Democrats Badly Divided Over Emergency Aid For Illegals At Border

They caterwaul about how bad the conditions are in the detention facilities, yet, they want to play games with the funding

Emergency Aid for Migrants Badly Divides Democrats

Congress is trying to rush $4.5 billion in emergency humanitarian aid to the southwestern border while placing new restrictions on President Trump’s immigration crackdown, spurred on by disturbing images of suffering migrant families and of children living in squalor in overcrowded detention facilities.

But with a House vote on the package planned for Tuesday, some Democrats are revolting over the measure, fearing that the aid will be used to carry out Mr. Trump’s aggressive tactics, including deportation raids that he has promised will begin within two weeks. Republicans are siding with the White House, which on Monday threatened a veto. They oppose restrictions in the measure that are meant to dictate better standards for facilities that hold migrant children and to bar the money from being used for enforcing immigration law.

Those twin challenges have left the fate of the bill up in the air, even as evidence of deplorable conditions at the border underscores both the urgent need for the money and the bitter rift over Mr. Trump’s policies.

“Democrats distrust this president because we have seen his cruel immigration policies and lawless behavior terrorize our constituents,” Representative Nita M. Lowey of New York, the chairwoman of the House Appropriations Committee, said on Monday evening as she pleaded with fellow Democrats to support the package. “That is why we have language to stop transfers of money for immigration raids and detention beds. But we cannot allow our anger at this president to blind us to the horrific conditions at facilities along the border as the agencies run out of money.”

Funny, the Democrats weren’t concerned when Mr. Obama was doing the same thing. He just had the luxury of not seeing the border being totally over-run with people in caravans demanding asylum, which requires detaining them till the case can be adjudicated. Do Democrats want to let them go with a pinky promise to return? Where will they live then? Lowey is correct, though, in that Democrats should put away their Trump Derangement Syndrome for a few minutes and do the right thing.

Hispanic-American lawmakers are particularly split; some are arguing that it is crucial to get the aid to agencies and outside groups assisting migrants at the border, while others say they will not be complicit in sending any money to the very departments that have carried out Mr. Trump’s harsh initiatives against immigrants.

“I will not fund another dime to allow ICE to continue its manipulative tactics,” Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York, said on Monday evening on her way into the meeting in Ms. Pelosi’s Capitol office.

ICE isn’t the one operating most of the facilities, that would be Customs and Border Control. Further, ICE must be funded by law. But, hey, when will AOC offer to house the illegals herself?

Essentially, Democrats and all their little groups are all over the place on what they want, and

(The Hill) The White House on Monday threatened to veto House Democrats’ proposal on how to meet its request for $4.5 billion in funds to address the influx of migrants on the southern border.

The House and Senate are considering competing bills this week to meet the Trump administration’s request.

While the Senate version is bipartisan, House Democrats are still trying to round up the votes for their bill amid concerns from Hispanic and progressive lawmakers wary of funding the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

In a statement on Monday, the Office of Management and Budget called the House measure a “partisan bill that underfunds necessary accounts and seeks to take advantage of the current crisis by inserting policy provisions that would make our country less safe.”

That statement is well worth the read, and highlights just how loopy the Democrats are.

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15 Responses to “Democrats Badly Divided Over Emergency Aid For Illegals At Border”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Where ever would Congress get the notion that tRump can’t be trusted??

    Decent Americans are donating toothpaste, soap, diapers and other personal items at the detention centers but the CBP refuses to accept the items, no doubt since abusing brown children polls so very well with the tRump base. MACA!!

    This gov’t can spend $3.4 million per trip to Mar a Lago but can’t supply soap and toothbrushes to children.

    tRump’s DOJ lawyers went to court to BLOCK giving these children care, arguing that the phrase SAFE and SANITARY does not include soap and diapers.

    This is America…

    • formwiz says:

      Which “decent Americans” are these? The ones stinking up LA and San Fiasco? The Democrats looking for free votes who encourage them to walk 2000 miles?

      Real humanitarians there.

      the CBP refuses to accept the items, no doubt since abusing brown children polls so very well with the tRump base.

      Actually, all this comes off the word of 1 (guess the party) Congressman. Border Patrol has yet to respond, so Jeffery may be giving us another “If I had a son” routine.

      I’d await confirmation before taking Jeffery’s word.

      tRump’s DOJ lawyers went to court to BLOCK giving these children care, arguing that the phrase SAFE and SANITARY does not include soap and diapers.

      It did? Care to link an article?

      And I can say this. It’s the situation Trump wants the Demos to fix (remember he put a hold on raids for 2 weeks?) regarding asylum.

      Let’s see what they do.

      Real humanitarians there.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        E. S. Dutcher still doesn’t get it.

        Anyway, a DOJ lawyer Sarah Fabian stood in front of the Court of Appeals arguing against giving the children soap and toothbrushes. The video was all over the place (but probably not FOX or the Pudendum).

        And it was citizens who bought items and tried to donate them but were rebuffed by CBP. Edward is lying again, as he always does.

        And Edward can go f*ck himself if he thinks anyone owes him a “link”… that lying sack o’ sh!t.

        tRump is calling out Congress so he can veto the humanitarian aid.

        Are Covians really in favor of $4.5 Billion for the detainees? Didn’t think so.

    • david7134 says:

      You are aware that the Dem controlled House will not bring a bill to the floor to arrange for the expenses of these illegals.

      But all these folks have to do is go home.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    The Democrats are expecting that if money runs out to operate the camps, that democratic party judges will issue injunctions forcing CPS to release detainees. Just as those judges already do for prisons all around the country when overcrowding happens.

  3. John says:

    Kids with no showers for 3 weeks
    8 yo kids taking care of 2 yo babies
    No diapers
    Outrage from Porter ?
    Nah, those are criminal kids

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      And more useless niggling about something from retard Johnny of Queens.

    • Professor Hale says:

      They could just go home and have all the diapers and showers they want.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        It’s amazing that the right approves of abusing children while professing to protect them.

        The right-wing solution to stop refugees is to torture the children in detention camps.

        You right-wingers may be pushing your agenda a bit too hard, this time.

        • formwiz says:

          Actually, (surprise!) it’s the Left doing all this.

          They encourage these poor dumb Indians to come North and live on Yanqui welfare. They encourage people to send their kids on 2000 mile forced marches in the clutches of coyotes and sex traffickers (which Jeffery seems to dig).

          Protecting them from such predators, including Democrats, making sure their out of the hot sun or freezing cold, making sure they get 3 squares a day until they’re sent home, giving the decent medical (not Ozippy) care, all seems to be the better thing to do.

          Or does Jeffery think it’s humane to let them hike the 400 miles Nogales to San Diego?

          Why does he hate little Indian kids?

          And Fort Sill is hardly Dachau, or has Jeffery been stationed there during his long Army career.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            E. S. Dutcher, aka The Kleveland Kleagle, is telling his lies again.

            He never learns.

    • formwiz says:

      OK, smartass.

      Get all your Lefty pals together and buy enough for all those kids.

      Don’t wait for the government, or do you expect people who don’t want them here to pay for it and you pay nothing.

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