There Are Four Stages Of Climate Grief, You Know

I’d recommend moving on and realizing that this whole thing is a scam. Perhaps seeking out mental health help from a professional who is not a practicing member of the Cult of Climastrology. In lieu of that, Warmists with climate grief/eco anxiety should give up all use of fossil fuels and make their lives carbon neutral, giving up most trappings of a modern life

The 4 Stages of Climate Grief

The sky was dark in the distance, a blue curtain of virga predicting an oncoming storm. Desert rocks glowed even redder in contrast. I was passing through—not enough time to wait or really do the moment justice—but I wanted to be in the canyons, so I jammed my feet into sneakers and set off running.

The trail was a figure eight, and once I made it past the most popular loop, no one else was out. When I gained the ridge, a rainbow cracked the dark sky, and I got that rare elated feeling of witnessing something beautiful alone. But when I stopped—telling myself I was taking a picture when I was really just catching my breath—I got walloped by an ache of loss in a place that I’d held in my mind as untouchable.

I was on the edge of the Escalante Canyons, a landscape threatened by both large-scale climate change and aridification and land-use changes that have opened it up to more drilling and mining. It’s destabilizing when the places that have always healed you start to hurt. (snip)

There are times when I can handle the creep of warming—though it feels insurmountable—by getting angry at specific injustices: the dark knowledge that oil companies had back in the 1980s about their impact on the climate, the financially inconvenient truths about who is funding climate deniers even today. But I have a harder time with the selfishness of my own life, my desire to be in the wild, the hypocrisy of the gas I burn to get there, and the way all those forces could change this place. Here, in the deceptively fragile desert, these ossified rocks seem stable. But once you drill a landscape and riddle it with roads, water runs off differently, the soil cracks, and animal-migration patterns change. It should be less complicated to love a place than, say, a person, but it’s not. Anger feels less scary than the ache.

There’s no clear-cut way to grieve for a place. It’s a specific kind of heartache, because it’s grief in anticipation, grief without end. How do you know when a place is really gone? What could you have done? What can you do? Iceland now has funerals for lost glaciers; fires decimate forests and they come back different. Racing the edge of a storm might be too obvious of a metaphor, but it feels about right.

“I’m concerned about the people who aren’t feeling climate grief right now, because I think they’re not paying attention,” says Laura Schmidt, a former environmental organizer who founded the Good Grief Network, which provides a framework for working through overwhelming climate loss. “The word overcome comes up a lot, but you don’t overcome it, you work with it.”

I wonder how much money she’s making off of pushing this scam, essentially reinforcing the fake mental issues of Warmists.

Jennifer Atkinson, a professor who teaches a class called Eco-Grief and Climate Anxiety at the University of Washington, says that recognizing your grief is the first step of a survival strategy, especially if the places that you go to escape from the world’s roughness are the very ones that feel threatened.

OK, good, this bit of insanity is being reinforced via an actual class.

After acknowledging your anxiety, says Atkinson, the next step is to take action, whether that’s political work or personal change. Civic engagement is the best answer to grief. “I love this Rebecca Solnit quote,” she says. “‘It’s not hope that drives us into action, it’s action that drives us into hope.’”

You know that most won’t change their own lives. This is about making more activists.

Schmidt adds that community is another big piece of fighting the feelings of uselessness and isolation. It’s important to talk about climate change and loss of landscape and biodiversity, she says, and to make those conversations normal and constant. Accept the severity and predicament, but don’t do it alone.

That’s less a step than finding like minded people to reinforce your delusions

Then, Atkinson says, go outside. “It’s not just that it’s therapeutic to be connected to those places, even though there are physical benefits to being outside,” she says. “Connection reminds us why they’re worth fighting for. We’re dealing with tremendous loss, but there is so much left to save.”

Most of these people would freak out if they went anyone truly “outside” after living in their liberal big cities.

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6 Responses to “There Are Four Stages Of Climate Grief, You Know”

  1. John says:

    I still remember when Teach was always saying that warming had stopped back in 1997

  2. liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Another climate whimperer.



  3. Doom and Gloom says:

    I have read dozens of people who are Ph.D.’s in their field of study from Astro Physics to Meteorology, History and Climate science from many different countries. Surprisingly there are quite the number of SKEPTICS in nations other than the USA.

    Much to the chagrin of the AGW crowd.

    What are they saying? The worldwide anarchy descending on the world is being met with a populus uprising. The Yellow vests in France are STILL protesting. Hong Kong, Chile, Brazil, Lebanon, most of the EU, the UK and Brexit. The Conservative uprising is against the desire for the whackos of the AGW mantra to destroy their lives.

    Even the far left nation of Australia just installed a new RIGHT and CONSERVATIVE ANTI-AGW government.

    So what really is going on?

    Well according to experts far more versed in this stuff than I, the Globalists want a world in which there is no regulation to prevent them from making trillions. There is a race to see who becomes the first Trillionaire. The left unwittingly has embraced Globalism because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    This Globalist Cabal is destroying the left in the USA. It is turning blue states red. Remember even Wisconsin a reliably Blue state elected Scott Walker 3 times and elected a Republican Senator. Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania all turned red under Trump.

    Trump’s ratings among Hispanics and blacks are way up compared to all other GOP candidates and now there are movements erupting all around the world, Blacks for Trump, WalkAway and most of them are becoming active trump supporters.

    TLDR: The left has used their AGW mantra to further the agenda of billionaires to create a one-world government which is designed to crush population and productivity the real reason of what AGW is really all about. Billionaires are getting rich off the very thing the left hates but because it is so politically incorrect for the left to challenge AGW they are letting their entire party slip into chaos as is evidenced by the current presidential primary race. And this is happening to parties all across the EU, South America and yes even Australia.

  4. Kye says:

    Fredo and John should have a big weekend. Today is the anniversary of Kristallnacht (11/9-11/10, 1938) the beginning of “gun confiscation” in Germany, and the demonizing of Jews, gypsies and others who were guilty of not agreeing with the Nazi narrative. Kinda like “hate speech” with today’s leftists. So our radical commie/Nazi commenters have a big day PLUS tomorrow is Veterans Day. Then they get to ridicule us veterans, call us names, say how America was never great and still isn’t and hoist their black flags of ISIS and Antifa and their Red flags of communism. Oh, and don’t forge to burn an American flag tomorrow, Fredo. The left needs you useful idiots to pull off the coup.

    And don’t forget, “Gun Control” is a precursor to “Gun Confiscation.”
    Which is a precursor to “Show me your papers.”
    Which is a precursor to “Step into the railway car, please.”
    Which is a precursor to…–~C

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