Warmists Want To Take Advantage Of A Recession To Implement Green New Deal Or Something

Modern Socialists have been fantasizing about a recession coming soon. They’ve been yapping about it, writing articles about it, and praying that one will come, particularly a really bad one, mostly to hurt Donald Trump, as well as other non-hardcore leftist European leaders. They do not care if citizens are hurt. And

A recession is coming. When it does, we need to demand a Green New Deal

American carnage and Brexit collapse, detention camps and environmental breakdown – the daily barrage of bad news makes it easy to forget that these are disparate symptoms of the same disease unleashed by the 2008 financial crisis.

Back then, activists in Europe and the US pushed for a holistic cure: a Green New Deal to deliver necessary investments in people and planet. But establishment economists waved them off, preferring a shot-in-the-arm of easy money. Now, all the grave symptoms of recession have returned – and the old drugs don’t work any more, antibiotics to which the disease has already adapted.

But now is not the time for I-told-you-so. Never before has so much idle cash accumulated as in the past decade – and never before has circulating capital failed so miserably to invest in human health and habitat. We are long overdue for a Green New Deal.

Back in 2008, commentators were quick to announce the death of financialized capitalism. Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve, was trotted out in front of Congress to apologise for his faith in self-regulating financial markets. Activists occupied town squares from Oakland to Madrid. And even the CEO of Goldman Sachs admitted he had a “reason to regret”. It seemed like radical change was around the corner.

It wasn’t. Far from collapsing, banks like Goldman Sachs turned around to record profits, hand out record bonuses, and rehash the risky practices that produced the Great Recession.

The next 13 paragraphs continue down this road of economic issues since that recession before really mentioning the GND again

If 2008 saw the original development of the Green New Deal proposal, then, 2019 is the time to deploy it: a moment when the architects of the old strategy, pockets empty, no longer seem able to defend it. “There was unanimity,” said Mario Draghi, retiring president of the ECB, “that fiscal policy should become the main instrument.”

It’s almost like the GND has nothing to do with the climate change scam nor the environment, and all about installing a Progressive (nice fascist)/Socialist economic system.

The Inconvenient Truth: Fixing Climate Requires Major Economic Change, Naomi Klein Says

Climate change denial is not driven by rogue scientists who disagree with their peers — author Naomi Klein says — but rather free-market capitalists who want to protect the economic status quo.

Klein has an inconvenient truth for climate deniers who oppose the economic changes that scientists and activists say are necessary to reduce the risk of environmental catastrophe: A government takeover of business is necessary to combat climate change.

In her new book “On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal,” Klein writes that allegiance to capitalism is at the heart of climate denial.

Klein is one of the few climate cultists who’s honest in what the Cult of Climastrology is all about.

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2 Responses to “Warmists Want To Take Advantage Of A Recession To Implement Green New Deal Or Something”

  1. Kye says:

    More lies from the main stream media. As if all the impeachment Fake news isn’t enough, now the liars of the left in an attempt to hurt Trump come up with this shit:


    Now that Trump has announced a withdrawal from Syria, the media wants us to know about Turkish malevolence. ABC gives us a look at the mayhem those Turks have been causing.

    CORRECTION: We’ve taken down video that aired on “World News Tonight” Sunday and “Good Morning America” this morning that appeared to be from the Syrian border immediately after questions were raised about its accuracy. ABC News regrets the error.

    Turns out the footage was from the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.


  2. Dana says:

    So, when the next recession comes — and one will eventually, hopefully after November of 2020 — the warmunists want to compound the pain it will bring by increasing taxes and spending money on cockamamie schemes which will permanently and negatively reduce our standards of living? What a great plan!

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