Everybody Panic: Half The World’s Beaches May Possibly Perchance Disappear

Hey, good news, this is rather a new one from the Cult of Climastrology, at least in positioning it this way. But, hey, like any doomsday cult, the CoC has to continuously find new points of Doom to keep the fear going

Beach bummer: Half of world’s sandy coastlines may vanish this century

Half the world’s sandy beaches may be wiped away by the end of the century due to rising sea levels and other climate change effects, with Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, China and the United States among the hardest hit, researchers said on Monday.

Many beaches that attract frolicking vacationers may be turned into rocky remnants as rising seas, changing weather patterns and other factors erode sandy shorelines that now account for more than a third of global sea coasts, they added.

A large proportion of shoreline in densely populated areas is projected to be lost.

“Touristic areas which have sandy beaches as their main selling point will probably face strong consequences,” said coastal oceanographer Michalis Vousdoukas of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy, lead author of the study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. (snip)

A rise in global sea levels has accelerated in recent decades, with the major causes seen as thermal expansion – water expands as it warms – and melting of land-based ice such as glaciers and ice sheets.

Would this be an acceleration from the completely average sea rise of the 20th Century, with no real scientific proof that the averageness was mostly/solely caused by Mankind’s carbon pollution? Would this be an acceleration where we are never told exactly what it is, or shown data? And why is this always positioned as “may”?

The researchers analyzed satellite images showing shoreline changes during the past three decades and applied these trends to two climate change scenarios looking forward, one envisioning a moderate mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change and the other envisioning high emissions.

Oh, that’s why. See, if we implement a tax and have the government take over your lives (do the Warmist scientists ever realize this will apply to themselves?), it may not happen

By 2050, the researchers projected losses of 13.6% to 15.2% of global beaches, amounting to 22,430 to 25,172 miles (36,097 to 40,511 km) of lost sandy shorelines. By 2100, they projected losses of 35.7% to 49.5% of beaches spanning 59,068 to 81,862 miles (95,061 to 131,745 km).

They should project what it will be in 5 to 10 years, that way we can properly evaluate their scaremongering prognostications. Because no one is really going to remember this prognostication in 2050 and 2100. That’s kind of the point, though. Scare people without having to put their money where their mouths are.

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6 Responses to “Everybody Panic: Half The World’s Beaches May Possibly Perchance Disappear”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    Since snow disappeared back in 2013 we can’t go snow skiing. Now the beaches will disappear we won’t have those to visit. What will we ever do with our vacation time?

    • Indoor beaches and snow.

      • David D says:

        I would say that with Comrade Bernie in charge there is no such thing as your time. It’s his time. That is how communism works. Give it all to us. a 100k or so of us will be rich and live in mansions and tell the rest of you peons what to do, how to do it and when to do it, right after you get back from the toilet paper line.

        Next week we will be giving out size 12 shoes.

        The week after that it will be size 3 socks.

        Keep your calendar updated for more HEROIC information from the minister of Information. Elwood.

  2. when I was in college 55 years ago those beaches were going to disappear then. the ocean is still in the same place now as it was then.

  3. tom slick says:

    It’s about time something was done about those women a little too large for that bikini being at the beach. This should work nicely. /s

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