Another School To Reprint Yearbooks Without The OK “White Supremacist” Symbol

This article does mention the Circle Game and the 4Chan joke, but takes it a step further in moonbattery

California middle school to reprint yearbook after photo shows students holding ‘white power’ sign

PETALUMA, Calif. — A middle school in California is now working to reprint part of its yearbook after parents noticed students flashing an offensive symbol in one of the photos.

Three students at Kenilworth Junior High are seen in the team basketball photo making an upside down “OK” sign–a sign that has become known as a symbol of white power.

Two on left and two on right are playing Circle Game

Parents and community members showed up at the Petaluma Unified School District’s board meeting Tuesday to express their concern over the image and to ask why it fell through the cracks.

“They need to understand that the symbol they’re showing has been taken over by some extreme white power people,” Sheila Morrissey, whose children go to Petaluma Unified’s Casa Grande High School, told ABC7 News. (Morrissey said her daughter’s yearbook also includes photos with students making the same symbol.)

No, it really hasn’t, except in the fevered minds of moonbat nincompoops

The use of the “OK” hand gesture can also be associated with a game played by some kids called the “Circle Game.” However, parents want students to understand it also has another meaning.

The symbol recently became associated with white power. In 2017, it started as a hoax by the website 4chan. Since then, however, some white supremacists have begun using the symbol, including New Zealand shooter Brenton Tarrant, who flashed the symbol during his court appearance.

So, when Obama, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, and so many others use the OK hand sign they are actually white supremacists? Stop, just stop. The picture clearly shows what is the Circle Game. That’s how you do it. The people who started this at 4Chan succeeded well beyond their expectations.

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57 Responses to “Another School To Reprint Yearbooks Without The OK “White Supremacist” Symbol”

  1. Kye says:

    We already knew it was so easy to dupe Moonbats, hell they voted for Obummer twice and he put an admitted communist in charge of the CIA. THE CIA!!! We know what to expect from Moonbats so with apologies to Elwood, quelle surprise.

  2. Hoss says:

    That’s hilarious! I wonder how many lefties on the faculty saw that and started sobbing. We really would be better off if the left would just die off.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      The goal of the NuRight is to accelerate the death of the left!

      • formwiz says:

        Sounds good to me.

      • Kye says:

        Elwood, there is no NuRight, it’s just a name you made up to try and create another boogeyman to scare your leftist children. The right today is the same as it was when Ronald Reagan was elected. We’ve made no radical moves either to the right or the left. We still believe that a beating heart is life, people should be treated equally under the law, there are still only two sexes, homosexuality is a mental/emotional problem and they should be helped not “celebrated” for their sickness, our families are the center of a strong community and nation and the United States of America is exceptional above every single nation that has ever existed and our borders are sovereign and no one has a “right” to enter our country our homes or reach in our wallets without our permission. We still kneel in church and not when patriots sing the Star Spangled Banner, love God and treat our neighbors as we want to be treated without yelling at them in restaurants or demanding they be stopped from their free speech on public forums because they disagree with us. We can still enjoy a Christmas dinner without being “triggered” by our 22 year old niece who just graduated Bryn Mawr and thinks she knows more than we do and that all white people are racists. So now you know there is no NuRight Party. Don’t you wish you could say the same about the Democrat Socialist Party that we all know are really communists but won’t admit it.

        Oh, and we still proudly fly the symbol of Freedom the world over from our homes.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          OK, Kye. Of course you can believe whatever you want. If you choose not to understand science, that’s on you. If you choose to consider gay men and women, mentally ill, who’s to stop you? If you think America should be white and Christian, that’s your choice.

          But if you don’t think that the NuRight is different from Reagan Republicanism you’re mistaken.

          Reagan was no fascist. He believed in democracy. He believed in America and our Constitution. He was not anti-science.

          Reagan conservatism was wrong on many counts, but he was not a cruel, selfish, narcissitic asshole like trump. It was Reagan who introduced massive deficits by cutting taxes on the wealthy.

