Landfalling Hurricanes May Become More Intense With ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Sometimes I think that I should make the scaremongering headlines on ‘climate change’ all capitalized, just for the extra Doom. Regardless, you know what this prognostication means, right?

Hurricane landfalls may grow more intense with climate change

Future hurricanes may become more intense as they track toward the East Coast.

An atmospheric barrier guards much of the East Coast from powerful hurricanes, but global warming could make it less effective as soon as 20 years from now.

The protective barrier is due to strong vertical wind shear, which typically shields the coastline from hurricanes coming from the tropical Atlantic.

Scientists from Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and NOAA authored a studyshowing climate change could alter wind shear in a way that sends stronger hurricanes to the East Coast.

Stronger hurricanes develop in areas with warmer sea surface temperatures and when vertical wind shear is low.

Who’s going to put this prognostication in their calendar for 20 years from now?

The impacts of stronger hurricane landfalls may show up soon as some models point to effects occurring around the year 2040.

And there’s the computer models.

They’ve tried this whole “hurricane doom” schtick after the big season of 2005, at which point hurricane activity dried up, especially for landfalling systems on the East coast. They even Blamed the dearth of landfalling tropical storm systems on the same “protective barrier” of wind shear from carbon pollution.

Thing is, even if this came to pass, it still doesn’t prove that the climate changes are mostly/solely caused by Mankind.

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6 Responses to “Landfalling Hurricanes May Become More Intense With ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Jl says:

    The funny thing is, “landfall hurricanes may become more intense with climate change”, could be rewritten as “landfall hurricanes may not become more intense with climate change” and be just as valid. The clown show continues

  2. Dana says:

    What difference does it make if we might be more vulnerable to hurricanes in twenty years, when we’re all going to die in twelve?

  3. ST says:

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