Mayor Pete To Roll Out His Own Medicare Sorta For All Plan, Taking Swipe At Other Democrats

Is this legitimate from Pete Buttigieg, or just a plan that is patronizingly thinking ahead towards the general election, knowing that the essential government takeover of the health industry by other Democrat contenders is not going to play well during the general election?

Here’s a better way to do Medicare-for-all

As president, I will put Americans in charge of their own health care with affordable choices for all. I’ll ensure that every American has access to affordable coverage either through private insurance or a public alternative. If a private insurance plan through your employer or the marketplace isn’t affordable, you can get a plan that is. It’s what I call “Medicare for All Who Want It.”

Many Democrats have proposed a Medicare-for-all plan, and while each of us would achieve universal coverage, there’s a real difference between the plan I’m announcing on Thursday and the ones offered by candidates such as Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.). Rather than flipping a switch and kicking almost 160 million Americans off their private insurance, including 20 million seniors already choosing private plans within Medicare, my plan lets Americans keep a private plan if they want to. If private insurers are unable or unwilling to offer better plans than they do today, competition from this public alternative will naturally lead to Medicare-for-all.

It’s a middle of the road plan, a have it both way plan, that you can bet will not satisfy the hardcore’s in the Democratic Party. How’s he going to pay for it?

And with my plan, we can achieve universal health care and a public alternative without raising taxes on the middle class. I’ve always said that anyone who lets the words “Medicare-for-all” escape their lips should tell us just as plainly how they plan to get there. The only way we’ll rally Americans behind a reform that affects so much of our lives and our economy is if we’re honest and straightforward about the details. So I’ll be upfront: My plan will cost about $1.5 trillion over a decade, paid for by cost savings and corporate tax reform to ensure big corporations pay their fair share.

Medicare cost the U.S. government $582 billion for fiscal year 2018. He seems to be assuming a cost rise of 150 billion per year for adding tens of millions of citizens onto the rolls, and that raising taxes on companies will work. As for “cost savings”, will he have more details on what he’s going to cut?

Lower-income people living in states that haven’t expanded Medicaid would be automatically enrolled in the public plan. Others without insurance, such as those who forgo employer coverage because it is too expensive or those who do not purchase coverage on the exchanges because they are not eligible for subsidies, would also have access to join the public plan with income-based subsidies.

Will Los Federales be sending enough money to cover this to the States? Anyhow, here’s where things get a little weird

We’d also make private health care more affordable for the millions of Americans who struggle to pay their premiums. For example, a 60-year-old in Iowa making $50,000 could face a monthly premium of roughly $1,000 for the most popular type of marketplace plan — nearly a quarter of their annual income. Our plan would cap marketplace premiums at 8.5 percent of a person’s income, which means that the same 60-year-old would pay no more than $354 a month for better-quality coverage.

The current monthly premium for Medicare in that age bracket is $135.50 a month for Medicare Part B. If you add in Part D and hospital coverage, you’re still not at $354 a month. That’s a monthly cost that causes many to forgo health insurance. Is there a deductible with Pete’s plan? He doesn’t say. It’s $185 now.

That’s only part of how our plan would empower Americans. We’d also ban the surprise medical billing that has left patients slapped with five- or six-figure bills after a bike crash or a heart attack. We’d limit out-of-pocket costs for seniors on Medicare and ensure that health providers such as hospitals price their services fairly by capping out-of-network rates at twice what Medicare would pay for the same service. My administration would also bring transparency to pricing and reduce the wasteful administrative costs that ultimately get passed down to patients. On top of Medicare for All Who Want It, our campaign will be putting forward additional plans to address issues such as drug pricing, innovation and health equity.

I’m not going to knock him for all of that, it’s what a lot of health insurance providers are doing now in order to reduce costs. However, having the government do this could cause problems with quality of care, and let’s not forget, many health services refused to take new Medicare and Obamacare patients, because they aren’t in business to lose money.

Going back one paragraph

My plan would also take an extra step to reach universal coverage by automatically enrolling those eligible for free coverage in Medicaid or the public coverage alternative. And anyone who falls through the cracks and ends up needing health care would be retroactively enrolled in the public plan.

So, this is really just a step towards creating a single payer plan. Huh.

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2 Responses to “Mayor Pete To Roll Out His Own Medicare Sorta For All Plan, Taking Swipe At Other Democrats”

  1. MrToad says:

    “we can achieve universal health care”

    Really? I’m thinking this is only to give everyone a piece of paper that says “you have health INSURANCE”. The actual CARE will be rationed based on availability of Physicians and severity of the case. It will probably have a few Britain inspired Death Panel provisions in there as well for the aged and disabled with high medical bills. I would assume it will include the Virginia abortion clause as well. And they will always be looking to “cut costs” too. Basically, another Obamacare nightmare.

    Thank god Mayor Alfred E probably won’t even win a primary.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Remember the promise of tRumpCare: Cheaper and Better Healthcare for all Americans!

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