Bummer: Being Open Borders Is Most Unpopular Political Position For 2020

Being open borders is pretty much the default position of every Democrat

Poll: Increasing Immigration, Giving Illegals Right to Vote Most Unpopular 2020 Political Positions

Increasing illegal and legal immigration to the United States is the most unpopular position a 2020 presidential candidate can take, as well as giving illegal aliens the right to vote, according to a new poll.

The latest Harvard/Harris Poll finds that 2020 presidential candidates who want to increase overall immigration to the U.S. — while the country already admits 1.5 million foreign nationals every year — are the least likely to win over American voters.

When all U.S. voters were asked which position would make them the most unlikely to vote for a 2020 presidential candidate, “opening our borders to many more immigrants” topped the list with 64 percent.

Increasing immigration was the top most unpopular position among swing voters, with 66 percent saying they would be unlikely to vote for a 2020 presidential candidate who favors such a policy. Wanting more immigration to the U.S. was also the most unpopular position among Republican voters, conservatives, Trump supporters, voters who identify as “moderates,” white voters, American men, voters without a college degree, rural voters, and suburban voters.

Even among Hispanic voters and black Americans, increasing immigration was the second most unpopular position a 2020 presidential candidate could take — just after increasing taxes to pay for social programs.

Oops. Adding to that, 85% of Americans are against giving illegals the ability to vote, including 80% of Democrats. And this poll has a D/R/I of 37/32/29. So, being an Open Borders advocate won’t work out too well for Democrats. I wonder if the Democrat candidates already know this, as they tend to stay away from immigration while on the campaign trail. They yammer about Hotcoldwetdry, Medicare for all, taking money from some people to give to others, and just general Trump Derangement Syndrome.

44% are unlikely/very unlikely to vote for a candidate gives free college, 39% for their universal health care scheme, and 64% are against raising taxes to pay for all sorts of new programs. (this is on page 172 of the document. Too awhile to get there). And from a few pages earlier

For independents, that’s shaking down to 42% for Democrats, 58% for Trump.

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One Response to “Bummer: Being Open Borders Is Most Unpopular Political Position For 2020”

  1. As I predicted before, this is the dominant issue facing America today. Hillary would have won if she had just softened her position on this a little. Trump won his primary against all odds because he was the only candidate hitting this issue without some form of amnesty.

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