UN General Secretary Claims ‘Climate Change’ Is Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus

Because, this silly virus is a distraction from the Really Important Issue, which is why lots of global big wigs took long fossil fueled flights and limo rides

Climate change is a bigger threat than coronavirus, says UN Secretary General

The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, is worried that the coronavirus panic will distract people from the fight against climate change, which he says is far more important. Speaking in New York at the launch of a new UN climate report published on March 10, Guterres said, “We will not fight climate change with a virus.”

He was referring to a question about the coronavirus’ impact on the planet, and how there has been a drop in global greenhouse gas emissions due to the sudden economic slowdown. China’s CO2 emissions have dropped by a quarter, equal to 100 million metric tons. While this may have short-lived benefits for the planet, Guterres insisted that we cannot lose sight of the big picture.

“The disease is expected to be temporary, [but] climate change has been a phenomenon for many years, and will ‘remain with us for decades and require constant action’… Both [COVID-19 and climate change] require a determined response. Both must be defeated.” (snip)

Guterres said, “I call on everyone ― from government, civil society and business leaders to individual citizens – to heed these facts and take urgent action to halt the worst effects of climate change.” What’s interesting is that everyone is doing precisely this to deal with the spread of the coronavirus, which goes to show that governments, individuals, and businesses have the global capability to take rapid and strong action, but have lacked the will to do so until now. Now if only this momentum could be funnelled toward fighting climate change with the same dedication.

Except, Coronavirus is real. It may be very overblown in the scare factor, but, it is real, and more deadly than the flu, at least for older folks and those already sick. ‘Climate change’ is simply a way to scare people into allowing government to control their lives and take their money.

“While coronavirus has resulted in a very sudden scale down in industrial production due to a public health emergency, living through this spasm may allow citizens to imagine, and policy-makers to plan, how it is possible to live differently in response to the ecological emergency. Reducing economic activity and industrial output is a means to enable global ecosystems to regenerate.”

So, all you people out there, are you enjoying the lower economic activity? Do you want to be unemployed and dependent on the government? Do you want your earnings reduced? Maybe people should imagine all this. And see how their lives are negatively affected by supporting the Cult of Climastrology.

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16 Responses to “UN General Secretary Claims ‘Climate Change’ Is Bigger Threat Than Coronavirus”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The UN Sec General is correct. Global warming is a greater threat to humanity than is the coronavirus pandemic, which according to America’s right-wing is a Democratic political hoax and as trump says, “Will be gone by April”, and the “15 sick will soon be zero.” It depends on what the meaning of “soon” is.

    When the pandemic is finally quelled the Earth will still be warming and we can look forward to the next pandemic.

    • FunnyThat says:

      Gen Z and Millenials. What can you say. The internet age gave them no common sense.

      “It caused a mass panic,” said 20-year-old Anna Grace, a U.S. student on her first trip to Europe who changed her booking to fly home from Madrid’s Barajas airport instead of going on to France.

      U.S. backpacker Keasy, from San Francisco, said: “It kind of ruined my travel plans. I arrived here yesterday and so in 24 hours everything has changed.”

      What would possess you to fly to Europe to start a backpacking trip in the middle of a world wide pandemic and then bitch about air travel being cancled back to the USA?

      Why would you go to Europe for your first trip in the middle of a pandemic.

      I had dinner with my daughter the other night. They were oblivious to the Pandemic sweeping the world. Oblivious. Huh? What? And she is a pharmacist and in her 40’s. The only thing she knows how to do is sit at the supper table staring at her Galaxy cell phone and flying into action every 3 seconds as someone posts a picture of their cat sleeping.

      It’s incredible the amount of Ignorant bliss in this country. The government will protect me. If I get sick I will take a pill. Literally that is what her and her hubby and two of her children told me.

      I’m like. It;s not the virus. Its the panic. Its the system being overwhelmed to the point they have no pill to give you.

      Is GenZ and Millenials ready for this pandemic. Not only NO but HELL NO. They are too busy talking to each other about their son finding his first frog in the middle of a pandemic. Stocking up? Why? The government will deliver groceries to my door.

    • formwiz says:

      The UN Sec General is correct. Global warming is a greater threat to humanity than is the coronavirus pandemic

      The UN Sec General is full of it and is elected by a lobby of dictators.

      Not what Trump says.

      What epidemiologists say.

