Thanks To You Using Air Conditioning, Tigers Will Now Eat More Humans

It’s not satire. Stupid beyond belief, but, not satire

Another thing that [“man-eating” Indian tigress] Avni’s story makes clear is the role of human policies in exacerbating, if not actually creating, human-animal conflict. There is a very high probability that a controversial ban on slaughtering cattle in the state of Maharashtra, where Avni lived, had a big role to play in the creation of this so-called man-eater.

Perhaps Avni was attracted to villages for the potential prey of defenseless humans, which are becoming more and more attractive in the context of animal extinction and a rapidly depleting prey base. But as several news outlets have noted, what is much more likely is that she was attracted to human settlements to hunt the plentiful cattle available. A direct effect of the beef ban, then, is the horrifying fact that humans have become the prey of a predator in lieu of cows.

The same Warmist lunatics want to get rid of cows (and other farm animals), so, now, their ban is causing tigers to hunt humans. The article doesn’t get any better, either. In reality, this is man-made, but it is not through global greenhouse gases, but, land use, where humans are spreading into areas where the big cats live, and, sometimes, they like to spread out, too. But, we get

When a tigress keeps hanging around people and, unfortunately, develops a taste for human flesh, this isn’t just one aberrant big cat. Avni and other big cats are symptomatic of what climate change is doing to our present. Categories and distinctions that we took for granted—such as tiger land versus human land—no longer apply, if they ever really did.

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2 Responses to “Thanks To You Using Air Conditioning, Tigers Will Now Eat More Humans”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    This is what you get when you save endangered species. I’m pretty sure the local Indian police unit is more than a match for tigers. If the average Indian peasant were entitled to keep and bear arms, this wouldn’t be an issue. Good thing someone invented guns 600 years ago. Sadly, Indian aristocracy and western celebrities think tigers are more valuable than Indian peasants.

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