocrite yet again.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Tu Quoque, Bill, Tu Quoque?

        Can you explain why my post is hypocritical, and if it is hypocritical, why that changes the conclusion that stopping reusable cloth bags during a pandemic is wrong?


  2. Mike says:

    There were problems with reusuable bags before the corona virus hit. There was always a danger of e. coli in contaminated/poorly washed bags.
    I always recycled the single use bags for garbage collecting my recycling. I suppose I could buy plastic bags and then throw them away. That reduces the pollution how exactly??

  3. John says:

    Teach climate change was NOT the only reason nor the major reason single use plastic bags were banned in San Francisco
    Either you must read the article or you have CCDS
    Climate change disorder syndrome, where everything you disagree with is somehow connected to climate change
    Since your Dear Leader announces at his political rally

  4. Jl says:

    Now that’s rich coming from you, John. “Where everything you disagree with is somehow connected to climate change..”.
    This after about 25 years or so being told by alarmists that everything happening in our would is…..somehow connected to climate change.
    Not very self-aware, John

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