Brave Sir Booker Says Illegal Aliens Make Sanctuary Cities Less Safe

It really is hilarious how Trump can send a tweet or two, maybe make a quick announcement, and Democrats rush to tell us how sanctuary jurisdictions are bad things and that they don’t actually want a ton of illegal aliens in them

From the article

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Cory Booker, of New Jersey, accused President Trump of trying to incite anger and divide Americans with his threat to release undocumented immigrants from the border into sanctuary cities. CBS News’ “Face the Nation” moderator Margaret Brennan asked Booker whether the president’s threat was an empty one — whether he was, perhaps, creating friction in order to jumpstart a Congress that has not acted on immigration.

“You say ‘friction’ — I say he’s trying to pit Americans against each other and make us less safe,” Booker told Brennan in an interview following his kick-off presidential campaign rally on Saturday in his hometown of Newark, a sanctuary city.

So, if Trump sent illegal aliens to sanctuary jurisdictions, it would make them less safe? Huh. Who would have thought it! Excitable Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago, has declared that all of America is a sanctuary. Then there’s TDS infused Cher

Huh, that sounds rather like what Conservatives have been saying, that we should take care of our own first. Welcome to MAGA Country, Cher.

But, wait, here’s one that will give you “WTF” face all day

Trump revived attacks on sanctuary cities to distract from Mueller report release: report

President Trump reportedly publicly revived an earlier proposal to release migrants in sanctuary cities in part to distract from lingering questions about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, according to The New York Times.

Shortly after news broke that the administration had rejected the idea, Trump sent a series of tweets claiming it was still being considered. Trump has deliberately escalated his language to enliven his base since the Mueller investigation’s conclusion, according to the Times.

Once Attorney General William Barr delivers the redacted report, the White House reportedly plans to have aides speed-read it, skipping all sections related to potential criminal conspiracy and reading only the section on why Mueller was unable to determine whether Trump obstructed justice.

First, the NYT doesn’t say that. Second, it’s always amusing when Democrats trot out the “distraction” meme, because it means they are losing, and losing badly. Why won’t all these illegal alien loving jurisdictions take illegals?

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11 Responses to “Brave Sir Booker Says Illegal Aliens Make Sanctuary Cities Less Safe”

  1. Bill Bear says:

    “So, if Trump sent illegal aliens to sanctuary jurisdictions, it would make them less safe?”

    This, of course, is not what Cory Booker said. Porter Good is lying — again.

    I would ask Porter Good why he considers it necessary to lie -=- but, of course, I would not receive an honest answer if I did so.

  2. bob says:

    this is a brilliant idea. please do it.

    • Bill Bear says:

      And yet again: The cruelty is the point.

      • Jl says:

        Actually, Bill, following the law is the point. If the law was followed there wouldn’t be a need for any of this.

      • So, it’s cruel to move illegal aliens to the cities that provide sanctuary, in contradiction to federal law, for them? Huh.

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          Anyway, this is much ado about nothing. It’s TV tRump being TV tRump, dropping his mindturds on America, and the media falls for it. It’s what he does.

          How will Mr. Trump keep the transported asylum seekers in the sanctuary cities? Build walls around them?

        • Bill Bear says:

          Porter Good is a disingenuous asswipe. This surprises no one.

          1) Donald Trump has spent years pushing the narrative that undocumented immigrants are dangerous, lethal criminals. (So has Porter Good.)

          2) Donald Trump is now threatening to send what he considers to be dangerous, lethal criminals to sanctuary cities populated by Americans that he despises. (Porter Good despises those folks, too.)

          3) Donald Trump’s intention is to retaliate against those Americans by sending them these allegedly dangerous and lethal criminals in the hopes that they will wreak mayhem in the sanctuary cities, possibly even killing some of those despised Americans who do not worship Donald Trump. (Porter Good is hoping that some Americans will suffer, as well.)

          There’s your fúcking cruelty, you hateful, loathsome imbecile.

          • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

            Yep. Suck it Boo Boo.

          • Mangoldielocks says:

            Actually BILL BEAR this is your perfect opportunity to prove how wrong the right and Trump are. OPEN your yearning cities and we will give you the huddled masses replete with their MS-13 tatoos and you can PROVE US WRONG. You can make all these people the great human beings they are.

            I will even donate a few bucks to SF, so it can fill up with millions of GAY HATING MUSLIMS and we will see how that works for you.

            Prove us wrong. Call his bluff. Open your cities and let us send them to you.

          • Jl says:

            “Trump is pushing that undocumented immigrants are dangerous, lethal criminals” Uh, no. Even if documented, -they’re still here illegally.. Dangerous or not is irrelevant-they’re still here illegally. This simple concept requires a high school education in logic, hence why it’s over the heads of most liberals….

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