          The NuRight is filled with white nationalism, lack of empathy, hatred, violence, bigotry, Christian supremacy and authoritarianism. The NuRight is akin to the KKK, clinic bombers, Luddites, John Birchers.

          Don’t get me wrong – these types have always been amongst the decent Americans – but now they’ve been revived, and possibly expanded, by a neoFascist being, Donald J trump.

          We wouldn’t expect you to be happy hearing this.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Kye typed: “there are still only two sexes”

          This seems very important to Cons…

          • Kye says:

            It’s not important to “cons”, it’s important to truth. Like it or not humans come in two sexes only. Yes, there are mutants occasionally, and birth defects but that does not change the basic human biology (regardless of the idiocy in Wiki). To say there are any more than two sexes is denying science and biology. Are you a denier, Elwood? Does Pete Buttigieg deciding to screw his boyfriend in the azz create some new sex? (Assuming he’s the pitcher and not the receiver). Could we have the first male “First Lady” or just some gay in denial. Sometimes I think your mind is so “open” your brains fell out.

            Why is “finding” more than two sexes so important to radical leftists? Because they are uncomfortable with facts and truths and “feel” better in the land of ambiguities.

  3. Dana says:

    Wonder what would happen if there was a ‘Black Lives Matter’ hand sign that teenagers had flashed in such photos?

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Or a Peace sign?

      The white power gesture signals oppression, while a Black Lives Matter gesture would signal freedom.

      We know, we know that in Con world falsehoods about BLM have become dogma – TEACH has even repeated supposed BLM manifesto that were shown to be Con ‘fake’ news.

      We also understand that white Cons feel oppressed whenever minorities demand justice.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Here’s Brendan Tarrant playing the “circle game” while in court in New Zealand. Pretty funny stuff.

    This is not long after Tarrant murdered 49 and injured dozens more in a Christchurch mosque.

    Lighten up, snowflakes, you’re just being trolled – all in good fun!

    • formwiz says:

      Bunny suit doesn’t realize sometimes OK is just OK.

      Paranoia strikes deep
      Into your lives it will creep

  5. Kye says:

    Elwood, we all choose to believe whatever we want including you. How do I “choose not to understand science”? It is not I who “choose” to consider gay men and women mentally ill it was the medical field until it became politically incorrect to say it. They say there is no gay gene so if genetics is not the cause of this sexual aberration what is it? Only a complete idiot would say that sexual perversion is normal so what gives? You tell me doctor.

    Not only do I think America should be white and Christian but America IS white and Christian and has bee since Day One. It was founded that way deliberately and today the majority of Americans are white and a majority of Americans are Christian or do you claim we’re not? I also think America achieved its greatness because it is white and Christian or can you point out any other nation in history that has come so far, created so much wealth and improvements in every field, helped so many people around the world and achieved such economic and military power that isn’t white and/or Christian? Show me the African, Mohammaden or Hispanic version of America!

    Nobody I know is “filled with white nationalism” unless taking pride in your nation has somehow become wrong and immoral for white people. You conflate “white nationalism” with “White supremacy”. Nationalism is putting your country first and foremost among nations. That’s not only patriotic but it’s necessary for a nation to survive. I can only surmise by your anti-nationalist stance that you’re a globalist who believes in no borders. That’s fine but don’t paint others as immoral racists because they love their country.

    Once again just making up a name “NuRight” does not mean it exists anywhere but in your own mind. White nationalism has absolutely nothing to do with “lack of empathy, hatred, violence, bigotry, Christian supremacy, and authoritarianism”. Those are the attributes you give to anybody with whom you disagree. They mean nothing without proof. They are propaganda lines cast out for the fools and useful idiots on the left to lick up like manna from their gods.

    There is no political branch of the conservative movement hat condones clinic bombings, Luddites or John Birchers and you know it. You just spout that shit to try and be provocative but you just sound silly. And when it comes to the KKK we all know who they were so don’t try and bullshit us.

