Say, What’s The Truth About Airplane Carbon Offsetting?

Well, it’s that Warmists are utter hypocrites, though CNN forgets to mention this

Dirty planet but a clean conscience? The truth about airplane carbon offsetting

In aviation, it would seem, claiming you’re going green is becoming as important as competing on fares.

When European budget airline easyJet released its annual results this week, they paired the report with an announcement that from November 19, it would become the world’s first airline operating net-zero carbon flights. It would achieve this, it announced, by carbon offsetting all its flights.

The airline plans to do this with “forestry, renewable and community based projects.” It has also signed an agreement with Airbus to research the possibilities of hybrid-electric aircraft.

EasyJet is the third airline to announce a carbon offset scheme this month alone. It joins Qantas, which has pledged to go net-zero on carbon emissions by 2050, and British Airways, which will carbon offset all its UK domestic flights from 2020. BA’s parent company IAG has also pledged to go net-zero on carbon emissions by 2050.

But, see, there’s a problem with this, along with all the celebrities paying for carbon offsets for their own climahypocrisy

But environmental campaigners and travel experts say that there’s just one problem: carbon offsetting doesn’t work in the way proponents say it does.

Mike Childs, head of science, policy and research at environmental campaigning organization Friends of the Earth, calls carbon offsetting in the aviation industry “a giant con.”

A 2017 report for the European Commission looking at carbon offsetting found that 85% of offset programs for the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism failed to deliver “real, measurable and additional” emission reductions, and noted that some projects would have happened anyway.

Oops? Seriously, we’ve known this is a big scam for at least 15 years, one which just enriches people, like Al Gore, who propagate/take advantage of this whole scam. Anyhow, what can you do?

Responsible Travel is pushing for a “green flying duty” to be added onto flight ticket costs in the UK. While the UK government charges Air Passenger Duty (APD) on all tickets — currently £13 ($17) for a short-haul fare and £78 ($100) for long-haul — that money goes into general government coffers.

Pay a tax! Surprise! And

Gregory Miller, executive director at the US-based Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) says that you should follow the “NERD” guidelines from the International Council on Clean Transportation: fly younger aircraft, in economy class, on a regular-sized aircraft (medium-sized jets tend to be more fuel efficient) and direct.

Well, good luck figuring all that out. Me, I’m flying the plane on the airline that’s going where I need to go at the time I need, and won’t worry about the other stuff. If Warmists are so concerned, they should perhaps stop flying altogether. And this article was in the Travel section of CNN, which is all about traveling, much of which requires fossil fueled air travel.

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  1. formwiz says:

    In the old days, it was called buying indulgences.

    Boccaccio wrote about it.

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