      When the pandemic is finally quelled the Earth will still be warming and we can look forward to the next pandemic.

      In about 2 months and, of course, the earth will be warming. Spring will be here.

      If you don’t believe me, believe the Red Chinese and WHO. They say it’s subsiding.

  2. Right. A few degrees of temperature rise over a hundred years is more important than a disease that is going to kill thousands of people. Of course, the UN has always been big on population control, so they likely see that as beneficial.

  3. Jl says:

    Of course neither J or UN Secretary General are able to offer proof that a warming earth is a greater threat than the virus, or able to offer proof that it’s a threat at all. Par for the course-assertions without evidence

    • FunnyThat says:

      Actually Viruses hate WARM weather and HUMIDITY. Proven.

      Thats why they subsided in the warm months. Everyone will tell you to turn up the thermostat and increase the humidity.

      A warming planet will be a boon for mankind. NOT ITS DEMISE. The AGW crowd is funded by CHINA and Russia to destroy the west and take over the world. They have bought and paid for the UN and WHO and are feeding us lies everyday.

      I am a racist and a xenophobe for saying the above. Just ask any Chinese, Or leftist.

  4. formwiz says:

    What the SecGen says is true only in the sense that global nonsense is a doorway to authoritarian government.

  5. formwiz says:

    Actually, Jeffery is nervous because nobody cares about his pet cause.

    Another branch of the Left, more interested in trying to unseat Trump (for the, what?, 40th time), has stolen his paranoia.

    Since corona is now and could kill you now (albeit with the same risk as any other flu), he’s on the back burner, possibly forever, since, once this little panic, not pandemic, is over, a lot of people are going to be inoculated against being so easily bulldozed.

    Kinda like swine flu? If you’re old enough, you’ve seen it all before.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Edward Sibley is nervous because his vision of an authoritarian regime is circling the drain. tRump is in trouble.

      We humans are terrible at assessing risk. We’re more afraid of flying than driving.

      As many as 140,000 Americans die each year from lung cancer. Shouldn’t we take smoking as seriously as we do Covid-19?

      The health risk of a gun in the home is greater than the benefit.

      • formwiz says:

        No, he’s not. As I say, the speech got generally good marks.

        Too bad most Americans don’t want the government running their lives the way Jeffery does.

        He thinks he’ll be part of the government.

        The health risk of a gun in the home is greater than the benefit.

        A lot of people disagree, but, as a good little Demo apparatchik, Jeffery cares nothing about what the people think.

        Just like Jim Clyburn, the democratic process is only useful as it gets them what they want. After that, scrap it.

        They need to be ruled as he’s just the 2 inch to do it

        That’s our little liar, Jeffery.

        Trump isn’t circling the drain, Jeffery and the Lefties are.

        They’re stuck with somebody who was never fit to be President, but now it’s so obvious even the Democrats can’t duck it.

        Trump’s handling the current scam better than anybody in the world, according to the “experts”. That’s why Jeffery is nervous.

  6. John says:

    Dow dropped another 7% today as soon as the exchange opened
    All flights from Europe stopped
    NBA cancelled season
    And you giggled over Corona being Trump’s Katrina ?

    • David D says:

      Trumps Katrina?

      Why is it not Obama’s legacy that he was president for 8 years when NO was still struggling and ZIPPY did ZIP to help a city full of Blacks? Do you think Bush could rebuild a city as enormous as NO in 4 years? Obama did nothing. 300k people were hospitalized under obama and not a soul blamed him for the H1N1 flu in 2009.

      I don’t blame him today. Obama was a turd in a punch bowl but I don’t blame him for a microscopic organism that kills and hospitalized 100’s of thousands of Americans under his watch.

      Unlike people like you John.

      Trumps Katrina?

      No This is the democrats waterloo as they continue to show literal glee at the deaths and sicknesses of Americans.

      Just like you John. Just like you.

    • formwiz says:

      Dow is coming back. Gained 200.

      Sorry to pop your bubble.

      Euros are mad, but so was Red China when he quarantined them.

      And guess what?

      NBA cancelled season

      And the “experts” say just give it 2 weeks.

      And you giggled over Corona being Trump’s Katrina ?

      First, I stopped giggling when I was about 4 (bet you still do it), but Trump’s approval is still higher than Zippy’s at this point.

      And everybody was resigned to the fact he’d do nothing. And he didn’t have a panic on his hands.

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