    Yes, these types have always been among normal Americans but not the radical left has introduced Mohammadans and communists into the mix. Two groups particularly dedicated to the destruction of America, Christians and Western Civilization. So if there are a few thousand racist radical right cling-ons on out teem there are hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of communist and other America haters on your team.

    You and all those you collude with on the left keep calling Trump a fascist. Can you point to one fascist thing he does? Hes he had his enemies shot or even thrown in jail like Obama did to that filmmaker from Benghazi? Has he forced colleges to not allow leftist teachers or speakers on campus like what is SOP for the left? Has he boycotted a company because their owners were atheist like the left does to Chick-fil-A or Holly Lobby? Has he tried to take over whole industries like Health are or Energy like Obama did? Does he close CNN or MSNBC down and revoke their FCC licence for disseminating lies and Fake News? Has he shot people illegally crossing our borders or marched our armies into land for conquest? If you claim Trump is a fascist then you either don’t know the meaning of the word or he’s doing a lousy job of being one.

    And yes Elwood, it’s okay to be white.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    You’re a proud white and Christian supremacist.

    What qualities of supremacy do you suppose less melanin and straight hair confer? Are these traits linked to a ‘conquerer’ gene? Or ‘smart’ genes?

    • Kye says:

      And you’re an apologetic, white hating, Christianophobe anti-American.

      Qualities of supremacy are not “conferred” by physical characteristics but by historical accomplishments. I imagine you think it is just dumb luck Michelangelo, Galileo, Copernicus, Rembrandt, Washington, Napoleon, Einstein, da Vinci, Edison, Tesla, Bell etc, etc, etc, I could go on but you know the names were all products of Western Civilization and most products of Christianity. That modern, comfy lifestyle you seem to enjoy so much? Brought to you almost exclusively by Whitey, Inc.

      Having no religion, being ashamed of your race and hating your country is no way to go through life, Elwood. That’s the picture of a sad shell of a man who takes enjoyment only from ridiculing others and calling them names because they actually believe in something. Talk about your lack of empathy.

    • david7134 says:

      Bell Curve, read it.

  7. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    You’re right. I lack empathy for white supremacists, those who see “group” superiority based on pigmentation and the myth of “race”.

    Do you really think the accomplishments of those Europeans listed resulted from their pigment? Note too that in the past, Italians, Poles, Dutch and Jews were considered subhuman by Americans.

    What race are you talking about? There is only one species of human, Homo sapiens, and importantly no genetic subspecies, that is, genetically distinct groups.

    White supremacists seem obsessed with melanin levels. Are dark-skinned Indians, dark-skinned Australians and dark-skinned Nigerians genetically closer to one another than American Blacks and whites? (The answer is no). Biological race based on skin color is a myth, yet we still suffer from that many centuries-old myth.

    The CONCEPT of race is real, but it is a cultural concept, not a biological one.

    We can all be proud AND ashamed of the human race at times, don’t you think?

  8. Kye says:

    Race is no more a “cultural concept” than sex is. They are both BIOLOGICAL FACTS that you deny. Biological race is NOT BASED ONLY ON SKIN COLOR and I never suggested it was. The “human race” is a misnomer. Humanity is a species composed of several races. There are many differences between the races that you apparently want to ignore because to you “different” means “unequal” and you just can’t stand the idea of all people not being the same. Sorry Elwood, but they aren’t. Even among their own races. Failure to understand that simple concept is why you’re a leftist. You want to FORCE things that are not the same to be the same whether they can or even want to or not. Your ignorance is remarkable.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Got it. Most climate scientists disagree with you on climate, most anthropologists disagree with you on race and most scientist/doctors disagree with you on sex, but your beliefs are king.

      How many races are there?

      No one claimed all people were equal, but we hope you agree all should have equal rights.

      Here’s a lay article on intersex babies.

      What makes a baby a boy or a girl?

