White House Tells Democrat Run House Committee To Pound Sand On Document Request

Democrats lost on the Mueller report. No collusion, no conspiracy, no obstruction. It found that not one American was involved in a conspiracy with Russia. But, Democrats just won’t give up

White House refuses House Judiciary’s request for documents

The White House has rejected a sweeping request from the House Judiciary Committee for documents, suggesting the panel is attempting a “do-over” of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) hit back at the administration on Wednesday, calling its response “ridiculous” after White House counsel Pat Cipollone sent a letter telling the panel to narrow the scope of its investigation.

“It appears that the Committee’s inquiry is designed, not to further a legitimate legislative purpose, but rather to conduct a pseudo law enforcement investigation on matters that were already the subject of the Special Counsel’s long-running investigation and are outside the constitutional authority of the legislative branch,” Cipollone asserted in a 12-page letter.

The White House lawyer accused the panel of “harassing and seeking to embarrass political opponents after an exhaustive two-year investigation by the Department of Justice did not reach the conclusion that some members of the Committee apparently would have preferred.”

Nadler had requested a trove of documents from the White House in early March as part of his committee’s probe into allegations of obstruction, public corruption and abuses of power by President Trump and members of his inner circle.

Cipollone is 100% correct. Requesting the documents serves no legitimate purpose of Congressional oversight, it is a Trump Derangement Syndrome probe, one that was already done.

“It would greatly advance the first step in that process if the Committee were to narrow the sweeping scope of the requests in the letter and articulate the legislative purpose and legal support for each of the disparate requests it wishes to pursue, including by addressing each of the legal deficiencies that I raise in this letter,” Cipollone added.

Nadler won’t, as he would have to admit the real purpose, which is a witch hunt, nothing more, nothing less. This may play well with the unhinged Democrat base and some other nutter elected Democrats, but, it won’t help in the general election, and could well hurt.

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2 Responses to “White House Tells Democrat Run House Committee To Pound Sand On Document Request”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Why is trump hiding the documents that “totally exonerated” him, LOL?

    Anyway… this will end up in the courts where trump will lose… then we’ll see if he wants to continue kicking the can down the road or if we wants to obey the laws.

    Understand that trump is not motivated by American values but in keeping himself, his family and especially himself and his businesses out of legal jeopardy.

    Unless he ramps up his electoral treachery, he’ll lose in 2020. trump doesn’t have the mental capacity to look ahead but for his sake maybe his attorneys do. When he loses in 2020 he’ll be the first US president to go to prison, unless he cuts a deal in advance.

  2. Jl says:

    Except that’s not what happened. . “Narrow the scope, and articulate the legislative purpose” was the response. The matter has already been exhaustively looked into, finding nothing.

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