The (fake) Climate Crisis Threatens Harriet Tubman Park Or Something

This is all your fault for driving a fossil fueled vehicle instead of a $130,000 Tesla as well as living a modern lifestyle

‘Culture will be eroded’: climate crisis threatens to flood Harriet Tubman park

On the flat, marshy stretches of Maryland’s eastern shore, not a huge amount has changed since Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery here 170 years ago. Rivers and streams lace a wedge of land dotted with wood-board churches and small towns. Crabs and oysters are plucked from the adjacent Chesapeake Bay.

The climate crisis is set, however, to completely transform low-lying Dorchester county, threatening to submerge some of the key heritage associated with Tubman, the celebrated abolitionist whose daring missions helped free scores of slaves from bondage in her homeland.

If planet-warming emissions aren’t radically scaled back then swaths of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad national historical park, only established in 2013, will be inundated at high tide by 2050, according to projections by University of Maryland scientists. (snip)

“Dorchester county is a poster child as to what the rest of the world can expect with flooding,” said Peter Goodwin, president of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.

The county doesn’t rise more than 1.5 metres (5ft) above sea level and is exposed on three sides to the bay, which can act as a funnel to push storms on to the land. The seas could swell by as much as 60cm by 2050, a situation compounded by the fact the land is sinking, a hangover caused by the retreat of ice sheets from the last ice age.

60 centimeters is 23.62 inches, so, let’s just say 24 inches, which is 2 feet. Sea rise through the 20th Century was just 7-8 inches, and has not accelerated. So, what kind of scaremongering is it to say that the seas will go up by 2 feet in the next 30 years? Of course, that’s why they say “could”, because it is scaremongering.

Let’s consider what Donna Laframboise is writing

The English-language edition, newly available as a Kindle e-book as well as a paperback, doesn’t beat around the bush. It’s titled The Green Reich: Global Warming to the Green Tyranny.

Godefridi says we have good reason to be alarmed. Not by climate change, but by the endless, hazardous-to-humans measures that activists propose in response.

While a lot of the focus is on destroying the economy, the Warmists really are totalitarians, Fascists, authoritarians, and scaremongering helps them put this in place.

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8 Responses to “The (fake) Climate Crisis Threatens Harriet Tubman Park Or Something”

  1. JGlanton says:

    I like how they link to an article that has some actual measurements “World-wide, the sea level is now rising at a rate of about 1.7 mm per year, but in the Chesapeake Bay region it’s double that, at 3.4 mm per year. “, then says “Sea Level rise of 0.49–0.98 m for the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge by AD 2100. These are minimum estimates; several lines of evidence suggest that sea levels will rise more quickly in the Chesapeake Bay region.”

    Lets check. 3.4mm X 80 years = 272mm. So their 980mm “minimum estimate” is total bullshit.

    I read an report once that there a couple apongy areas in the bay with 4 – 5mm annual rise from combined sea-level + glacial retreat subsidence. Even that only gets you to 400mm by 2100.

    Then they idiotically add the the seas could rise by 600mm by 2050. They’re just frikkin’ liars at this point. That’s utterly absurd.

    This story is like starting with some facts, turning it into a fiction novel, then turning that into fanfiction.

    There you have it. AGW == Fanfiction!

    • John says:

      My figure of CURRENT sea level rise of 3.3 mm per year is from Goddard Space Flight Center NASA However the rate of change dt/dx
      I believe that this figure is also used by the Chief Oceanographer of the US Navy
      You tube has a number of videos by Tear Adm Titley on the challenges the USNavy faces because of AGW/climate change dy/dx is changing, trending up. Your projections seem to ignore this
      Teach likes to create a straw man by grouping everyone who believes in climate change as eco fascists and leftists
      Teach after watching Rear Admiral Titley on you tube would you include him as a eco fascist?

      • formwiz says:

        NASA’s big mission during the last Administration was outreach to Islam. Clearly, some of their stuff is going to be suspect.

        And why would NASA care about sea level?

        Teach after watching Rear Admiral Titley on you tube would you include him as a eco fascist?

        After what we’ve seen of the last SecNav, anything’s possible.

      • JGlanton says:

        There is absolutely no rate of change change, eg acceleration, of global sea level. If you take on short time period, you can find it, but you can do that with the price of peas in Peru and find it there, too. Over the last century, the acceleration is zero. Nada. Nothing. All past CO2-based projections of future sea level acceleration have been utterly wrong to date, including NASA’s, and likewise all future projections are likely to be just as wrong. NASA has been making wrong predictions about ice, temperature, and sea level since the 1980’s. Like, 100% wrong. What they do best is changing climate history to fit their climate doomsday models. It’s a profit center.

  2. Nighthawk says:

    Shocking that the landscape changes on a planet with a dynamic climate. There’s a reason why the surface of the Earth doesn’t look like the surface of the Moon.

    Things change, land moves, land erodes, coastlines change. That’s the way it has always been and always will be and there’s not a damn thing we can do about. Nor should we.

  3. John says:

    Teach you always like to ignore the most recent data
    1993-2018 shows sea level rise averaging 3.3 mm per year and yes that rate is increasing
    of course that is the AVERAGE sea level rise
    Some places like say NJ are much higher
    Ahhh yes the green fascism !!
    Will western civilization be able to survive catalytic converters, the banning if our cherished incandescent electric lights and low flush toilets ?
    Teach over the last 15 years how has this green fascism affected you prrsonally

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