      • david7134 says:

        Most doctors agree with him on sex. It matters little what climate people think as they are all political. And genetics is firm on attributes you are born with.

      • Kye says:

        Okay Elwood you ignorant fool. I believe that there is global warming and that some of it must be caused by man since everything on earth is interrelated. Now, do “MOST CLIMATE SCIENTISTS DISAGREE” with that? Then you’re already wrong. As usual you confer my not agreeing with the severity or solution to global warming to not believing it exists at all. And as usual you’ve drawn your OWN conclusions about MY beliefs which also as usual are WRONG.

        Any anthropologist worth his degree knows there are three races otherwise how would they be able to identify the race of the people whose bones and mummies they discover? And all doctors and forensic anthropologists had better know “what makes a baby boy or a girl” or they better not operate or diagnose people.

        When you ask a stupid question like “What makes a baby boy or girl” you sound like a complete idiot. Not only are there genes and bone structure but just look at their genitalia. Is that hard, Elwood? It’s worked for the entirety of human existence but suddenly leftists can’t tell baby boys from baby girls?

        So now you know that not only do I agree with climate scientists but anthropologists and doctors also agree with me since they use genes, bone structure, skull shape and size and their ability to see and reason which people are hat race and which people are “boys and girls”.

        You can give me all the articles you want on intersex babies, hermaphrodites and any other mutant or birth defect you want there are still only two sexes. You example of “intersex babies” doesn’t change that one iota since all they are is not fully sexually developed babies who eventually BECOME EITHER MALE OR FEMALE. Period. No third choice that does not involve mutation.

        You ask “How many races are there?”. The answer is There are four major races: Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid and Australoid. They are all fully identifiable by bone and skull structure, DNA and physical and mental characteristics. Just as FEMALES are from MALES.

        You leftists are really screwed up. You’re so worried about offending one of your chosen victims you deliberately ignore the truth. I don’t, and you hate that Elwood. I’m not a racist, I’m a race realist. I see and understand the differences and appreciate them for what they are.

        When you deny the fact that there are two sexes and that races are different you sound like a brain washed buffoon.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          You deliberately misstate what almost all climate scientists conclude, which is that almost all of the current period of rapid warming results from CO2 we’ve added to the atmosphere. Is that what you BELIEVE, that almost all the increased warming results from human activities, i.e., burning fossil fuels? If so, my apologies.

          Kye typed: “Any anthropologist worth his degree knows there are three races…”

          Kye later typed: “There are four major races: Caucasian, Mongoloid, Negroid and Australoid.”

          Most people take some time to change their mind – you changed your mind from paragraph 2 to paragraph 6.

          Funny (not really) how all you “non-racist, race realists” reach the same conclusion: caucasoids are superior!

          Trick question: Is Rep Ilhan Omar a Caucasian?

          Your conclusion regarding intersex babies is incorrect, and is based on your unsupported BELIEF that all humans are either all male or all female. Thousands of times a year, specialists in sexual differentiation are called in for consultation to help delivery personnel decide if a baby is male or female.

          More trick questions: Can an XX baby be a boy? Can an XY baby be a girl?

          Have you heard of the SRY gene product and how it functions in sex determination? No?

          But more important, why do you care so much? Is it just part of the conserva-fascist mindset to want to control everyone else?

          • Kye says:

            I didn’t change my mind, I made an error at three, I forgot Australoid and unlike you who refuses to admit when you’re wrong I corrected it later forgetting to go back and change it. However, in that twisted insane mind of yours that still should’d make ma a racist and I never, ever said “Caucasoids are superior”. Ever. You LIE again. Please stop lying. I make enough mistakes on my own without you lying about ones I did’t make.

            I’m not interested in your “trick” or “loaded” questions because I’m not interested in “trickery”. You might think yourself clever by using “tricks” or changing the meanings of words but you aren’t. No I have not heard of the SRY gene and how it “functions in sex determination”, but since you admit it determines sex you realize there are two. If there is another sex NAME IT. We have male and female. What is another sex? Right now you’re just an ignorant liar so far and you’re not doing much to change people’s minds.

