Cult: NBC Wants To Take Your Climate Confessions

You had “Jesus” showing up at the Seattle Green New Deal hearing and Greta Thunberg referred to as “Jesus”. You have people praying to plants at Union Seminary. And so much more. Now we have (via Twitchy)

It looks like this

And things are not going well

It’s getting totally beaten with non-Warmist comments.

When you go to leave a confession, you are given a little snippet of a tip, most of which seem to be about standard energy savings and environmentalism, which have nothing really to do with ‘climate change.’

Remember, though, this is all about science, and definitely not a cult.

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6 Responses to “Cult: NBC Wants To Take Your Climate Confessions”

  1. Conservative Beaner says:

    Just a new version of the Spanish Inquisition. Confess your sins and pay a big donation to the Church of Climate Change or to the rack with you.

  2. Formerlib says:

    I doubt very much that the fine folks in their NBC ivory tower are doing any of these things at all. Climate guilt’s purpose is to accustom the little people, deplorables and gullible millennials to the new austerity while the elites hoard all the goodies and creature comforts for themselves (adios middle class). They should ‘fess up to their hypocrisy.

  3. dachs_dude says:

    Totally NOT a religion:

    Except for the dogma that cannot be challenged, lest you be an unbeliever
    Except for the “indulgences” in the form of carbon offsets
    Except for the “confession of sins” that we see here
    Except for the predictions of hell if we don’t repent and change our ways
    Also, we will be FORCED to “tithe” WAY more than 10%

    So yeah, this is totally scientific, NOT!!!

  4. Nighthawk says:

    Considering that climate change is mostly caused by natural variation i would say that my, and everyone else’s, “sin” is not being able to change the Sun’s output, change the orbit of the Earth or reduce volcanic eruptions. Other than that, there is nothing we can do that will have any significant effect on the global climate.

  5. Kye says:

    Nighthawk stated: ” Other than that, there is nothing we can do that will have any significant effect on the global climate.”

    That’s because there has been nothing we have done that had any significant effect on the global climate. If you believe the proselytizing of the Religion of Climate I consider you no more mentally capable than a Hari Krishna or a People’s Temple recruit.

  6. Mad Celt says:

    I confess I pay this BS no attention whatsoever.

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