Surprise: Kid Used Ghost Gun In California Shooting

Well, this is a hell of a thing. Guess we should take away all the legally acquired firearms purchased by law abiding citizens from lawfully licensed firearms dealers who put the buyer through a background check, eh?

Teen in California high school shooting rampage used ‘ghost gun’ made from parts

A 16-year-old boy who opened fire at his Southern California high school, killing two classmates and wounding three others before shooting himself in the head, used a “ghost gun” built from parts, the local sheriff said on Thursday.

Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow pulled the .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol from his backpack on Nov. 14, his birthday, and shot students at Saugus High School in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita seemingly at random before turning the gun on himself. He died of his wounds the next day.

“When we did a search of the house, we encountered what’s called a kit gun. The weapon used in the homicide was also a kit gun,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told local KABC-TV in an interview.

“It was assembled from parts, had no serial number. So it becomes what’s known as a ‘ghost gun,'” Villanueva said.

Berhow was in violation of California law

As ghost guns proliferate across the state, lawmakers and police are scrambling to understand the scale of the problem, let alone remedy it. In 2016, the California Legislature passed a law requiring residents to register homemade weapons with law enforcement. A separate requirement outlawed the possession of unregistered ghost guns.

To have a “ghost gun” one must be eligible to own a firearm in the first place per California law. A 16 year old is not eligible. It must have a serial number. And it must meet certain other criteria. Oh, and a 16 year old isn’t lawfully eligible to have a handgun. Weird how some people do not follow the law.

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2 Responses to “Surprise: Kid Used Ghost Gun In California Shooting”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    Take away all the guns in America and someone will kill an entire school by developing some way to poison the air in the air conditioner or heater.

    I mean seriously. If someone wants to be a mass murderer they are going to get it done. Sad to say. Another bad thing about social media. It’s given all these whackos a platform.

    I watched a video on Youtube about people on death row in Ohio. Other than being in solitary they had the life of Riley and several of them had been there for almost two decades. They had Gaming consoles, tv’s their own furniture, their cells were 6x’s bigger than the regular population and even had microwaves, radios, and bookshelves of books and magazines to read.

    I mean if you want to go out in style, just get the death penalty in America and spend 20 years on the publics’ dime living large or at least as large as you can live in prison. If your a loner, which most of the people who end up on death row tend to be, according to this educational video, then what better life to have than being guarded by guards in your own luxurious jail cell that is 6x’s bigger than everyone else’s?

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    I watched a Youtube video of Larry King Interviewing Bill Mahrer last night.

    Bill has finally come to realize an important point. You can NEVER change the other person’s view on politics.

    You can only make your case.

    He says we should learn to talk to each other civilly. I liked that sentiment until he then said things like the other side is fuking insane and that Mother@#$@#$% Trump is an Ahole etc. etc.etc.

    Bill Mahrer called out the MSM press run by corporations as frauds. They now have to turn a profit HE SAID. Not me. I have always said that. He said once they had to turn profit eyeballs and clicks were more important than the news.

    It used to be at the big three that the news was a losing proposition and that the facts were important. Not anymore. Profit is the motivator. These again are his words, not mine.

    Back to my words.

    So again I point to this to show how the left hates on corporations while railing against the right for hating on the lying news networks(Owned by those same corporations they hate) for click bating us for dollars and gaslighting the news rather than providing the news wherever it might be and whomever it might affect.

    YouTube continues to squelch the news. Dr. Steve Turley did a youtube video replete with indisputable facts about George Soros. The video was taken down by them. Tim Pool a moderate left-leaning, pro AGW independent news guy who actually founded VOX news but then went off on his own has had dozens of honest and factual news videos taken down because they expose the left. I could go on and on.

    YouTube is now making it impossible to get honest news unless it is supportive of the position of the left. Jimmy Dore is as left as they come. He is constantly getting his videos pulled because he bashed YouTube, the Corporate-owned MSM who is all about clickbait and eyeballs and anti-war.

    Dave Rubin another leftist who worked for the Young Turks before he realized how crazy they were and is now a centrist is getting his 10 million viewed videos constantly pulled. Alex Jones was banned and so on and so on.

    In the end, we will have a one world view. Imagine that. The corporatists, globalist media and billionaires pulling the strings of bought and paid for politicians taking our jobs to other countries where THEY can make more money and then paying people back home to blame it on Trump.

    In the end, there is no coming back from this and the first building burnt down will be Youtube and facebook and twitter in symbolic gestures of resistance. I don’t advocate for Civil war but I like 70 percent of Americans believe its coming.

    What the fuk is the CIA, NSA, FBI and the rest of our politicians and corporations thinking? They are not, because in their world if the USA dissolves they will just move on to the EU or where ever and leave us PEONS to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives.

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