            It is not my “unsupported BELIEF that all humans are either male or female” it is a scientific fact, and you are a denier! As I mentioned before which you seem to ignore (since it won’t fit your narrative) other than mutants or very rare phenomenon ALL humans are either male or female and if you don’t know that at your age you are hopeless and I would like you to list the other biological sexes we have.

            It is you who cares so much. It is you who constantly calls me and others names if we refer to race or sex. It is you who want to control everyone else in your own fascist delusions on race and sex. Admit the truth and just move on.

            You are so repressed and in such denial I cannot understand how you function in a real world. You can’t even tell boys from girls and Asians from whites. What a confused and limited existence.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            TRUMP: “There are a lot of people moving here [to the U.S.] So what can I say? No, I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

            trump calls women he dislikes “nasty” all the time. He’s on tape calling Markle “nasty” but denies it, calling it fake news.

            do you remember???

            “Then the face of Big Brother faded away again and instead the three slogans of the Party stood out in bold capitals:

            WAR IS PEACE

            ― George Orwell

            Truth is what trump says it is.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Kye typed: “…Asians from whites”

            According to you “white” is not a race. “Caucasian” also includes Ethiopians, Arabs, Somalis and most from the Indian subcontinent. That’s why I asked you the “race” of dark-skinned Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) who is Somali-American. She’s as “Caucasian” as you!

            The SRY gene is largely responsible for the development of maleness during development of a fetus. It’s normally present on the Y chromosome but sometimes, by a process known as chromosomal translocation, it ends up on the X chromosome, so an XX genotypic female can have significant male characteristics! Conversely, a genotypic XY male lacking the SRY gene can have female characteristics. Sexual differentiation in utero is a complicated process where even one little error can screw up the works. A potential mother taking hormonally active drugs, even inadvertently, can make a “male” brain develop “female” characteristics. Yikes. You were probably never genetically typed, but what if you found out you were an XX “male” all along??

            Again, what is the concern of conserva-fascists with intersex and the transgendered? Why does it bother you so much that you make laws about it? Why do you care? Because, bygawd, it just ain’t right?

  9. david7134 says:

    The only one who is obsessed with skin color is you. You are clearly a racist. No one here has any hate for people of a different color. But you relate talking to an educated intelligent black man rather than seeing that person as just another man. Now, people with a genetic make up from southern aspects of Africa clearly have difficulties. Rather than seeing those problems and trying to work with their short comings, you desire to ignore these issues and keep these people as perpetual second class citizens who will always need your help to cope with society. As I said, you are a terrible racist who does an enormous amount of damage.

  10. Kye says:

    So now Elwood is an expert on genetics? You went through all that bullshit and all I ask is NAME THE OTHER SEXES! BTW, trying to be cute you said “According to you “white” is not a race” but you’re trying too hard since “Asian” isn’t a race either, the race is Mongolian. And to put it frankly I don’t care what race Rep. Ilhan Omar (C-MN) is and since YOU have no genetic evidence neither do you. Once again you lie to make a fake point.

    Bear in mind you race-ignorant ass I’m the one married to someone not his own race while you, being the true racist are not. You still haven’t answered the question: How many races are there and how many sexes are there. Please list them.

    It’s still okay to be a white, Christian, straight, male American.

    All you have are trick questions, phony statistics and very hateful attitude toward race.

  11. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Are you pure Caucasoid? How do you know? Is there a little Negroid mixed in there from a previous century?

    How many pure Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid and Australoid people do you reckon are on Earth?

    The cultural concept of race is useful for racists. Even you run and hide from your own definition of 4 races, reverting to skin pigmentation as your central criteria.

    Do you consider Arabs, Somalis, South Asians and Ethiopians Caucasian? Or do you need a new system of classification.

