The Climate Crisis Will End The Golden Era Of Food Choice Or Something

Remember when some Warmists were saying that the Cult of Climastrology needed to turn down the doomy prognostications because they weren’t helping? Of course, most ignored this advice, ones such as Vox’s Sean Illing. But he did get the memo to call it the climate crisis instead of climate change

The climate crisis and the end of the golden era of food choice

Imagine waking up in a world that has become so hot and so crowded that most of what you eat has disappeared from the grocery store altogether.

Or imagine eating only genetically engineered foods or a diet of exclusively liquid meal replacements.

These are scenarios that Amanda Little, an environmental journalist and professor at Vanderbilt University, envisions in her new book, The Fate of Food. Heat, droughts, flooding, forest fires, shifting seasons, and other factors, she argues, will radically alter our food landscape — what we eat, where it’s made, how we pay for it, and the choices we have. If we’re going to survive, she says, we’ll have to reinvent our entire global food system to adapt to the changing climate.

As Little puts it: “Climate change is becoming something we can taste.”

Sean Illing Which foods might we lose?

Amanda Little The most climate-vulnerable foods include those that are most fickle, needing very specific conditions to grow well, like coffee, wine grapes, olives, cacao, berries, citrus and stone fruits — as well as those that are most water-intensive, like almonds, avocados, and the alfalfa and pasture that feed cattle.

This is when some consumers start to stand up and listen: Yes, your chardonnay and strawberries are on the line.

Doooooooom! Not avocados!

Amanda: None of this means that in the future you won’t be able to eat organic, soil-grown crops or the craft meats you love today. It means that human innovation, which marries new and old approaches to food production, may be redefining sustainable food on a grand scale.

All because the temperature may go up a tiny bit more after the tiny 1.5F since 1850. Hysterics.

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  1. JorgXMcKie says:

    He obviously knows nothing at all about growing any kind of plant. But then he’s a “journalist” for Vox, so talking out of his ass is what he gets paid for.

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