NC Deputies Find Stolen Truck With 18,000 Pounds Of Toilet Paper


Some serious sh*t was going down

(NPR) On Wednesday, deputies from the Guilford County Sheriff’s office in North Carolina said they came across the 18-wheel tractor trailer as it was traveling on Interstate 40 in Whitsett.

It is unclear why they decided to follow the vehicle, but deputies said the excursion paid off. They followed the truck to a warehouse/dock facility near the interstate.

“After further investigation, it was determined the 53′ foot Hyundai dry-van trailer was reported stolen locally and was being utilized to transport nearly 18,000 pounds of commercial, bathroom paper products,” the department said.

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9 Responses to “NC Deputies Find Stolen Truck With 18,000 Pounds Of Toilet Paper”

  1. Kye says:

    Nothing says “America” better than criminals rising to a new demand curve.

  2. John says:

    Trump has turned the USA into a country afraid of being shitty
    Any guesses on how much further the Dow will fall?
    It is already down 33% ooops35%
    Gee who possibly could have seen this one coming?

    • formwiz says:

      Trump has turned the USA into a country afraid of being shitty

      No, that was Lefties like yourself, who only thought of themselves unless, of course, they’re trying to start a black market. The country was happy to get clean after 8 years of the Mocha Messiah.

      No such thing as a poor white Liberal.

      Gee who possibly could have seen this one coming?

      Anybody who knows how Dr Evil made his money.

      And Trump’s not responsible for the panic. Your side is.

      You’ve been stoking it for weeks. Although I note that, even on down days, the market gains back some of its losses, so cooler heads are beginning to prevail.

      Everybody’s starting to buy again.

      And only a ghoul would come up with a line like, “Any guesses on how much further the Dow will fall?”.

  3. Kye says:

    John sounds quite pleased that the market may have wiped out many retirees finances, ruined thousands of investors, and made billionaires richer. I guess when one is on the side of evil one necessarily roots for evil, even taking the side of the Red Chinese against his own people.

    Trump has succeeded in bringing out the worst in all the American quisling leftists and bringing out the best in we Patriots who want to help America get through this Communist flu.

    Trump 2020 He stands between us and the leftist thugs and their hate America first policy.

  4. Jerry says:

    Hold on. If you didn’t sell, you lost nothing. The down days are tremendous “buy” opportunity.
    Couple working joes where talking about what they would buy as it is now cheap. They have free cashflow saved. I don’t, as it is invested in capital equipment that allows them to have a job working for my company.
    When the market drops, Somebody is buying. Either a force sale to raise cash, or panic sale. Buyer wins, if the company doesn’t go tits up from government shutting down the Economy.

    • Kye says:

      Jerry, since I’ve been retired all I basically do is trade short term equities. I assure you one can make money when the market is going down as well as if it goes up as long as you’re a TRADER and not a BUYER. I don’t want to own ABC Grommet Co, I just want to make money off their stock. So I trade it, not hold it. I’ve never received a dividend in my life! At the end of every day I am in a 100% cash position in my trading accounts. I don’t make or lose money every day but I make money every year. Six digit money.

  5. David D says:

    The spanish flu lasted 3 years. Jerry talks about a buy opportunity. I agree but I also would wait. The dow isnt finished collapsing.


    In China news. Doctors from provinces as far away as 800 miles were called into Wuhan to treat EIGHT PATIENTS WITH THE WUHAN VIRUS. Really. You need doctors from 800 miles away to treat 8 people?

    Schools remain closed. The government CCP meetings are still being canceled.

    And most telling. If the Virus was contained and people could go back to work. Why has N. Korea and RUSSIA and every other country surrounding China KEPT THEIR BORDERS CLOSED TO THEM?

    The virus is not in check. They have just given up. One town opened for 1 day and then went back into lock down as half the employees had fevers upon arriving at work.

    CHINA is a lying scumbag nation of COMMUNISTS and if you are too young to remember how the USSR or Soviet Union lied their way to ruin, then you will fail to appreciate how evil an empire China is.

    How in the FUK could our leaders give China EVERYTHING? How could they invited 1000’s of Chinese students to the USA to study in our schools, catch many of them in spy acts and KEEP UP THE FLOOD OF SPIES COMING TO THE USA.

    How could china go from peasants to nearly walking on the moon in 20 years?

    HOW….because of politicians and billionaires who can never have enough money no matter who is hurt in the process.

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