    • Dana says:

      Well, who knows what is buried in the woodpile? Supposedly, we’re all at least 20th cousins — it could be more distant than that — and, supposedly, all people of European descent are at least twelveth cousins. Again, those are estimates, and it could be a bit different.

      All we really know is that Mr Dowd proves that at least some Neanderthals survived.

  12. Kye says:

    I run and hide from nothing since I do NOT REVERT to skin pigmentation as my “central” criteria. Again stop lying about my beliefs and my statements neither of which “revert to skin pigmentation” as my central criteria for anything. Perhaps you are projecting again. It is one of many factors as you should be aware of but unlike you I am not afraid to use in in discussing race. If you would be more honest about racial attributes you might stop being a racist and become a race realist. BTW, it’s not “my own version of four races” all you need to do is look it up and you’ll find it IS the definition. Unlike you I don’t make up shite to fit my narrative.

    As far as I know I am pure Caucasian. I can trace my family through diaries, letters, commissions and Bibles back to the mid 15th century in Prussia but that does not mean there isn’t a mix somewhere. And just as I’m sure you are proud of you ancestry so am I and I would be regardless of what race my ancestors were. My wife is proud of her lineage and she too comes from 100% Asians as far as she can go back. We are both “mixed” by nationalities, mine being Prussian, Austrian and German and hers being Korean, Japanese and Chinese but the races are pretty solid Caucasian and Mongolian.

    You say “the cultural concept of race is useful for racists”. Kindly explain exactly what a “cultural concept of race ” is as race is a scientific classification not a cultural one.

    I do not consider Arabs, Somalis, South Asians or Ethiopians Caucasian although they are frequently classified as such for POLITICAL not scientific purposes. (Once again the left infiltrates science in favor of the political). I also don’t consider Hispanics or Jews Caucasian. Hispanics are a hybrid Spaniard/Indian ethnicity and real Jews are Semites but “Jew” is a religion like Catholic. I don’t consider either Caucasian unless they actually are Caucasian, i.e Sammy Davis Jr. was a Negroid Jew.

    If you can ever get past your racism you would also learn of a subcategory of race called “Ethnicity” which usually means people who do not “neatly” fit into the broader racial classifications or who like Hispanics and Latinos are hybrid peoples.

    But I don’t want to confuse you so if you can just try and remember there are Four major racial groups and two sexes I think we have made progress. However, if you insist on something else I invite you to list the races and the various sexes in no particular order the so rest of us can learn what they are.

    White lives matter too.

    You never know who will flash the next racist sign:

  13. david7134 says:

    We used to flash the ok sign all the time in the 60s but it always stood for red eye.

    • Dana says:

      How fortunate it is that my “OK” gesture of choice is the thumbs up sign, not the traditional one. It wasn’t something I can remember choosing consciously, it’s just how things have worked out.

      So, I guess I’m safe until some idiot somewhere decides that the thumbs up sign has some hidden, sinister meaning.

      • david7134 says:

        Actually, in some countries a thumb up will get you in trouble. Best not to use your hands for signalling.

  14. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Kye typed:

    “I do not consider Arabs, Somalis, South Asians or Ethiopians Caucasian” — Into what of your other three races do you classify them?

    “I also don’t consider Hispanics or Jews Caucasian.” — Same question, What race are they? Are Semitic peoples Caucasian?

  15. Kye says:

    Listen Elwood, I don’t need to “classify” anybody for you. The groups you mentioned are ethnicities with the exception of Jews which are a religion. I’m not here to teach you race realism, I’m just pointing out there are four races and you seem to have a problem with that. Again, LOOK IT UP. If there are more than four races then name them or STFU. If there are more than two sexes then name them or STFU.

    Here’s exactly what you are if you can listen long enough to learn. (I’m trying so hard to get you away from your racist bias and you just won’t move).

