Dyke March Returns To D.C., Bans Jewish And Israeli Symbols

They’re claiming that that they aren’t anti-Jew and anti-Israel, though

DC gay pride parade faces backlash after banning Jewish pride flag

Participants at an upcoming gay pride parade in D.C. will be able to wave the Palestinian flag, but not the Israeli flag or the Jewish pride flag.

The D.C. Dyke March will not allow participants to display Israeli or “nationalist” symbols, according to Forward.

“This includes Israeli flags, as well as flags that resemble Israeli flags, such as a pride flag with a Star of David in the middle,” march organizer Rae Gaines said. Gaines also said American flags would not be welcome at the event, but a Palestinian flag would.

“The issue [with the Jewish Pride flag] is where the Star of David is positioned in a way that looks like an Israeli flag, it creates an unsafe space,” Gaines said.

A joint statement from Jewish, feminist, and LGBT groups condemned the move. They pointed out “rising anti-Semitism on the far right and far left.”

That rising Jew hatred is really from the far, far, far right and from the mainstream Left (which, on the political spectrum, is actually far right, being linked to Fascism and Authoritarian models). It’s nice that they throw in the blocking of the American flag. They should try go be gay in places like Palestine, see how that works out. The laws and rules and such are not as bad in Palestinian territory as it is in other Muslim nations, but, certainly not even close to as good as in the U.S. Or as in Israel, which is rather progressive.

The Anti-Defamation League also called out the move in a Thursday statement.

“Banning the Star of David in their parade is anti-Semitic, plain and simple,” CEO Jonathan Greenblat said. “We call on the organizers to immediately reverse this policy.”

The Dyke march put out a statement attempting to show that they totally aren’t anti-Jew, they’re just anti-Zionist, and pretty much affirmed that they’re anti-Jew.

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One Response to “Dyke March Returns To D.C., Bans Jewish And Israeli Symbols”

  1. Dana says:

    And just what would the homosexual activists have to look forward to in an independent Palestinian state, were such a thing to be created? Led by Hamas, a militant organization which advocates the imposition of Islamic law, homosexual activity would be made criminal, and the only question would be the penalty: imprisonment or death?

    This is what the Islamic Republic of Iran does to homosexuals.

    There is, of course, one nation in the Middle East in which homosexual activity is not illegal. That’s Israel.

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