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Greenland Residents Traumatized With Climate Grief Or Something

This climate trauma thing is great. You have people yammering about other people having mental health issues from a tiny increase in the Earth’s average temperature, something that has happened many many times during the Holocene, which causes other people to think they’re mentally ill ‘Ecological grief’: Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency The climate […]

If All You See…

…is an area dried out from Other People’s carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Moonbattery, with a post on Los Angeles with no gas stations.

Government Regulation Of Social Media Would Kill The Internet

A very interesting piece by Daniel Ortner, an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation, which is a conservative/libertarian organization Government regulation of social media would kill the internet — and free speech Social media companies have been criticized for disproportionately restricting content that offends political progressives. For example, a Pinterest insider recently leaked documents showing that the […]

Climate Cultists Wants To Know When Republicans Will Come Out Of The Climate Closet Or Something

Hyper-warmist Justin Gillis rears his head up in the NY Times (which got rid of its climate section years ago), likening climate change to gays coming out of the closet The Republican Climate Closet When will believers in global warming come out? …. What exactly is going on here? I got my first clue a […]

Sleepy Joe Biden Wants To Ban Scary Looking Rifles Because It Totally Worked Last Time

It’s time for Joe Biden to pander to the hard-left, apparently, on firearms. He never seemed to have a problem with his boss, Barack Obama, running over 2,500 firearms into Mexico during Operation Fast and Furious, which were involved in hundreds of Mexicans, including children, being wounded and killed, as well as used to kill […]

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