Mayor Pete Blames Trump And Others For Failing To Act On Hotcoldwetdry

There were many, many, many hot takes from CNN’s “climate crisis” town hall (which used vast amounts of energy to produce, and required vast amounts of fossil fuels to get everyone there). It’s hard to pick which one, especially since many of the Democrats were lying through their teeth on many things, in order to not look like Authoritarians. This is the one that amused me the most

Buttigieg blames Trump and ‘congressional enablers’ for inaction on climate change

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg on Wednesday blamed President Trump and “enablers” in Congress for the nation’s inaction on climate change.

“It’s not just him. It’s all of the enablers in the Congressional GOP,” Buttigieg said at CNN’s climate town hall.

“I mean, Congress right now it’s like it’s like a room full of doctors arguing about what to do over a cancer patient. And half of them are arguing over whether medication or surgery is the best approach. And the other half is saying cancer doesn’t exist,” he said.

Buttigieg’s comments came in response to a viewer question about what he would ask Trump during a climate debate. The South Bend, Ind., mayor said he didn’t know what he could ask that would get through to Trump.

“I can’t think of anything I could ask him other than, ‘Would you please step aside and allow us to do something about this issue because you’re clearly not ready to lead,’” he said.

It’s cute how he Blames Republicans and Trump. You know, the guy in office for just 2 1/2 years? What did Obama really do? The only policy of consequence was the Clean Power Plan, which never went into effect, was an Executive Action rather than attempting to do something through the duly elected Legislative branch, and would have skyrocketed the cost of energy for citizens. And what have Democrats done in the House? They’ve been sitting on the Green New Deal since February. Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refuses to demand a vote on it, and she’s the primary sponsor in the House. And Democrats voted “present” on it in the Senate.

I wonder how he’s going to unify the country?

“We have to actually unify the country around this project. And that means bringing people to the table who haven’t felt that they’ve been part of the process. I mean, this is the hardest thing we will have done certainly in my lifetime,” he said. “This is on par with winning World War II, perhaps even more challenging than that.”

CNN has a long, scrolling post on each candidate as the came to the stage, and we also find

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg defended his decision to fly on private planes during his 2020 campaign despite the increased impact private air travel has on the environment

Buttigieg and his traveling aides regularly fly private, and the South Bend, Indiana, mayor spent more money on private air travel than any other candidate in the second quarter of 2019.

Asked on Wednesday about that travel, Buttigieg said he is “interested in de-carbonizing the fuel that goes into air travel” but that he flies private because “this is a very big country and I’m running to be president of the whole country.”

Buttigieg also slammed the fact that United State has an “inferior train system.”

So, your carbon footprint is bad, but, his is OK because he’s running for president.

There are too many hot takes, it’s worth the scroll to see what these idiots believe. Though, they mostly stayed away from the hardcore stuff, the raising taxes and cost of living stuff, the taking away stuff, and the Authoritarian stuff, as they know it won’t play well with the independents and GOP #NeverTrumpers, as well as the soft Democrats. It might not drive them to vote for Trump, but, it will cause them to not vote Democrat.

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11 Responses to “Mayor Pete Blames Trump And Others For Failing To Act On Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. Thank you Mr Trump!

  2. Jl says:

    Mayor Buttplug forgets that emissions in the US have gone down.

  3. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Once again hysterical little whiny sissybitch dishonestly cites a dated article in order to confuse and misinform.

    That’s all she has.

    Lolgf loser.

  4. Dana says:

    So, how does Mr Buttigieg explain the voters of very blue Washington state rejecting, twice, the climate control initiatives of Jay Inslee?

  5. It is an amazing coincidence that communist countries are the most polluted, yet Western countries have the most environmental activists. Think they are related? maybe it’s just too hard to make a living protesting communist governments. As Clint Eastwood once said (Outlaw Jose Wales), “dying ain’t much of a living”. Or maybe it’s because the roots of environmentalism in the USA is the Soviet Union using it to intentionally disrupt production in the USA.

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