Rep Kathy Castor (D) Tells Youtube To Censor Climate Skeptics For Wrongthink

Has she read the Constitution? The 1st Amendment? This doesn’t violate the letter of the 1st, but, it sure violates the spirit with a sitting, elected federal representative pulling this

Congresswoman calls on YouTube to stop promoting climate misinformation

Congresswoman Kathy Castor (D-Florida) is calling on YouTube to stop including climate change misinformation in its recommendation algorithm and to demonetize videos that deny climate change. In a letter addressed to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Castor references a report by Avaaz, which claims that YouTube is sending millions of users to climate change misinformation videos every day.

Castor, chair of the US House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, asks that YouTube label climate-related misinformation as “borderline content.” She notes that just last year, YouTube stopped running ads along anti-vaccine content and could take a similar approach in this case. Castor is also asking that YouTube take steps to “correct the record” for the millions of viewers exposed to climate misinformation on the platform. (snip)

According to the report Castor referenced, for the search term “global warming,” 16 percent of the top 100 related videos under the up-next feature had climate disinformation, and the climate misinformation videos Avaaz reviewed had over 21 million views collectively. Avaaz says some of the largest household brands, including Samsung, L’Oréal and Warner Bros, as well as Greenpeace International, Save the Children and the World Wildlife Fund, have ads running on climate misinformation videos. It’s unclear if those companies are aware of this, or if they’ll pull their ads as a result, as we’ve seen companies do in the past.

She calls them misinformation, others call them science (though, let’s be honest, some are really out there, just like Warmist stuff). But, it doesn’t matter, because it’s not her job to tell Youtube to censor videos like this, nor to recommend in a roundabout way that companies pull their ads. If she was a Republican calling for Warmist propaganda to be removed, I’d say the same thing: it is inappropriate. Elected officials should not be doing this. It’s one thing if it was jihadi propaganda calling for violence. This is not that. Let people watch the videos and make their own choices.

Is anyone surprised that a Democrat is attempting this type of Progressive (nice Fascism) move? The letter is way worse than portrayed in the article. The letter is signed by 14 members of the so-called Select Committee On The Climate Crisis (scam).

See, they aren’t simply calling for the removal of “disinformation”, but all “denial” videos. Any that is involved in Wrongthing, that doesn’t obey the rules of the Cult of Climastrology, should be removed per this committee. Remove any monetization.

This is censorship when the government is involved. You want to impeach someone? Impeach these folks for violating the spirit of the 1st Amendment.

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13 Responses to “Rep Kathy Castor (D) Tells Youtube To Censor Climate Skeptics For Wrongthink”

  1. Chumpchange says:

    this is why Google is under investigation by 49 states and the US government. They hold far too much power in the United States.

    YouTube originally let all their content be free. They paid people to provide content. NO ONE COULD COMPETE with that. Now after all these years of MONOPOLIZING this media, they suddenly instituted all these rules to prevent anyone with WRONG THINK from even POSTING videos let alone WRONG THINK VIDEOS.

    It would not surprise me that the far leftist who is the CEO of YouTube goes along with this ASAP. They are already banning not only Conservatives, conspiracy theorists but they are even banning leftists, Gays, Transgenders and Progressives who do not toe the line and say something derogatory about who GOOGLE deems is acceptable to say something wrong about.

    GOOGLE needs to be broken up. Seriously. They are a threat to world stability and the security fo our own country. They determine who the snowflakes of all persuasion get to read when you google something.

    Anything contrary to their GROUPTHINK is buried on page 10. Anything that is not is on page one.

    Google is a threat to mankind and needs to be broken up. Hell Amazon needs to be broken up they are singlehandedly destroying 10’s of thousand of brick and mortar stores by themselves by offering cheap ass products. half the time when I order stuff from Amazon I get stuff that has been taken from a case, shoved in a baggie and sold as NEW.

