NY Times: With Liz Warren Dropping Out, The Democrat Party Is Rather Sexist

You knew this was coming, right? That Liz Warren dropping you would be blamed on sexism, right? Strangely, few Liberal pundits mention where said sexism is coming from

I mean, sure, some are blaming President Trump, because #TDS, but, no one blamed sexism on Klobuchar dropping out. Or other women. It’s good to know that Queen Nancy thinks Democrats are sexist

Anyhow, the NY Times analyzes, meaning this is an opinion piece, why there are only old white males left for Democrats (forgetting about Tulsi)

Was It Always Going to Be the Last Men Standing?

In the end, the pink wave carried two white men ashore.

Since Donald J. Trump won the presidency, women’s rage has fueled the Democratic Party. Women created new political organizations, led protests, ran for office and voted for Democrats more than they ever had before. A record number of female lawmakers now serve in Congress. After years of being considered a political liability, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has emerged as a party icon and, in 2020, multiple women ran for president.

For the first time in history, Americans saw a diverse group of female leaders pursuing the country’s highest office, an elite sorority that included former prosecutors, senators, a combat veteran and even a self-help celebrity.

And, for the first time in history, a majority of Democratic voters rejected them all. As the party moves toward picking a nominee, the last man left standing will be, most certainly, a man.

“The narrative that somehow women are less electable than men seems to still be an issue. It’s very disgusting really,” said Representative Barbara Lee, Democrat of California, who was one of Senator Kamala Harris’s campaign co-chairs. “In 2020, we should have a woman as our commander in chief.”

Strangely, the Times article never truly casts Democrats as sexists. Despite them being the ones primarily voting in the primaries.

After Ms. Warren announced her bid at the end of 2018, Democratic strategists fretted over whether the misogyny they argued helped cause Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016 could take down another woman nominee.

Wait, I thought it was Russia Russia Russia which beat Hillary.

At events for Democratic candidates over the past year, many women said that they were more aware than ever of sexism in their own lives and in the culture at large, because of the #MeToo movement and heightened focus on gender parity. All of that awareness, though, became an obstacle to electing a female president. They knew how sexist the world was, some said, and they couldn’t take the risk.

Darned misogynistic Democratic Party voters. (or perhaps they weren’t interested in all the Victimhood from people like Liz)

In the Super Tuesday contests, Ms. Warren ranked third among female voters, losing to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Mr. Sanders by more than 10 percentage points. She did, however, win 30 percent of white college-educated women, the largest share held by any of the candidates, according to exit polls.

Perhaps they just didn’t really like Liz. Nope, nope, gotta be sexism and the patriarchy.

“We are so hungry to replace the occupant of the White House that a certain portion of Democratic Party was not willing to take the perceived risk of having a woman lead the ticket,” said Gov. Kate Brown, the first female governor of Oregon in more than two decades, who questioned whether gender was influencing voters’ decisions at a private meeting with Democratic governors after the Iowa caucuses. “It’s as straightforward as that.”

See? Sexism. They don’t trust women or think women are good enough to win. The one I would be worried about is Tulsi Gabbard, who is young, attractive, well spoken, not over-the-top, avoids most political pissing matches, has well reasoned comebacks, and while left, is not as crazy left as the rest. Yes, she has some issues, but, she could have attracted a lot of middle ground voters and perhaps taken enough purple states to win. But, she isn’t a crazy Modern Socialist, so, Dems don’t want her. Because Dems are sexist.

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One Response to “NY Times: With Liz Warren Dropping Out, The Democrat Party Is Rather Sexist”

  1. David D says:

    Sleepy, Creepy, Nursing Home Escapee, Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden should make Mitt Romney his running mate. That way Mitt will become president about 3 days after Quid Pro Quo Joe takes over. Then Mitt Can finally be presidente.

    Even Better. Sanders should drop out and become Dead Man Walking Joe Biden’s running mate. We all know Joe will never last 3 months because mentally he is on the verge of thinking he is his wife.

    The perfect Storm. Mitt Romney or Commie Sanders.

    Quid pro Quo Joe….Mitt to your rescue bud.

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