You Need To Watch Netflix In Low Definition To Stop ‘Climate Change’

Climate cultists might want to rethink this push, because it will surely turn the young folks against the Cult

From the article

Movie nights once required driving to the local video store to rent, rewind and return the latest blockbuster. Now on-demand video content providers offer countless binge-worthy options at the touch of a finger.

But experts say the ease of streaming services comes with a hefty environmental price tag.

Watching a half-hour show would lead to emissions of 1.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent, said Maxime Efoui-Hess of French think tank the Shift Project. That’s equivalent to driving 3.9 miles (6.28 kilometres).

Last year, online  streaming produced emissions equivalent to Spain and that amount may double in the next six years, according to the Shift Project.

We’re doomed! I don’t have Netflix, but, I do have Amazon prime

While most of the online traffic—34 percent—is related to streaming videos, on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, for example, the next biggest sector is online porn.

“Digital videos come in very large file sizes and (are) getting bigger with each new generation of higher definition video,” said Gary Cook of Greenpeace, which monitors the IT sector’s energy footprint.

These younger folks are going to be very upset, since they are rather upfront on their watching of porn. Anyhow, there’s lots of discussion on the increase in streaming, the expected increases, especially adding Disney and Apple to streaming, the size of TV screens, which use more electricity, 4K broadcasts and TVs. So, what can you do?

Experts suggest that viewers disable autoplay and stream over Wi-Fi in lower-definition formats. The  is watching over a 3G connection on a mobile device, said Lefevre.

The Shift Project offers a browser extension that monitors , displaying the amount of electricty used, the CO2 that electricity produces, and how far the user would have to drive to match those emissions.

I don’t turn off autoplay for ‘climate change’, but, because it’s annoying. They keep finding ways around it, though. As for watching in lower definition? Not going to happen.

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2 Responses to “You Need To Watch Netflix In Low Definition To Stop ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    You can turn off “autoplay”? I need to look into this. I can only imagine how much irreplaceable bandwidth is wasted because of commercials playing in high def for movies I’m not remotely interested in. There are Africans and Asians going to bed with insufficient bandwidth every night. We must, MUST act on this.

  2. Jl says:

    We’re saved. Now instead of 11 yrs we have 11 yrs and one day..

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