Senators Launch Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus Or Something

Perhaps they’ll come to the realization that the best thing to do, whether you are a Warmist or a Skeptic, whether you think climate change is mostly/solely caused by Mankind or mostly/solely caused by nature, is to stop shuttering nuclear power plants and instead increase the use of nuclear, using much more advanced type plants? Nah. You know it will probably end with recommending a carbon tax

Senators launch bipartisan climate change initiative

An unlikely duo on Capitol Hill is teaming up to find the solution for a pressing problem: climate change.

Indiana Sen. Mike Braun, a Republican, and Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat, are introducing the first-ever bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus. After meeting with constituents in town halls across both of their very different states, the lawmakers said they realized how crucial it is for lawmakers from both parties to address the issue.

“For too long, Washington has been paralyzed by partisan gamesmanship, unable to have productive conversations about our changing climate,” said Braun, a freshman lawmaker. “Through this caucus we can have real conversations about protecting our environment, securing American’s energy future and protecting American manufacturing jobs.”

The senators are planning on filling the caucus with an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, who have not yet been announced. The group will first meet with scientists, policy experts and business leaders to try to find common ground and move forward from there. The senators said that the group will only move forward with ideas if there is unanimous consent.

Well, good luck with this, and good luck during your next election cycle, Mike, when you get primaried by someone who is against instituting ‘climate change’ policies that raise the cost of living.

“Bipartisan ideas already exist — from improving energy efficiency and investing in R&D to supporting energy security and workforce development. This caucus will provide a forum through which we can advance proposals like these into law and finally do what the American people expect and deserve — act,” says Coons.

Essentially, these are just normal ideas subsumed into Cult of Climastrology talking points. They should remember all the polls that show that the vast majority do not want to even spend $10 a month to solve Hotcoldwetdry.

Notice, though, that they aren’t even considering the Green New Deal, nor are most Senators, particularly Democrat Party ones, even discussing the Green New Deal. Nor do Dem House members. Because it is a loser.

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3 Responses to “Senators Launch Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus Or Something”

  1. John says:

    The last nuke that was shit gown was 3 Mile Island it was 40+ years old
    It’s useful service life was over
    Good luck on getting local permission/acceptance to build new ones anywhere
    Building a new coal or nuclear power plant is a long term 30/40 year investment no insurance company will insure financing for them.
    The last new industrial scale coal thermal plant went on line in 1986
    The ones we are still using are at the end of their service life
    Anyone think we should rebuild/replace them???

    • Professor Hale says:

      There are currently 2 reactors under construction in Georgia, due to come on line in 2020 and 2021. There are another 4 in the planning stages in Florida and Utah. So, evidently, it’s not that hard. You know what else isn’t hard? Google.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    The last new industrial scale coal thermal plant went on line in 1986

    Wow what a liar you have turned out to be.

    China is not alone in constructing coal-fired power plants. According to Urgewald, about 1,600 coal plants are planned or under construction in 62 countries; this data comes from the Global Coal Plant Tracker portal. If constructed, these new plants would increase global coal-fired capacity by 43 percent. According to Urgewald, 11 of the world’s 20 biggest coal plant developers are Chinese


    We let 62 countries burn coal while we rape our own energy needs all in the name of a few molecules of co2.

    Does this even make sense to you John as you spread your propaganda????

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