Vancouver Demands Oil Companies Pay Their Share On ‘Climate Change’

Something is missing from this resolution by the Vancouver city council

City of Vancouver votes to demand fossil fuel companies pay share of climate-change costs

Vancouver city council has voted in favour of a motion that demands global fossil fuel companies pay their share of costs arising from climate change.

The motion, which passed 7-4 on Thursday, points to a B.C. government report that projects the City of Vancouver will have to spend $1 billion this century to mitigate rising sea levels.

The motion says the city will send letters to 20 of the world’s largest oil, gas and coal companies with its demand.

The city also says it will ask the B.C. and Canadian governments to enact laws to confirm the responsibility of fossil fuel companies to pay their share of costs.

Vancouver says it is the 24th community in British Columbia to pass such a motion since 2017.

They can demand all they want, but, the fossil fuels companies will simply ignore them. And, if any pass laws that put extra taxes/fees on the companies, they will just get passed down to consumers, including the governments.

Now, there are two big points with this. First, let’s look at actual data

At 0.16 feet per century, that is well below the Holocene average of 6-8 inches per century. So, what sea rise? Especially to the tune of $1 trillion (which we all know would be spent on other Social Justice garbage).

Second, if these cities are so Concerned, why are they not doing away with their own use of fossil fuels? Replace the entire city fleet with non-fossil fuels vehicles. Restrict citizens from using fossil fuels in the city. Do away with the airports. Walk the talk.

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6 Responses to “Vancouver Demands Oil Companies Pay Their Share On ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Pouncer says:

    “Replace the entire city fleet with non-fossil fuels vehicles. ”

    Start with ambulances. Then fire trucks. Then the school bus fleet.

    Same with federal vehicles. Say, start with the entire US postal service fleet. All electric, or “renewable”. Then all GS staff cars.

    • Kye says:

      Electric my ass. Let all federal, state and city workers including the fukin politicians ride bikes. That’s ZERO pollution. Eliminate school buses, kids can walk or ride bikes. Only emergency vehicles should be non-human powered. That should shut them up.

  2. Bkhuna says:

    Oil companies should just cut the supply ( including aviation gas) to places like Vancouver.

    It’s for their own good.

  3. John says:

    Vancouver is a great city, Porter you should visit it sometime.
    It is hoping that by 2020 to lay claim to being the greenest city in North America
    It also has s minimum wage 2x as high as North Carolina
    And lower unemployment

    • formwiz says:

      They also have far fewer people, thus fewer undesirables.

      And the unemployment is just about the same.

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