Mr. Rogers Is A Healing Presence In The Age Of Trump Or Something

Is it really necessary to use the Mr. Rogers movie to get all unhinged over Donald Trump? In Liberal World it is

From the brilliant #Resistance minds at CNN, here’s Sara Stewart, which is based on the Jake Tapper video, available at the link, entitled “What would Mister Rogers make of today’s political climate?”

As a critic, I’m not much for anointing “must see” movies — they’re too expensive these days, and viewers’ tastes too varied — but “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” is pretty darn close to a must-see.

With Tom Hanks’ portrayal of the radically empathetic children’s show host Fred Rogers, director Marielle Heller has given our turbulent country a challenge: To re-learn to see one another as neighbors, rather than opponents. (snip)

Unlike Rogers, I didn’t grow up here. I arrived four years ago, after a long stint in New York City, relocating to the small town of Indiana, Pennsylvania, where my husband teaches at the local university. We made good friends here. We hiked in the woods and kayaked in the lake. I slowly began to recognize more and more faces around town. I felt I had a community.

Then the 2016 campaign season happened.

Cultural clashes came screaming to the forefront of daily life. I started noting frequent sightings of Confederate flags on cars. MAGA hats began to proliferate in alarming numbers; our Hillary Clinton sign disappeared from our front yard. By the time election night was winding down, I was in tears, convinced I’d unwittingly moved into a truly foreign land — one that didn’t want my kind around.

Interesting that she didn’t mention all the insanity from the Hillary supporters, which was a hell of a lot unhinged than anything Trump supporters were doing.

And, of course, some illegal alien support and aspersion casting of Islamophobia from conservatives

Likewise, I think he’d be encouraged by a sign that’s been popping up in front of houses around town for a while now. It’s a small message, but a quietly hopeful one. The brightly-colored cardboard rectangle bears three versions of a single sentence, in English, Spanish and Arabic, that might have come straight from Rogers himself. “No matter where you are from,” it reads, “we’re glad you’re our neighbor.”

It’s certainly not as bad as some bits of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s one of those “read between the lines” bits of unhinged. Also, can’t they just leave movies and such alone, instead of assigning political motives and attempting to suck all the fun out of them?

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6 Responses to “Mr. Rogers Is A Healing Presence In The Age Of Trump Or Something”

  1. ST says:

    SNL Roast the Democratic Presidential Candidates – 2020 Democratic Debate

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Fred Rogers, a lifelong Republican, and ordained minister gets trashed by right-wingers because he was a good man. Hardly surprising.

    All the right has is hatred.

  3. Nighthawk says:

    MAGA HATS IN ALARMING NUMBERS!!!! Oh the humanity!! And they wonder why we call them snowflakes.

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