Hot Take: Trump’s Grip On DOJ Doomed Meuller’s Investigation

Intercept “reporter” Jim Risen has a new conspiracy theory for why the Mueller investigation failed to end with Trump being frogmarched out of the White House. He actually started yapping about it back on the 7th, but, The Hill ran some video of this today. Leftist nutters will never give up on their nutbaggery

Did Donald Trump’s Grip on the Justice Department Sabotage Robert Mueller’s Investigation?

THROUGH HIS UNRELENTING efforts to obstruct the Trump-Russia investigation since its inception, President Donald Trump has inflicted a slow-motion Saturday Night Massacre on the American people, a constitutional nightmare that has lasted two years instead of one night.

And it is still going on, despite the fact that special counsel Robert Mueller has completed his investigation. Trump now has a willing lackey in Attorney General William Barr, who is aiding and abetting the president’s ongoing efforts to control the Justice Department and corrupt the country’s system of checks and balances. (snip)

Much of the carnage is documented in the second volume of the Mueller report, which focuses on obstruction of justice. Mueller recounts Trump’s nonstop efforts to block the Trump-Russia investigation and details the firings, threats, and intimidation tactics Trump used to pressure key figures involved in the probe.

But Mueller may not have captured every aspect of Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre. That’s because Trump’s threats to fire the special counsel — combined with the president’s incessant public and private pressure on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the Justice Department official who supervised Mueller’s investigation — may have influenced both what is in the special counsel’s narrow and hesitant report, and what is conspicuously absent.

See, it was Trump who made Mueller find that there were no reasons to charge Trump with obstruction. And this line of thought keeps going and going and going. They just can’t admit that their attempted coup failed.

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6 Responses to “Hot Take: Trump’s Grip On DOJ Doomed Meuller’s Investigation”

  1. Kye says:

    Their “attempted coup” has not yet failed. It is still going on. The left has its entire corrupt future riding on the discontinuation of an duly elected president. This isn’t a game, they mean to overthrow the US government. They will continue until they either win or are all arrested. You need to understand they don’t just want Trump, they want Pence, Melania and his children, his business associates and friends. That’s why they moved on to “tax records” with seamless precision.

    You can bet your ass they’ve had lawyers, investigators and spies working 24/7 since before the election to dig up SOMETHING, ANYTHING on Trump. And that’s why they’re so pissed off crazy and insane because with all this they couldn’t find anything. Why do you think people like Elwood constantly allege things Trump “could” have done or that “someone” said he did or said but nothing in writing on on tape?

    This will go on until Trump sends in the US Marshall’s to arrest these Traitors and their toadies in the media. WE can’t have traitors in Congress and the media cannot be an unpaid propaganda arm of the DNC, that’s corruption. While he’s at it it may be time to investigate and indict some corrupt judges. If we don’t clean out the cancer it will kill us all.

    • Professor Hale says:

      I understand you frustration. Some of your language though is leading to more confusion than needed. The media are not being traitors. They consistently uphold their own ideologies and the parties they express loyalty to. They , in their own way, are even loyal to America, though it is the America they prefer, not the one we prefer. Both of those Americas have been coexisting for a long time while one side has been actively trying to destroy the other side in a one-way culture war.

      To find examples of media being traitors, you would have to go back to the early days of the second Iraq war when media were encouraging Americans to act as human shields in Iraq. Before that, you have to go back to Vietnam war where members of the US media actively enabled the communist disinformation campaign in America.

      It’s not even corruption. It’s just simple bias. The Democratic party/communist party/left has a lock on the broadcast and cable media and the reporting reflects their internal bias to the point where it looks like they are all reading off the same page. Even though Fox news is universally hated by the Left as “right wing” their reporting of news reflects the same leftists bias as everyone else.

      Where we see this competition really playing out is in social media. Here in the internet, you can’t stop the signal. So leftist big corporations are actively trying to deplatform any voices that don’t conform to their political bias. The Left isn’t interested in defending it’s ideas. To them, everything is “settled science”, “settled law” and anyone who disagrees is a White nationalist who needs to just STFU.

  2. ST says:

    Fox News Video – Tucker Carlson: Homelessness has no obvious solution

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Co-opting the police… It’s the way dictators operate.

    Kyehole is probably right that trump will start arresting members of the media… It’s the way dictators operate.

    • formwiz says:

      Voiding elections is the way dictators operate. The bear suit seems to have returned.

      This is more Committee of Vigilance where the cops can’t or won’t do the job honestly.

      Look up San Fiasco in the 1850s.

      And be afraid.

  4. Kye says:

    “Co-opting the police… It’s the way dictators operate.”

    You do realize the police work for the government, don’t ya? So using them in a way YOU disapprove of isn’t co-opting anything it’s just pissing you off. It’s the way governments operate or did you miss the police dragging Roger Stone out in his undies? Did you miss the FBI burning down the Branch Dividians too? Did you also miss the police ripping little Elia Gonzales from his uncle’s arms to send him back to a communist dictatorship?

    “Kyehole is probably right that trump will start arresting members of the media… It’s the way dictators operate.”

    I didn’t say Trump would start arresting media liars I said he SHOULD. Can you understand English? We all know he can’t but I can dream or is that illegal in leftist world too?

    Your ability to be a smackass is surpassed only by tour ignorance of economics.
    Subsidies are tax money collected from YOU and given to ME. Tax breaks are allowing YOU to keep YOUR OWN MONEY. How hard is that to understand Elwood? In conworld indeed.

    I made about the same taxable money in 2018 I did in 2017 and I saved about $1082 in taxes. That’s NOT a subsidy it’s my own money kept by me. It’s not a lot but it’s my money. If I had earned more I probably would have saved more. Thanks President Trump.

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