    • Professor Hale says:

      Sadly, Race classification, like almost everything else, is controlled by politicians and activists now instead of by science. So the meaning changes over time. Race used to just be genetic classification, before we could actually do hard genetic screening. It now includes ethic subdivisions so now it really is a meaningless label, without distinctions.

      But even in small subgroups, like pre-Columbian American peoples, the Incans were genetically distinct from the northern tribes. You can still see this today in how Honduran and Salvarosian people are shorter by about a foot than modern Mexicans. Hawaiian were genetically distinct from Australian. Even Korean were genetically distinct from Japanese. African races used to also have distinct genetic markers besides skin color. Most notably, Pygmy were distinct from Xhosa.

      So… In my opinion, if Race were actually determined by Anthropologists or geneticists, we would likely find about 20-25 “races” with maybe 5 primary branches. But grouping them by skin color alone would be arbitrary. It’s only purpose today seems to be for the Left to both accuse you of being “anti-scientific” when you don’t use it, and accuse you of being “racist” when you do.

  16. Dana says:

    Caucasian generally means races descended from the Caucuses region, and it certainly includes people of European descent, but it also includes most of the Middle Eastern ethnicities, including Arabs and Afghanis. The sons of Abraham are certainly considered Caucasians.

    Hispanics, on the other hand, are really a linguistic “ethnicity,” and can be either black or white. There was so much race-mixing in the Caribbean islands and then in Latin America that something new was created; they’re called Hispanic because Spanish is their primary language.

    There’s some Indian — American Indian, not India Indian — in there as well, though not as much; the Spanish colonizers mostly exterminated rather than assimilated the Indians who were in Central and South America when they got there.

    But, in the end, we’re all something like at least 20th cousins.

    • Professor Hale says:

      To paraphrase a well-known author, YOU may all be 20th cousins to everyone, and I may be 20th cousins to everyone, but Mr Lee is NOT 20th cousins to everyone.

    • Kye says:

      Dana, if by “The sons of Abraham are certainly considered Caucasians” you mean Jews that can be true but isn’t necessarily. If they are genetic Semites yes, if they are Jews by religion only then maybe, maybe not. As I said Sammy Davis Jr was a Jew but not a Caucasian.

      The Left’s walk through the institutions on their march toward The Glorious World of Next Tuesday has corrupted Science as much as Education, Law, Art, and everything else it touches. Today Science is directed by politics (I submit the Cult of Climate Change as an example) and in their effort to twist and squeeze the “whiteness” from everything and everyone they hate it is corrupting Genealogy and Ethnicity. The radical left (Today known as the Democrat Socialist Party) hate everything having to do with Western Civilization from it’s inherent “whiteness” to its Christian belief system to it’s art, music, technology and love of Freedom. So far Western Civilization has beat the shit out of every other culture and empire that took it on but it can’t defend against itself.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Kye typed: “Today Science is directed by politics (I submit the Cult of Climate Change as an example)”

        Actually it’s the anti-science Cult of Deniers (COD). The Earth is warming as a result of CO2 we make by burning fossil fuels. That has been the consistent scientific message since the days of Svante Arrhenius. No magic, no invoked gods, just chemistry and physics.

        On the other hand, CODs keep changing their story. First, it wasn’t warming! Then it has nothing to do with CO2, it’s all natural! Now they say it’s too late, or the cure is worse than the disease… Yeah, that’s some fine science the CODs are doing.

        • Jl says:

          “The earth is warming as a result of CO2 from fossil fuels..”. Actually the earth was warming, has warmed, and will warm in the absence of the burning of fossil fuels. “CODs keep changing their story..”. J, in yet another instance of an amazing lack of self-awareness, talks about stories changing, this from the junk science group that proclaimed, more droughts, no, less droughts, no snow, more hurricanes, we’re done if we don’t do something by 2000, wait-2010, wait, 2030..the Arctic ice- free by (pick your date), 50 million climate refugees, ect, ect. Yah, that’s some fine science, alright….

