Nutty Guy Stages Event Where He Turns In His AK-47 To Texas Police

Yeah, this happened

So, all law abiding citizens should turn in their firearms so that only government and criminals have them (video of the whole thing at the link)

Texas man turns in legally owned AK-47 to police in response to recent shootings, claims it takes ‘courage’ in staged news event

In a move that seemed to confuse even the police officer who greeted him at the station, a Texas man turned in his legally owned AK-47 to his local police station in an attempt to do his part to stop mass killings, according to KTBC-TV.

The man, identified in the story only as Billy from Austin, made sure to alert the media of his intentions so KTBC could send a reporter and a camera to document him bringing his weapon to an officer who appeared unsure what to do with it at first. Billy called for other legal gun owners to have the courage to follow his lead.

“I would encourage anyone that is in my position to do the same,” Billy told KTBC. “It’s not easy. It takes a lot more thought and a lot more courage to do this than to buy it.”

So, with the local news on board to film every step, Billy courageously loaded his AK-47 into his truck and drove to the police station. He left the gun in the truck and walked inside to announce his intentions to the officer on duty at the front counter.

Billy spent some time lecturing the cops before turning in the firearm, worth probably about $1,200, and got nothing back. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was either non-functional or just beat up so badly that it wasn’t worth having around. But, hey, if he wants to turn it in, this is on him. Otherwise, mind your own business

Billy’s obsession with getting his AK-47 “off the streets” is odd, considering it wasn’t really “on the street.” It was presumably in secure possession of a responsible, nonviolent owner; Billy told KTBC he had owned a gun since he was 10 years old.

Unless Billy had intentions of committing mass murder himself, he did not prevent any tragedies by giving away his own gun. But, that reality doesn’t stop Billy from being quite pleased with himself.

Exactly. Unless he is worried about being a mass murderer, why turn it in? Why tell law abiding citizens to turn in their firearms? And who wants to bet that Billy votes Democrat? And probably has a whole bunch more scary looking firearms? It’s not the guns, it’s the owners

Good call, Marnes.

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15 Responses to “Nutty Guy Stages Event Where He Turns In His AK-47 To Texas Police”

  1. John says:

    Is there actually a hurricane happening right now ?
    Or is that fake news ?

    • So John, who has shown that his ability to read maps and understand how to count to five is questionable, now wants to talk about a hurricane in a thread about some guy making a decision and then trying to make a media event about it.

      That’s okay, we can deal with his delusions as well.

      The following are two screen shots from “the most trusted name in news” in CNN’s coverage of Dorian.

      The first deals with Alabama suddenly disappearing from the map and being named Mississippi:

      Tell us John, is Alabama being renamed to Mississippi real or “fake news?” Or has Alabama actually been renamed Mississippi?

      The second is a little more subtle and you have to know a little bit about Florida (which apparently CNN doesn’t and certainly John doesn’t.)

      If you look at the map, Right above “Fort Pierce” you can see a series of islands that jut out into the ocean. They are the “barrier islands” and part of Brevard County (which happens to be the longest county in Florida.)

      Magically, Fort Pierce, appears to either run from Dorian or have been blown by less than tropical force winds out of St Lucie county (two counties south) and up into Brevard County. (According to CNN, that is.)

      Also, on the southern end of the map, the City of Palm Bay, which is the largest city in Brevard County, was somehow transported three counties away without telling anyone. Not even the City Government or the people in the city were aware they were now out of Brevard County and in Palm Beach County.

      So once again John, did Palm Bay and Fort Pierce move lock, stock and barrel? Or is this “fake news?”

      While this may seem petty to some, and obviously over John’s head as he can’t read a map to begin with as he has shown in the past, if CNN and other news organizations can’t get the basics correct – such as a map – why and how can they be trusted with anything else?

      • Doom and Gloom says:

        this is in response to the president making a statement that said Alabama might be in for some windy weather if the hurricane remains on track. The map shown showed the cone stopping just before the Alabama border as if the Hurricane was going to go to the border of Alabama and then suddenly disintergrate.

        The national weather service then issued a statement saying Alabama was never in any danger from Dorian. Trump said they were never in any danger, only that they might feel some effects from the Hurricane. ABC news then jumped on this saying it was a crime to issue false weather statements.

        LOLOLOL…so now Trump will be impeached for saying Dorian if it continued on its current track of several days ago might impact Alabama which is issuing a false weather report and a CRIME to which the Democrats have finally found their reason to IMPEACH TRUMP~~~

    • david7134 says:

      Come on man. Tell us why you were in prison. Did you get buggered daily? Probably liked that.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:


        Come on, “man”. Tell us why your license was revoked.

        And why you and your butt-buddies’ fascination with getting buggered?

        • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

          Well you’re the expert…
          Given any rusty trombone lessons to the grandson lately?

          Lolgfy grandpa.

        • formwiz says:

          david’s right.

          You’re the one who brings that stuff up.

          BTW Who was it said Trump knew nothing about Dorian’s track?

          Looks like the bunny suit got outsmarted by the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne yet again.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            “Who was it said Trump knew nothing about Dorian’s track?”

            Everyone? tRump is keeping this alive to distract from his other distractions. He’s a man-child.

            Four days after the NWS had predicted the path of Dorian would veer north and east of FL, tRump said Alabamians should be prepared for a hurricane. He was mistaken, but rather than own up to it like a grown man, he continues to whine about like the little sissybitch he is.

            We need a president.

          • gitarcarver says:

            Four days after the NWS had predicted the path of Dorian would veer north and east of FL,…

            As of Tuesday night when Dorian passed by, the cone was still on Florida. In fact, one day before the storm came near me, we were all preparing for a direct hit as that was part of the uncertainty of hurricane predictions.

            As of MONDAY, several of the computer models had Dorian heading northwest, cutting across the state north of Orlando and then heading up towards the panhandle and Alabama.

            The National Hurricane Center always tells people to not rely on the projected path, and yet some ignorant people who don’t have a clue are doing just that because they have nothing but hate.

            If you want to talk about the NHS’s accuracy of Dorian and the path, one only need look at the path and forecast for the Bahamas. The NHS projected that Dorian would hit the Bahamas and then blow past it in one night. Instead, Dorian stayed over the Bahamas for 2 days. What was even stranger was that the 3 hour projection and location tracks were off. An 11 PM projection for the Bahamas that had Dorian moving west at 6 MPH at 2 AM had Dorian stationary and several miles NORTH (not west) of its 11 PM position.

            Facts don’t matter to some because all the have is hate.

            We need people who aren’t filled with hate.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            We need a president and his cult-like followers who are not motivated by ignorance, hate and cruelty.

  2. Kye says:

    It amazes me, gitarcarver how leftists like John and Fredo still continue to treat CNN and MSNBC like legitimate news sources after all they have done to prove to intelligent Americans they are neither truthful nor news. It’s almost as these “news services” know some people are just so far left they believe anything.

    It’s like the idiot Fido commenting earlier that Trump should be sent to prison for 18 months for having a false weather map. Are these clowns really that stupid, spiteful and misinformed or are they retarded. I can’t think of any other reason to make these stupid statements.

    Trump 2020 Stamp out leftist lies.

  3. Kye says:

    Will “Billy from Austin” call a news event when he cuts his dick off to prevent rapes? It makes as much sense for a law abiding American to hand over his guns to prevent someone else from shooting someone.

    Trump 2020 Let’s encourage leftists to turn in their dicks and guns to cut murders and rapes.

  4. Professor Hale says:

    Billy is also parked in a handicapped zone, but doesn’t look handicapped. So, the police practice selective enforcement when friends of theirs virtue signal.

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