TDS: Grumpy Cat Has Passed

Sad News

From NBC News

Grumpy Cat — real name Tardar Sauce — shot to fame as a figurehead of online culture thanks to her permanent frown apparently signaling displeasure at anything and everything.

The official Grumpy Cat Twitter account announced that she died on Tuesday due to complications from a recent urinary tract infection.

“Grumpy Cat has helped millions of people smile around the world — even when times were tough,” the statement said.

But, wait, what’s this?

I’m assuming he meant “dies” instead of “does”

Trump’s just living rent free

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4 Responses to “TDS: Grumpy Cat Has Passed”

  1. Kye says:

    Wow. These leftists are emotionally crippled and psychologically unfit as adults. They can’t take a breath without thinking “Trump”. It’s gone way past TDS for these poor folks. They are at Trump Induced Insanity. The left really can’t handle losing can they? This is going on three years and an attempted coup and they still can’t accept it. That’s psychosis isn’t it?

  2. Mike-SMO says:

    Poor Babies!

    So close to Triumph (or Norton) and the Ancient One missed the brass ring.

    The Horror! The Horror!


  3. Professor Hale says:

    Grumpy cat. Never before has such frown brought so many smiles to others.

    Hillary’s face on election night would have easily topped this, but she wouldn’t come out for a couple of days.

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