Extinction Rebellion: Not Really About ‘Climate Change’

The UK Guardian, certainly one of the most sympathetic major papers in the world, is running an interesting photo essay on the XR nutters arrested

From the link

People joining Extinction Rebellion (XR) are trained in how to conduct themselves peacefully when participating in direct action.

According to Hallam, direct action has several aims and objectives. One is to cause disruption and financial costs to the state to build pressure for political change. Another is for individuals to show their commitment – that they are willing to sacrifice their liberty for the cause. Increased disruption and more people arrested creates a bigger impact.

The training explains the possible legal implications of getting arrested. Once people have been informed about this, it is up to them to decide if they are willing to get arrested or not. If they sign up, they become part of the growing list of arrestables.

If they’re peaceful, then why are they putting themselves in a position to be arrested? They may not be assaulting anyone, but, they are causing all sorts of problems for other people.

“I am very happy to be able to use my privilege as a white elderly woman this way and I will be back in London in October.”

No, no, this is non-partisan, definitely not a Leftist thing. And here we go

Phil Kingston, 83, retired probation officer and lecturer in social work at Bristol University

Kingston was arrested for his part in a protest disrupting the DLR at Canary Wharf in April.

“It’s really very hard for many elders to break the law, because of the culture we have been brought up in – unlike younger people now,” he says. “The things I do, I do for my grandchildren and other lifeforms and future generations. Whatever the future situation, I hope we will learn to live a very different way of life to what we have learned under capitalism.”

See, Phil got his (off the back of the government teet), but now wants others to not get theirs. You look at this photo (go to the link a midway down for full size)

and you realize how many are wearing clothes and using smartphones made via capitalism, shipped from around the world via capitalism. And how many trees are they killing with their signs? Alos

I know that Blacks only account for a bit over 3% in the UK, but, XR is very, very white. Just 2 blacks represented in that photo. No Asians.


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