Not Open Borders: Warren Suggests Suspending Deporations Of Illegal Aliens

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend Liz Warren’s events here in Raleigh, but, probably for the best: I’m a heckler, and I might have yelled out questions that Liz couldn’t answer. Since the news media fails to ask pointed questions

At Latino community forum, Elizabeth Warren says she’s open to suspending deportations

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has supported focusing U.S. deportation efforts on criminals and national security threats rather than all immigrants in the country illegally.

At a rally Friday in Raleigh, Warren went farther, saying she would be open to a moratorium on deportations.

“I am open to suspending deportations particularly as a way to push Congress for comprehensive immigration reform,” Warren said. She said she believes “that when ICE comes into our communities, takes our neighbors, our friends, our family members, that they do not make this country safer.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection should be focused on “real threats” from terrorism, contraband, and the shipping of deadly narcotic drugs like fentanyl, Warren said.

So, did anyone in the media ask a rather important question: “Senator, if you are for focusing deportation efforts on criminal illegal aliens, then why would you suspend all deportations of those who are criminals, putting U.S. citizens at risk for those criminals to commit crime against them, all to legalize people who are unlawfully present per U.S. federal law?”

Warren did not specify if such a suspension would apply to immigrants with criminal records.

No one asked her? Were you folks there as reporters or supporters?

Republican Sen. Thom Tillis tweeted in response to a video of Warren’s statement that her “radical, liberal agenda would be a disaster for North Carolina and the country,” calling it a “dangerous” proposal.

The comments also drew an emailed statement from President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign saying, “Warren is proposing regressive socialist plans that would dismantle our economic gains and hurt Latino families in North Carolina and across the country.”

Obviously, there are quite a few other questions she could be asked, such as “how does allowing open borders and rewarding people who broke our laws help out the Latinos lawfully present in the U.S., including those who are citizens, many of them who went through the whole long, expensive process to become citizens?”

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10 Responses to “Not Open Borders: Warren Suggests Suspending Deporations Of Illegal Aliens”

  1. John says:

    Teach Mexicans can cut though your acclaimed Great Wall in mere minutes using common cordless saws
    Do you think construction should continue ?
    Trumps NJ golf courses knowingly used undocumented workers for decades
    Do you think Trump should be personally held criminally responsible ?

    • Doom and Gloom says:


      Well just remember this is the wall that the democrats forced on him. Not the one he originally wanted.

      ***She said the prototype design was meant to take "time and multiple industrial tools to breach," giving Border Patrol agents extra time to respond to any breaching attempts.***

      To answer your question John.

      We can’t cure cancer. Should we stop trying?”
      We can’t prevent airplanes from crashing. Should we stop flying?
      We can’t prevent bad guys from crime, should we get rid of the police?
      We can’t keep cars from wrecking should we abandon the automobile?
      We can’t prevent trains from wrecking should we get rid of trains?
      We can’t change the weather. Should we stop trying?

      I could go on and on John. The answer is keep the border wall coming until it finally ends up being a battle between criminals and ICE not thousands of people walking over the border into the USA looking for ICE so they get HOOKED into the system and then released into the United States until their court date which they never show up for.

      SO YES!! Keep building the wall.



      • John says:

        No we shouldn’t quit trying to cure cancer
        Of course we should not continue to waste money on trying to cure cancer with attempts that have proven failures
        The Democrats were the minority party in congress for Trumps first two years
        They had no power to force Trump to do anything
        Trying to say that the Dems forced Trump to build a wall that has shown to be an epic fail is a sure lisetin any debate
        Trump spent that money exactly the way he wanted to spend it , on a wall that just doesn’t stop people
        Who thinks that further money should be wasted on it ?

        • formwiz says:

          Baghdadi Bunny is in the John smoking reefers.

          The Demos, aligned with the NeverTrumpers had the power to stop all sorts of things.

          And the wall is hardly an epic fail.

          a wall that just doesn’t stop people

          Crossings are down 56%. I’d call that effective.

          Who thinks that further money should be wasted on it ?

          Anybody who wants the country rid of illegals.

      • John says:

        Teach the Wall is not an effective barrier
        That is obvious
        Should we continue wasting money on it ?

        • formwiz says:

          Obvious to whom?

          One cut does not mean it isn’t an effective deterrent.

          And we’re not wasting money on it.

          Unless you’d prefer replacing it with land mines.

        • Jl says:

          “The wall isn’t an effective barrier…”. The why would libs be against it?

        • Kye says:

          “Teach the Wall is not an effective barrier
          That is obvious”

          You do realize if walls were not effective they wouldn’t be built? Walls are the cheapest effective deterrent next to land mines (which I prefer).

          They, like everything else are not perfect and can be breached but we still put them around prisons for a reason, John. THEY WORK!

        • Nighthawk says:

          Actually, the section of wall that was cut through wasn’t complete yet. The sensors that detect the vibrations from someone cutting hadn’t installed yet. The sections that have these sensors are quite effective.

          But, just like any wall, it is a deterrent and not a preventative. The purpose is to slow those hell bent on breaching it and give border patrol ample notice to be able to respond to that section before they get completely through.

          Illegal border crossings where the wall has been completed has been drastically reduced. So yes, the wall is an effective barrier and construction should continue.

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