  17. Elwood P. Dowd says:


    It’s seems that if I accept your antiquated scheme of 4 races I’d be at odds with other commenters here!

    • Kye says:

      Elwood, you don’t have to accept anything as far as ‘m concerned you can remain an ignorant science denier till you croak. I say again, name the other races or you’re a liar. Name the other sexes or you’re a liar.

      BTW, “other commentators” are not at odds with me they were giving their welcome opinion. They speculated that with leftists running science it won’t be long before the truth is as rare as a leftist who admits an abortion kills a human. You guys are all science deniers that’s part of what makes you leftists. You’re also economics deniers. There is only one known sure fire way to CREATE wealth: Free Market Capitalism. All socialists and communists can do is REDISTRIBUTE the wealth created by capitalists.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        We’re not obligated to jump through hoops for you. And no, I’m not a liar for not answering you. I’ve given you enough information to find out for yourself that you are wrong.

        We don’t have “free market” capitalism now, do we? We DO have policies that rig capitalism to favor the rich and exploit the working classes. A “free market” in medicinal drugs would cut working class spending by $100s of BILLIONS. We don’t have a “free market” in fossil fuels, where the negative externalities of pollution are paid by society, not by the buyers or sellers. Always remember that the objective of corporations is not competition but monopoly. Many other nations utilize capitalism to serve all their citizens – France, Germany, Finland, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, UK, Sweden etc, come to mind.

        And what good is an entrenched system that greatly rewards the already wealthy while allowing children to go hungry?

        • Kye says:

          Fist of all Elwood I don’t want you to “jump through hoops”. I just want you to admit when you’re wrong which apparently you just can’t seem to do. Secondly you are a liar if you won’t admit there are four races and two sexes. It’s scientific fat Elwood. Fact. Third you have given ZERO info to prove me wrong. Name the other races and name the other sexes or FOREVER be a big fat fukin LIAR.

          Now about the rest of your moronic rant. I NEVER stated we have free market capitalism, did I? Once again since YOU ARE WRONG you try and put words in my mouth. What I said was one system, Free Market Capitalism, is based on creating wealth and the other systems, socialism and communism, are based on redistributing wealth. When you point out France, Germany, Finland, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, UK and Sweden FOR USING CAPITALISM to “serve” their citizens you are ADMITTING that it is Capitalism that creates the wealth that socialism in those countries RELY ON to exist, NOT the socialism. Without the capitalists generating wealth their entire economy would collapse see Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea as examples. You are also pointing out that socialism and communism are both based on theft! The stealing of the wealth of the creators and redistributing of it to others who DO NOT DESERVE IT because they DID NT CREATE IT! So they are corrupt and immoral systems based on the slavery or involuntary servitude of the creators of wealth and the systematic theft of their property by low-life scoundrels and thieves in the name of a false “equality”. Always with a small group of super powerful elites at the top keeping most of the wealth they stole for themselves. Welcome to The Glorious World of Next Tuesday you Soviet puppet. Sickening!

          Now, how many races are there Elwood? How many sexes, Elwood?

          It’s still okay to be white like it or not but I bet you’d love to eliminate the white conservatives.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:


            We can tell you’re becoming increasingly unhinged.

            I too favor capitalism over socialism!! So what is the argument about? Universal healthcare? Social Security? Progressive taxation?

  18. david7134 says:

    At the end of the day, all people came from 8 women that survived an extinction crisis something like 50 to 70 thousand years ago. Seems like Jeff is the only one here that is concerned about the color of someone’s skin.

  19. Kye says:

    Elwood if by “unhinged” you mean unable to say “there are four races and two sexes” then it is you who are unhinged. There was no “argument” about economics I was just pointing out one form is for wealth creation the other form is for wealth redistribution. So if you favor a good life, one that allows guys like you and me to enjoy homes and cars and conveniences that not so long ago Kings and Emperors couldn’t have then you need capitalism because NOTHING but misery and death has been created by socialism without it.

    What is “unhinged” about that opinion?

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