Not A Cult: Warmist Sarah Silverman Refers To Greta Thunberg As Jesus

OK, OK, she’s just one Warmist (who uses massive amounts of energy and fossil fuels to travel around and do her applause instead of laughing comedy shows), but, plenty of other Warmists are agreeing with her in the tweet

(Breitbart) Actress-Comedian Sarah Silverman said she sees Jesus Christ in 16-year-old Swedish climate change alarmist Greta Thunberg.

“You think you will recognize Jesus when he comes back? I see him all around. He is this girl. And y’all don’t even see it.” Sarah Silverman said on Twitter, linking to an article of Thunberg appearing on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

“We actually know that these consequences will face us during our lifetime, and it is already happening now. And it will get worse. And, uh, so I think that is why so many young people, especially, care about this,” Thunberg told Noah. “And, uh, and, of course, the awareness is not as it needs to be, it’s not as much as it needs to be. People are still very unaware, it’s my experience. And, uh, so we need to continue, but you can see that among young people the concern is bigger.”

See, she’s totally like Jesus! And other celebs, like Chris Evans and Rainn Wilson, were squeeing over her. Interestingly, no one in the media is doing that weird thing they used to be known for and ask her tough questions about her beliefs and the science. Did any ask Greta how she traveled around NYC and where she stayed? And who was paying for it? And how she traveled from NYC to D.C. to attend the protest in front of the White House? There’s not one picture of her arriving at the White House for the protest, because you know that this “modern day Jesus” was shuttled in a large fossil fueled vehicle.

Silverman is a self proclaimed secular Jew who claims to have no religion. But as a leftist, we know she blindly worship extreme environmentalism, abortion, and radical feminism. And would freak over any Christianity in public view. It’s a climate cult.

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