The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Part Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

I’ve pretty much given up on digging deep to find Hotcoldwetdry pieces that have nothing to do with Bat Soup Virus at this point, because the Cult of Climastrology has to link their cult to everything that happens, so, let’s just run with it

The coronavirus outbreak is part of the climate change crisis

These sweeping and unprecedented measures taken by the government and international institutions could not but make some of us wonder about another global emergency that needs urgent action – climate change.

The two emergencies are in fact quite similar. Both have their roots in the world’s current economic model – that of the pursuit of infinite growth at the expense of the environment on which our survival depends – and both are deadly and disruptive.

In fact, one may argue that the pandemic is part of climate change and therefore, our response to it should not be limited to containing the spread of the virus. What we thought was “normal” before the pandemic was already a crisis and so returning to it cannot be an option.

Or, one could just avoid eating bats (or, some say, Pangolin) from wet markets. Or, potentially, screwing around with viruses in centers that have security issues.

Despite the persistent climate denialism in some policy circles, by now it is clear to the majority across the world that climate change is happening as a result of human activity – namely industrial production.

In order to continue producing – and being able to declare that their economy is growing – humans are harvesting the natural resources of the planet – water, fossil fuels, timber, land, ore, etc – and plugging them into an industrial cycle which puts out various consumables (cars, clothes, furniture, phones, processed food etc) and a lot of waste.

This process depletes the natural ability of the environment to balance itself and disrupts ecological cycles (for example deforestation leads to lower CO2 absorption by forests), while at the same time, it adds a large amount of waste (for example CO2 from burned fossil fuels). This, in turn, is leading to changes in the climate of our planet.

This is all interesting, considering the large amount of energy used by Al Jazeera, which published this screed. And that AJ is owned by the government of Qatar, which produces vast amounts of fossil fuels. Shut them down. To Save The Planet.

While some have called for climate change to be just as drastic as the one undertaken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it should not be. We need a just climate transition which ensures the protection of the poor and most vulnerable and which is integrated into our pandemic response. This would not only reverse the climate disaster we are already living in but also minimise the risk of new pandemics like the current one breaking out.

Remember how all those fossil fueled vehicles caused the Black Death centuries ago?

We should demand that government funds are instead allocated to decentralised renewable energy production in order to start implementing the Green New Deal and create new meaningful jobs amid the post-COVID-19 economic crisis. In parallel, we should ensure the provision of universal healthcare and free education, the extension of social protection for all vulnerable populations and the prioritisation of affordable housing.

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  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    When President Trump formed the Chinese Virus task force in January, Nancy Pelosi was passing out her impeachment pens.

    Remember that.


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