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Trump Deranged House Democrats File Lawsuit To Get Trump’s Tax Returns

They just won’t give up. They aren’t doing a damned thing to help American citizens in the House. They’re trying to give themselves a pay raise, they’re trying to protect illegal aliens, and they’re trying to take away lawfully owned firearms. And fishing for Trump’s tax returns House Democrats file lawsuit to obtain Trump tax […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible, evil, no good refrigerator making the temperature hot and cold, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is White House Dossier, with a post on Biden being a serial fabulist.

We Should All Ditch Work And Go On Strike For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Who would write all the Hotcoldwetdry stories then? We Should All Ditch Work and Go on Strike for the Climate All workers in all industries stopping work at the exact same time? It’s exactly what the planet needs. Remember the IPCC report which gave us 12 years to sort our shit out? Well, now, we’ve got 11 […]

It’s Summer, So The Meme Of AC Being Bad For ‘Climate Change’ Is Popping Up

This has been a push from the Cult of Climastrology the past 3-4 years, where they want to restrict air conditioning for Other People, especially in “developing nations”, where there are lots of brown and yellow people. Notice that none of them ever say that they’ve given it up themselves. It’s starting to get awfully […]

While Some Democrats Walk Tightrope On Scrapping Private Insurance, Majority Of Americans Are Against

Even if a single payer, government run health insurance system was viable, particularly monetarily (it’s not even close), how wise is it to put the federal government in charge for 330 million Americans? I’m betting people can come up with ideas in seconds. For Democrats, just imagine that this was in the Executive Branch so […]

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