And Here We Go: Warmists Link Coronavirus To ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

I’ve seen lots of this in Twitter

The colon seems to denote that all those things are being caused by anthropogenic climate change. All the cultists have been blaming the earthquakes in Puerto Rico and now between Jamaica and Cuba, which were even felt in Miami, on ‘climate change’, and now they’ve added Coronavirus. And along comes the Daily Beast

Zombie Viruses and ‘Super-Shedders’: Coronavirus Is Just the Start

Zombie Viruses. Drug-resistant fungi. “Super-shedding” animals.

Even as officials around the world are scrambling to control a new and increasingly deadly coronavirus outbreak, public health and infectious disease experts are sounding the alarm about climate change making the risk of other novel afflictions much more explosive.

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7 Responses to “And Here We Go: Warmists Link Coronavirus To ‘Climate Change’ (scam)”

  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:



  2. formwiz says:

    The fact that ground zero for this was a meat market where peacocks, porcupines, live foxes, crocodiles, wolf puppies, giant salamanders, koalas, snakes, rats and wolf pups to eat before it was shut down.

    BTW, If red China is doing so well, why do the people have to eat unsafe meat?

    Seems like they’d welcome good, safe American meat.

  3. Chumpchange says:

    ALL DAY TODAY there has been almost no news from our MSM.


    The coronavirus has killed 132 people in China and infected more than 6,150
    Most infections and all deaths have occurred within China itself
    There are currently 71 cases of the virus outside of China in 15 countries.

    The World Health Organization, or WHO, said the spread of the coronavirus is of “grave concern” and will reconvene an emergency meeting on Thursday to determine whether it has become a global public health emergency.

    Social Media gets involved today:

    Coronavirus outbreak: Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter scramble to contain misinformation
    Jessica Guynn

    Yes there is a lot of conspiracy theories going around. If your a wise shopper you get rid of the chaff and dig out the truth.

    When YouTube shows a video of people lying in the hospitals in China and they are in the hallways, there is cause for concern.

    Unfortunately Social media will end up throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

    Why? Because all these douchebags care about is profits and if the world goes belly up, so do they.

    Whats a few million deaths among social media friends right?

    Donald Trump will go down with the ship on this one if he doesnt get out in front of it. I promise you that if a pandemic hits it will be his fault. Gee now you know why the MSM and Social Media are not reporing on what the rest of the world is going bonkers over.

  4. Chumpchange says:

    Latest news on the Coronavirus.

    Reports out of china last night are that the 5900 cases have become 8000 and the death toll rose from 137 to 172.

    The rate of deaths is a sham and here is why. They are taking the 8000 and dividing that by 172 to get a percentage.


    The new cases are just now showing up and those people are no where near dying. After they show up doctors are saying it takes 5-7 days to potentially degrade and die.

    So if you take 172 deaths and go back 5 days and then take those numbers, the death toll then become very high at around 9-10 percent.

    CHINA is NOW build 4 hospitals designed to house 1000 dedicated Coronavirus patients. If this is just a bad case of the sniffles why are they building FOUR new hospitals in frantic fashion?

    Reports are that days ago the actual numbers of cases was 90k not 3000.

    Comparisons are made of this to the flu. The flu kills roughly .1 percent Or 1/10th of 1 percent. This is killing 7-10 percent. Extrapolating the infection rate, this is on pace to kill 65 million people world wide.

    WHO is fixing to declare a stage one World Wide Emergency.

    This is it guys. The next pandemic. The next Spanish Flu. However with our advances in technology and medicines things are not as bleak as 1918. That being said, if you can go to a hospital and get dedicated help the cure rate is 99 percent.


    Once the pandemic starts the USA only has 100k acute care beds total and more than half are already taken up. 50k beds when you have 50 million sick. YEAH, that is the definiton of SHTF or SHIT hitting the Fan.

    Lord Jesus I hope I am wrong but I have been deep diving this thing night and day from RELIABLE sources most of which are pathologists, doctors, Microbiologists and not preppers and consipracy theorists. Most are afraid while urging us not to panic. I agree. Don’t panic, but dont carry on like life is grand as the MSM ignores this because they want trump dead and gone so bad.

  5. Chumpchange says:

    China is building 4 hospitals now instead of two. Each hospital holds 1000 patients. They are FRANTICALLY building them.


    Fox news talked to an American Living in Wuhan:

    According to Perez, hospitals in Wuhan are overrun and people suffering from “mild symptoms” are being advised to stay away.

    “Even the government made an official announcement in Chinese saying that … if you’re ‘a little bit sick’, do not come to the hospitals, we’re overrun,” he said.

    “They need supplies. It’s a disaster.”

    This man is a hispanic that refuses to leave because his girlfriend is Chinese and he has a dog. Us dog lovers are suckers. He is there teaching English. He has no agenda, no axe to grind. He is not begging for help or trying to get people to feel sorry for him and send him money. His family is not manipulating the press.

    He is telling us what is REALLY going on in China.

    • The Sad part is, there is nothing the hospitals can do. They may as well just use a warehouse with beds and a catering kitchen. Also, there is no need to “build hospitals”. They have an Army with multiple field hospitals in it. They can set those up and be fully functioning in 24 hours.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    “The World Health Organization (WHO) is reportedly reconvening experts on Thursday to decide whether the coronavirus should be declared a global emergency, as the death toll rises and officials work to contain the virus.”

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