    Yeah and the left says the Right is GOOSE STEPPERS. These dangerous people on the left no longer have any idea what the first and second amendment really means even for them.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    As long as youTube is private enterprise, who they allow to use their product is entirely up to them. Unless that customer is black or gay, or Islamic, or Jewish, or Hindu, or Transgendered/transvested or an illegal immigrant. But otherwise, it’s entirely up to them.

    The Fact that an elected official is asking them (demanding) that they do this is irrelevant. Until and unless it is an official act of the government, it isn’t government creating or enforcing censorship.

    • Kye says:

      It’s easier and much shorter to just say “As long as YouTube is a private enterprise who they allow to use their product is up to them and they can discriminate and censor anyone white, Christian, straight, patriotic or who disagrees with any leftist narrative.”

      I wasn’t aware our God given rights were ours at the whim of corporations. Sad that the Founders couldn’t perceive of a nation of oligarchs joining with corrupt media to do what a fascist state can’t legally do.

      The left in America has made the Constitution a model of unintended consequences. They have twisted the very document meant to defend and protect our inalienable rights into a bludgeon to beat us into submission. God save America.

      Trump 2020 because everything the left touches it destroys

      • You never had a God-given right to post on YouTube. The Constitution limits the power of government, not individuals or the corporations that individuals build. If your rights depend on someone else inventing technology, and investing in it to create the infrastructure, you have the same view of “rights” as the Left does. Anything you happen to want or crave becomes a right. It’s not just the Left, but all sorts of people are destroying the I.T. giants from within with silliness like this.

        • Kye says:

          Ya know Professor you have a nasty habit of coming down on me like a ton of bricks when I throw out some apostasy you don’t like. It’s called “ruminating” Professor and it is normal even on YouTube. I was throwing out some ideas and opinions, not making government policy so keep your fukin shirt on.

          IF YouTube is licensed by our government to use our air waves or our internet it should be held to a standard of equity. My rights do not depend on that nonsense you just spewed, nor do I have the same view of rights the left has. This blog right here is a private blog on a public forum using the government operated (ICANN) internet. Teach PAYS to use this site therefore as far as I’m concerned Teach has the right to determine those who use it and its content.

          Youtube is a PLATFORM for people to use to communicate not unlike cellphones etc. and therefore has an obligation to be non partial, or do you think the electric company should be able to deny service to Republicans? Better yet, how long do you think this shit would go on if it were leftists being censored, shadow-banned and deplatformed? Not a New York minute I bet.

          Our rights exist whether or not YouTube does. But as long as YouTube is granted by our government we should all have access. We cannot allow oligarchs in Technology to circumvent the Constitution like education, media and the rest have. Unless you like living in a one party state.

          Trump 2020 Keep America Great.

          • Two points:
            First, if it seems like I am coming down on you hard, it’s because I respect you. I believe you are open to new ideas and tolerant of criticism and you may even contribute to the conversation. You will notice I don’t interact with John/Jeff on this level because they are not worthy of even criticism.
            Second, this medium of conversation is vacant of tone, so no matter how nice and jovial my actual conversational tone may be in writing it, I am totally depending on your imagination to fill in the tone you perceive. I have no control over your perception. So let me restate that I have no intention of picking a fight with you on this topic or any other.

            That said, would you still have a God-Given right to post on YouTube if YouTube had never been invented? Prior to the 1990, I can’t recall a single person complaining about their youTube rights being infringed. You tend to confuse all your rights into one big indistinguishable ball and call them “god-given”. The Founders did not have the same viewpoint. Nor are they the last word on the topic. They were educated men and and read extensively from the philosophers who preceded them. God -Given rights are limited to, under our current understanding, Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You are free to believe differently, but if your God is giving you different rights than the rest of us get, you should have a bona-fide source for making that claim. The Bible (King James or similar translation) is the only recording of God telling us our rights that He has given to us. Other rights are granted or acknowledged by Contracts, your HOA, state laws, federal regulations, even English Common Law. Fail to see this and you are in the same boat as Jeff/John claiming that you have a right to health care, housing, a cell phone, and an abortion. And someone else is obligated to get each of those things for you.

          • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:


            blockquote>…would you still have a God-Given right to post on YouTube…
            He never implied that.
            You inferred it…
            Quit while you’re ahead.


        • Chumpchange says:

          He does that to everyone Kye. He ran a couple of people off by saying that its okay for a billionaire to destroy a city because he can. Because he saved his pennies and the city didn’t.

          I memember on fellah he told to kill himself if he didnt like the way things were because it was against his narrowly and radically abstract libertarian viewpoint.

          He is quite obviously against Monopolies because libertarians believe there should be almost no rules. Only a government to keep us safe from invasion and thats pretty much it.

          A dozen years ago I debated with the Gun Toting Liberal who were actually leftist Libertarians and I remember a quote he used in a debate with me:

          We should be allowed to drive 100 mph thru a school zone, drinking booze and snorting cocaine while firing an assault rifle out the window as long as no one gets hurt.

          Well unfortunately Hale has even forgotten the getting hurt part as he defends billionaires and mega MIC corporations.

          He is now saying that if you disagree with him you are wrong and are a leftist. Ignore him. That is what I do.

          • Professor Hale says:

            For the record, I am not a Libertarian. I am a Calvinist Libertarian. I believe that people are entitled to practice personal liberty, but that due to our corrupt nature, some people just can’t be trusted to do that. So, liberty is good, but restraint is necessary. Seeking the right balance between restraint and liberty is the proper role of politics and public discourse.

            Sorry to hear I ran anyone off. I had no idea I had that much power.

            And I am also supportive of very small MIC corporations and sole proprietor MIC businesses. I see no virtue (or vice) in just being big and successful. Size doesn’t matter.

            “Ignore him. That is what I do.” Very sensible of you. More people should do this. The world would be a happier place.

  3. John says:

    Censure opposing views ? You mean like Breitbart? Or Fox News? Or Red State ?

    • formwiz says:

      He can’t even read.

      The word is censor. Censure means admonish, not prohibit.

    • FunnyThat says:

      No John. Fox news and the MSM are put at the front of the list. Why? Because they draw millions and millions of views and as a result YOUTUBE makes a lot of money with even FOX.

      There are hundreds of content creators who are moderate that no longer get any money from Youtube. They keep creating content with a whole host of restrictions and many, many of their videos get pulled because it might show something YouTube doesnt like. It is censorship of all sides. Not just the right. YouTube is a monopoly. The FCC was tasked with keeping the 3 networks clean. At one time you could not have both feet on the bed if you were in bed with the opposite sex.

      The way these people make money is through donations and at one time a group called Patreon allowed content creators to get money. Then all of a sudden even Patreon started with the SJW position and if you no longer adhered to the rules of SJW you did not get paid.

      Now having said that. Creators make literally millions of dollars teaching kiddies to be assholes. Seriously. Ninja and a whole host of other Fortnite players are true dickheads and do really obnoxious things on their streams and they get millions of dollars each year from Google.

      Why? If you talk about God and love and harmony you get banned or your videos get buried so far no one sees them. If you do a search they do not appear. You have to literally know the youtube address of the video to find it.

      So no John. The Big MSM outlets including FOX is at the front of their alogrithm because they make Youtube billions per year with viewership and sponsors.

    • david7134 says:

      Please give examples of how bad FOX is. I always see deep thinkers such as yourself just throw out the phrase that I must watch FOX. Yet, I have never seen them throw out racist remarks such as Lemon and guest did recently. Then, people such as yourself, think that if I see something on FOX I am so influenced that it becomes part of my thoughts and restricts my ability to be able to make logical decisions or hold my own views. Is that how you relate to CNN or other so called news groups?

      I do agree that Red State sucks. But I don’t go there. Your condemnation of the other organizations is pathetic.

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