Climate Kids Wonder Why Adults Won’t Change Their Lifestyles To Stop ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Yeah, let’s listen to the kids who have all this worldly experience and eat Tide Pods

Kids Get Climate Change, So Why Won’t Adults Adjust Lifestyles To Give Them A More Livable Future?

Sixteen year old Greta Thunberg’s school strike on behalf of “the climate generation” seems likely to witness the beginnings of a grueling, traumatizing, potentially brutal heat-driven reversal of the human population boom. Why? Because we’ve continued to pack the atmosphere with a little more CO2 with almost every move we make, thus forcing heat higher and higher day after day after day. We’ve collectively waited too long before taking the situation seriously.

A study led by Susan Solomon found that the carbon dioxide we add to the atmosphere every day remains there for centuries, “so that atmospheric temperatures do not drop significantly for at least 1,000 years.” Kids of today and for for the next thousand years thus face heat-driven risks that are no longer avoidable, no longer preventable.

But the risks can be reduced. Will that be too much to ask? (snip)

Writing for The Age, one of Australia’s leading newspapers, journalist Caitlin Fitzsimmons tells her readers, “Let’s not pretend that children and teenagers can’t understand what’s going on.”  She reports that 86 percent of Australia’s surveyed teens view climate change as a threat to their safety, “with 73 per cent saying it affects the world ‘a lot’ now and 84 per cent saying it will affect the world ‘a lot’ in the future.”

But who is driving all this? Cult of Climastrology adults. They’re the ones who are indoctrinating kids, and driving Greta’s strike.

Yes, for sure, the corporations absolutely must get their act together to keep the kids from taking brutal hits. They bear clear responsibility for the emissions driving us all into dangerous heat, so they have to shoulder their own share of responsibility for softening the beating that kids will take from heat. But we had better not fall into the trap of thinking that that gets the rest of us off the hook.

And the reference to far-reaching change means that individuals and households will have to make many changes, not just the most convenient few. In her invited address to the European Parliament, Greta Thumberg cited IPCC’s reference to “all aspects of society,” and told Parliament members that “Everyone and everything has to change.” Then she said it again. “Everyone and everything has to change.”

Opening the garage door by hand or working a rake requires some real effort, effort that can be excruciating difficult to contemplate, let alone do. Going to a diet without meat can seem easy, compared to trading leaf blowers for rakes— or trading snowblowers for shovels.

But this is where a lot of rubber can hit the road, and trendsetters in asking too much will be critical to setting these seemingly little lifestyle changes into motion. Anyone can start leading in that direction now, without waiting for an Act of Congress. It will be difficult, yes, but not impossible to talk about setting electric can openers on the shelf, and using hand tools instead. Likewise for mashing potatoes or mixing a cake. The shift to hand tools as part of a new kitchen routine may seem like only a little help to the cause, but at the same time people can feel like they’ve been asked to do too much.

Well, Warmist parents, go for it. And don’t forget to stop giving the kids rides in fossil fueled vehicles. They can walk or ride a bike. Heck, non-Warmist parents of Warmist children should do stuff like this, show the kids just what ‘climate change’ policies bring. Limit their ability to re-charge their smartphones and tablets to two days a week, because energy will be really, really expensive, plus all the brownouts and blackouts, thanks to ‘climate change’ policies. Limit their shower time. Start “taxing” their allowances. There really are so many ways to make it personal in showing kids what their beliefs will bring, and will show them the errors of their ways.

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16 Responses to “Climate Kids Wonder Why Adults Won’t Change Their Lifestyles To Stop ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Teach opined: “…let’s listen to the kids who have all this worldly experience…”

    Instead you listen to Donald Trump???

    Trump and Teach will be dead when these kids are adults having to deal with our indolence re global warming.

    • Georg says:

      I like the idea of them walking and not charging tech devices everyday. Some should walk to the spring break areas and clean up all the trash some of them left on beaches.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    You can’t blame children for believing what authority figures tell them. Nor is there any possibility of convincing them otherwise without those same authority figures cooperating. Look how fast the public school community got on board with “Pluto is not a planet” bandwagon. Overnight, they changed a 9 planet solar system to an 8 planet system with some big rocks. Yet not a single child had even seen Pluto in the night sky or through a telescope. They took it all on faith from authority figures who also had never seen Pluto in the night sky or through a telescope. Warming is the same way. Everyone has to take the word of “experts” and you aren’t allowed to use your own observations that “nothing has changed in my long life”.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      And what was the objective of the “deep whatever” to classify Pluto as a dwarf planet? Who are “they” who are manipulating innocent children?

      Why did you accept that we had nine planets – having never seen Pluto yourself???

      Have you ever seen an oxygen (O2) molecule? Do you doubt the existence?

      The right thrives on conspiracies.

  3. Jl says:

    J’s self-awareness is lacking, as usual. “The right thrives on conspiracies”. Why yes, this after 2 years (and counting) of the left thriving on the illusive Russian conspiracy

  4. Dana says:

    The public have voted . . . and it’s that they do not take global warming climate change seriously, or at least not seriously enough to change their behavior. Yeah, they might buy LED bulbs now, because they are (supposedly) longer lasting, and the price has come down, but remember: when it comes to buying vehicle, Ford and General Motors are abandoning traditional sedans to build more trucks and SUVs, because that is what the public are buying.

    Everyone wants the other guy to lower his carbon footprint.

  5. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Kids say the darndest things.

     “We will defend the land of divine guidance with our bodies, and we will sacrifice our souls without hesitation. We will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted Al-Aqsa Mosque. We will lead the army of Allah fulfilling His promise, and we will subject them to eternal torture.”

  6. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    The skeptics were right. Vindication.
    Sorry kiddies.

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