Totally Peaceful (And Hypocritical) Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Arrested For Smashing Window

This is how it begins. The Left is out in the streets, marching for something. They keep pushing the boundaries, till the violence ensues

Extinction Rebellion co-founder arrested after smashing ministry window

A founder of the Extinction Rebellion pressure group was arrested Tuesday after climbing the building housing Britain’s transport ministry in central London.

Gail Bradbrook climbed the building with a sign that read “HS2 is our climate emergency” above the revolving doors. HS2 is a high-speed rail line that will connect London with other UK cities.

Bradbrook, invoking the example women’s suffrage activist Emmeline Pankhurst, then tried to smash a window with a hammer and screwdriver. She was later brought down by a police climber.

Another activist tried to lock herself to the transport ministry but was arrested.

And now that the co-founder has done it, how many others will do the same?

‘Hypocrisy’ of Extinction Rebellion founder’s 11,000-mile trip to Costa Rica as she boasted of taking a luxury long-haul holiday on social media

The founder of the eco-activist group Extinction Rebellion boasted of a luxury long-haul holiday on social media just three years ago.

Gail Bradbrook racked up 11,000 air miles when she flew to Costa Rica in 2016 to stay at the £2,500 luxury New Life Iboga resort.

But Dr Bradbrook’s Central American trip had a carbon footprint of 2.6 tonnes – a quarter of the amount that the average Briton emits in a whole year.

She posted on Facebook that her holiday was ‘filled with nature and the warm sea’ and sightings of exotic wildlife including iguanas and monkeys that ‘smash mangoes on the roofs’.

Paul Scully, the Conservative MP for Sutton and Cheam, told The Sun: ‘This is blind hypocrisy from a group that’s spent days blighting people’s travel plans.’

It’s always about forcing Other People to live the life, never themselves.

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