Massive Winter Storms Hitting U.S., And This Is All Your Fault

You see, big winter storms never happened before 1980/invention of fossil fueled vehicles/1950/Industrial revolution (the starting timepoint depends on what a Warmist is arguing). They are a thing of man-caused climate change, and this is all your fault for taking a fossil fueled trip home for Thanksgiving, where you will bombarded with talking points about ‘climate change’ as crazy old Uncle Pete, even if you are a 16 year old girl

Thanksgiving Weather: Historic ‘Bomb Cyclone’ And Snow Hit Much Of The US

In many American homes Wednesday the Thanksgiving turkey is thawing and the yard is either blanketed with snow or bracing for big winds.

The National Weather Service warned on one of the busiest travel days of the year in the United States that two major storm systems will work their way across the continent this week, including a so-called “bomb cyclone” that could be historic.

People from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes region woke up to snow Wednesday as hurricane-force winds began to lash southwest Oregon and northwest California.

The storm on the west coast has gone through the period of rapid intensification known as bombogenesis to earn the title of “bomb cyclone,” which basically means that this is a super-strong storm!

The storm is predicted to bring plenty of precipitation to the west, with the possibility of one to three feet of snow in mountain ranges from the Sierra Nevada to the Northern Rockies to the San Juans in Colorado.

While no single weather event can be directly attributed to climate change, which merely establishes the background conditions against which weather events form, recent research from UCLA predicts more “climate whiplash” for California, quickly transitioning from extreme dry to extreme wet conditions.

And then there’s

Food waste is a real thing. Why link it to the climate cult?

Have they considered that it really doesn’t get talked about much because most people do not care about it in practice? And for the win of overall unhinged (at least that I’ve run across so far)

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